Windows 10 install with Gearbox Redist 2.0.0

A rather big bug:


  • Install Battleborn open beta via Steam which launches GearboxRedist 2.0.0 on Windows 10 Build 10.0.10586 with patches as of 4/16/2016.
  • As it runs and asks to install the various vc redist files, all of them are either already installed on my system or I have newer versions (such as .NET Framework 4.5).

The installs all ask me to close or repair what is already a valid installation.

Expected install results:

  • It should not prompt me if the VC Redist or .NET is already installed.

I have never allowed the Gearbox Redist to install. I just click Exit every time. The game runs fine.

What is it for anyway?

Did the same for me, I just ignored it and started the game up. Works fine.

its for people that don’t realize computers need to be updated.


Not all systems have the latest Visual Studio DLLs and .NET packages. It just shouldn’t fail ugly like it does. It should check if latest version is out there, if so just skip it, if not, then run it. I am counting on the GearRedist installer to be smart for me so I don’t have to deal with it.

Not to mention if you don’t have the minimum versions of these packages, games like this won’t run right and bugs you have likely are due to that.

it told me newer versions were already installed and didn’t install them.