Win ratio between game modes and favourite modes

It’d be interesting to see how the win ratio between game modes looks like, i.e the relation between say Capture and Incursion for instance. I would’ve asked for played games rather than wins, but as far as I know one can’t see the amount of played games in individual game modes in-game.

Here’s my distribution across the game modes;

The topic is somewhat likely to touch open this as well, so I’ll ask a follow up question; In what order would you arrange the game modes of your own personal liking, and why?

To me it’s;

  1. Meltdown Finale (Favourite)
  2. Capture
  3. Face-Off
  4. Incursion (Least favourable)

Meltdown to me (like many others) got screwed over by its transition into Finale, but it’s still my favourite mode even though the matches doesn’t last nearly as long as they should.

Capture is a nice method of getting into quick, somewhat mindless matches to screw around in which is a nice change of pace from the other modes.

Face-Off is an interesting mode of which I haven’t landed on an opinion as of yet. At least not in the sense of being for or against it, I’m simply neutral to it.

Incursion is in my eyes for the most part a prolonged stalemate with a few exceptions. You’re heavily restricted in the accessibility to the map as an entirety (Monuments being an exception), slow leveling and to me as a casual player it tends to be too competitive for my liking.

I’m interested in how you have exactly 539 wins for Meltdown, Incursion, and Capture. Is that just a coincidence or did you do that on purpose lol


Yeah, I’m really wondering now, that seems way too specific to be a coincidence. Although how did they do it in any case when quick match doesn’t always give you capture or meltdown?