WilTank vs Tanktrap

(David A.) #1

Which one is more immortal in solo UVHM? I’m not sure which character to start next. I want to try something more defensive than offensive, but at the same time I want to make another elemental character (Maniacal Laughter & Element of Suprise vs Cold War…hmmm). I know Wilhelm has crazy shield buffs and Claptrap can be pretty much all health. Who goes down less often?

Please include any shields or COMS that you find useful! = ]

(President of Jellybeans) #2

So I’ve played both willhelm and claptrap through tvhm (Haven’t gone through UVHM as I did it once with jack so I have had everything I need without having to do the story for the 8/9th time), but I can say that I really really don’t like claptrap in solo. I built boom trap into I love you guys with a very small spec into framented fragtrap (only shield and fuzzy logic), and I generally found it very difficult to stay alive, Your action skill is essentially only used for the full heal right before you die because whatever effect you’re gonna get goes away in FFYL and since a big chunk of clappy’s skills revolve around him being close to enemies (SOOOOO Many novas), You could find yourself getting frustrated. I’ve had little problems with willhelm speccing into cyber commando, then going termination protocols and kill switch before finishing overcharge. Just my two cents.


A support Clappy is darn near impossible to bring down. Brotrap class mod, ILYG properly built, and Adaptive shield will put you over 100k health. Add in Best Buds 4 Life (10/5 with mod) and Blue Shell and you have 85% FFYL time and gun damage.

(David A.) #4

Lol damn, two good arguments. I was never really sold on Best Buds 4 Life though. Wilhelm honestly has way too many good skills even for 60 points; I feel like I’d never be satisfied with him. -_- I wonder how a lv60 Celestial Enforcer performs with a Fabled Tortoise.

(President of Jellybeans) #5

Willhelm’s pretty tanky with saint and divert power alone, (I ran the lazors build with a blaster class mod so idk for sure), Clap kinda runs out of useful points for solo around 40 ish. Middle tree has the majority of his tanking skills, and it’s capstone is meh as fk for solo, also half the tree is like here get a wimpy half bonus if your solo or has something to do with reviving (#DatActionSkillSynergy). The other big healing skill is KillBot, kill dude heal for up to 77% max health, obviously catering to the high health clappy with an anshin. I don’t intend to try it myself, but maybe a celestial FragTrap would be unkillable (IF you can even get it from the grinder yet). Your choice, I like willhelm, but for pure “tanking” I guess claptrap has better raw regen.

(David A.) #6

Lmao “Meh as fk.” Will be adding to daily conversation. I agree though. I mean, technically you can get high fives from enemies if they melee you, but that seems counterproductive even for the bonus.

(Imit8m3) #7

for the way I build my characters its clappy that goes down a lot.

(Creative Instinct) #8

I have to agree with what has been said here. Solo Claptrap isn’t really tanky at all and his only saving grace is having his shield subroutine active and therefore a permanently recharging shield (the 2,5% regen from the skill isn’t really noticeable, but when the subroutine is active, your shield has no recharge delay and constantly recharges with the recharge rate on its item card). Wilhelm on the other side has for example an instant ‘second wind’ with Divert Power, and believe me when I say you’re gonna feel that damage reduction. His action skill heals him and when investing into Zero Hour even heals you for EIGHT(!) percent of max health per second for twelve seconds after ending its duration.

Overall even with a Hunter-Killer/Cyber Commando Wilhelm, especially with a Celestial COM, I got downed far fewer times than with any Clappy spec I’ve tried so far. To be fair, I didn’t have any Brotrap COMs, but I didn’t boost any of Wilhelm’s tank abilities either, until I got my hands on his Celestial COM close to 50. I got Wilhelm to 50 and Clappy is currently at 43, and I wasn’t overlevelled or underlevelled with either character in TVHM.

I completely agree with Claptrap’s action skill only getting used for its instant health, and I wouldn’t suggest investing into the Fragmented Fragtrap tree beyond Fuzzy Logic and the defensive subroutines. Tripleclocked adds One Shot Wonder as an action package, and as fun as it sounds, IT IS NOT. It will only keep you from activating your action skill, in fear of rolling this horrible un-damaging, ammo-wasting, back-knocking 15 second chain of reload animations. And your teammates, should there be any, will be shouting “Make it stop!” and “Please die, please die, please die” for a reason.


