Windows 10 freezes

Since upgrading to Windows 10 I have been unable to play Borderlands 2 for more than 20 minutes at a time because the game keeps freezing. I can still hear the audio but I have to reset my computer as I can’t Alt+Tab out.

I never had this problem with Windows 8.1 with the same hardware (4790K and dual 290Xs)

Yes, I have the latest drivers (AMD Catalyst 15.7.1) and I even tried a fresh install of Windows 10 but to no avail.

Seriously considering going back to 8.1 as it seems to have made some other games which worked before unplayable.

Is there anything I can do about it before I downgrade?

you sure its using the amd driver and not the windows 10 amd driver? there is a difference.

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I don’t see why it would be using the Windows 10 drivers.

Is there a way to check when the game is running?

so, device manager, display adapter.
Right click on it and select "Update Driver Software…
Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

This will allow you to select the driver you want to use from a list of the compatible drivers.
Number 1 is the correct driver that should be installed by what you download from AMD.
Number 2 is the driver that gets obtained from Windows Update.
Number 3 is a generic driver that windows uses for compatibility with most graphics cards without the need for third party drivers.
If the correct driver is there, just select it and hit “Next” and you should be done, if it’s not there then go to the next step. The drivers files should be on your computer already, extracted to a folder by the executable downloaded from AMD. AMD extracts them to C:\AMD\Support by default. Look there and see if you see a folder with a name like 13-4_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql. If it’s not there, just run the executable for the drivers downloaded
from AMD again, the first step that executable does is extract the files into the directory I listed above.Once you make sure the driver files are on your computer go back to the screen where you selected “Let me pick from a list of device
drivers on my computer” before. Once you’re at that screen, select “Browse…”. Then just browse to the location your drivers are in and select the folder with a name like 13-4_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql then hit OK. Then hit Next.

That will manually install the drivers that CCC didn’t install by itself. Now all you have to do is restart your computer and everything should be fixed. In the event that it’s not just go back to that step that allowed you to select the driver you want to use and select the correct one.

I’m not sure why the setup doesn’t automatically install the drivers but using this guide you can install them manually and then all the tools, including CCC will work properly.


Ok, I’ve done that. The correct drivers were there but I ran the install process again by pressing ‘next’ like you said.

I’ll try the game again.

if it doesn’t work, uninstall AND delete all of them, restart, and redownload the correct driver, install it, and restart again.

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Seems to be working perfectly now (fingers crossed!)

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it! :smile:

no problem. windows drivers tend to suck.

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The link you posted does not work… And my borderlands game keeps frezzing too, and i don’t really know what to do. Can you help me aswell?

This thread is 6 years old and the individuals are no longer around. First thing is to turn PhysX off (or low). There are a few possible solutions here :

i found the solution, it’s because i optimized the game on the Nividia app. And that messed with it some how. So i reverted it, and that fixed it. Thanks tho : )

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Funny that. When the updates for 1,2 and TPS came out, the games wouldn’t launch and ended up using the NVidia optimizer to fix them. But that was launch, not f/r lag / freezing.

so i use nvidia geforce rtx 3060 and have freezing i dont have bl2 in the nvidia optimization list ive checked the driver mentioned earlier and it is up to date i dont feel comfortable deleting my drivers as i know ill mess something up what should i do

The post you’re replying to is from 2015 so I don’t think that would be likely to help at this point. Where is the game freezing - at launch, while playing, …?