Win by first blood? Wtf?

Umm why the hell is this a thing? It used to be judged by team score in the event of a tie. The change makes no sense.

Other topics on tie-breakers, you might find some info in these.

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Because previously it came down to score. People would easily be able to draw out games and match for the draw. So they made first blood important in this situation.

So, in order - Sentry Damage.

If no or equal Sentry Damage, most score columns won?

And then, if those are somehow equal, whatever team got first blood?

If those are equal, I’d honestly say that the best course of action would be to just accept it as a draw. Sometimes those just happen. Deciding a winner based on a coin flip is silly.

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Well, I guess it certainly gives inspiration to kill the enemy before they kill you first!

I suppose, but I don’t think that’s a playstyle that should be encouraged :stuck_out_tongue: Most people I see diving for first kills become the first kill.

Sooooooo true!

Because FIRST blood is the TASTIEST blood, and if Battleborn matches are judged like most cooking competitions, then it follows the following rules:

  1. Taste (First Blood).
  2. Texture (Team Score).
  3. Plating (Sentry damage).

Turn these COMPLETELY around, and you have Battleborn’s match-determining guidelines. Annoying and nonsensical explanation that ignores the confusing reasoning behind First Blood being a deciding factor, or does it make PERFECT sense? You tell me…

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