How about we look at each character’s tanking features?

(Creative Instinct) #10

If that was directed at me, I was giving my opinion and my experiences as well as biased advice. As far as I have experienced, a solo Claptrap can in no way keep up with a solo Wilhelm regarding tankiness and survivability. If you want to compare skills, why don’t you go ahead and do so? Pasting links from external sites is a lengthy and slow process on mobile, which is what I am accessing this forum from, hence why I didn’t back up my statement with tons of links like I could.

(David A.) #11

Damn lol, I was hoping at least Stampeding Brotrap with a Reogenator could be viable at lv60. Was thinking of a build like this: http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/055010000001500510055011310051515001/stabrotrap,lv60

I’m on mobile right now but I’ll be playing with Wilhelm’s skill tree when I get home.


It was meant generally since the discussion turned from who dies less to who is the better tank. However, you stated this in your earlier post:

yet you only consider Defensive Subroutines as the only tanking feature of Clappy. Seems a bit of an incomplete picture doesn’t it? And we haven’t even considered the DPS that a tank class is supposed to deliver.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #13

I played a bit of UVHM, especially the Holodome for testing Clappy. My results: the best face-tankable option is to have full Boomtrap+FF and halfway down the ILYG-tree to get Its… a trap card and you’re goin to love me for healing novas. Using an Eridian Vanquisher-mod or Chronicler of Elpis-mod, depending on your playstyle. And don’t forget ML! And one thing: hold down the health! The healing novas are bugged, so you get only a percentege of your Standard-max-hp, not the increased amount. But in terms of tankiness, nothing comes even close to Wilhelm, only the Doppelganger comes into reach.

(President of Jellybeans) #14

I picked up clappy again went some rounds with odjirimir (That fker resists explosions) in uvhm with a haymaker (dahls reogenator with decent capacity for when shield routines come up) and a moonface with a non capstone BT/FF clappy (http://thepresequel.com/Claptrap/550015000500550010000001315050505000/graloose,auto) (can also use sapper or take a pt from blue shell if u want pirates but meh ocd). While I won’t say I was invincible, I could sponge the flames with my shield and take a couple hits before regening to full (although I admit I’m not that great at grenading so my ml stacks weren’t great at regenning me when action heal wasn’t up but CDR made that not so often) took me ~7-10 mins to take him down with moonface alone with him resisting explosions (mightve been faster with a flakker/ravager but idk). I then went to Nel for some mobbing which wasn’t bad. This probly was my best spec for clappy that ive used so far, but it still was not as successful as my wilhelm (maybe even on odujimir but everyone but jack is slow on him so its hard to notice just how slow they are). My conclusion is that willy has more useful points at level sixty to do the juggernaut (Tanky DPS) build but idk about a build just for surviving (Or if it even matters).

(Glass cannon par excellence) #15

I have 2 claptraps at 60, and both don’t die that much. Between killbot, friendship nova, trapcard float like a bee and manical laughter, there’s so much health regen on kill. With my wilhelm on the other hand, I go into ffyl more often for some reason, although I’ve specced alot into his defensive skills. Maybe I just suck at wilhelm :smile:

(President of Jellybeans) #16

It depends on ur spec, I mean my spec is dmg and I rarely ffyl http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/050510100005050101505155501500000/higblaster,auto

Coms blue BTW with a heavy laser focus. Staying at the length of ur laser there’s almost nothing that can kill you if you’re paying attention, with divert covering ur ass when ur not. On bosses I only action for overdrive unless there’s trash mobs to sustain it with laser guided or when I need the regen. Even if you do fall protocol and wolf will bring u back up.

(Lucas) #17

I didn’t used Whilhem yet but I can confirm that playing as claptrap you will be down more time due your random action skill than for being actually in danger. If you don’t mind dying a few times go with it his lines are awesome through the campaign.