[Win10] BL:TPS doesn't open and automatically exits game without error message

Everytime i try to start up the game, it instantly crashes before it plays the intro videos preceding the menu (in fullscreen) or doesn’t open after pressing play in the launcher menu (windowed mode, pictured below) without any error messages popping-up.
I have no idea what to do.

NVidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, by the way.

Please file a support ticket, including as much information as you can along with the video.

I had something similar with another game using a nvidia shield have you checked the logs to see if there is an error code if so provide the error prompt with a support ticket hope you get sorted

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I’m no pc wizard but could you have downloaded any new software or anything that could be interfering with the game launcher possibly? Just trying to troubleshoot possible things to hopefully get you running again:)

but which logs, though?

To become a developer go to settings - about and click on build 7 times. Back out to the main settings menu and go into developer options. Turn on network debugging, note the IP. Grab adb platform tools from google. Just google “adb platform tools” and get the right one for your PCs OS. Run adb connect IP from before. Then run adb bugreport to get a packaged up log set. You can also run adb logcat to watch the stream of logs.

Hope that helps like i said i’m no pc wizard but if you can find the error log it might give you an idea as to what’s stopping you launch the game

I recall something along these lines and it might be a resolution issue. From the launcher, make sure the res is correct. Or use GeForce to optimize. This might be a stretch but I recall that fixing something along these lines.

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Is there a chance this would also affect the PC version of BL2?

Absolutely. TPS and BL2 are effectively the same games in this sense.

Hey, i been having the same problem

ryzen 5 3600x
RX 5700 XT 8GB
16GB RAM @ 3000 mhz
anyone has a solution?