Windows and Mac crossplay

bought the game over New Years for my girlfriend and I - but have been plagued by “incompatible game version” errors, meaning we cannot play together at all.

is gearbox planning to bring the game versions for mac and windows in sync or are we just going to see a repeat of Borderlands 2 where Mac and Windows users cannot play together?

crossplay between Mac and PC used to work. It broke with the release of the Moxxy DLC. No indication from anyone when the DLC will be available for the Mac, or whether the broken crossplay is permanently gone.

Works again as of the January 16th patch.
Still no Moxxi DLC for Mac, though :frowning:

DLC and PC/Mac crossplay work for me after the update.

Any update? Can we now play with PC users? I need peeps to play with

This was working, but seems to be broken again as of the latest patch on Windows Steam.

The Mac version update is delayed, so the versions are adrift again preventing cross-play. IIRC the Mac update should become available sometime on April 2nd - check the update notes in the BL3 News section, as it’s listed right at the top of the post.

It is not even fun. We just bought 2 copies to play with wife at home and getting this incompatibility error.
That should have been at least stated in known issues section…

It is literally in the first sentence of the latest patch notes:

You should be set back up after April 2nd.

Currently getting the same error. Friend running 1.0.10 on PC and I am running 1.0.9 on Mac. Does anyone know when 1.0.10 will come out on Mac?

Also, is there a way to revert versions on the PC when the versions are out of sync so that PC and Mac users can play together?

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Same problem. My friend is on PC with 1.0.10 and I’m on Mac with 1.0.9

I know the Guardian takedown was announced as being delayed for Mac, so I suspect there’s a knock-on effect with the DLC and latest update as well. I’ve asked for clarification on this, since it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.


Another upgrade and another week of Mac being left behind. Right now we’re lucky if our downtime isn’t limited to a week each month due to patching putting clients out of sync consistently. Is there any reason why these clients can’t be released at the same time so that groups that have people on different OS aren’t losing access for extended periods of time? At least ship platforms that support cross play simultaneously.

To add, I don’t appear to be getting the latest patch that shipped on the 23rd and was supposed to be on Mac for the 30th yet. I can only assume that has missed that release date. I’m stuck on 1.0.10

You may need to check manually? I know on some other platforms content doesn’t seem to download automatically even if you have that option enabled.

Thanks. I’ve verified the install via Epic multiple times, and done reboots and restarts of the client. Patches have applied automatically in the past so it seems to me that it just hasn’t gone live yet.

There’s the other issue though and that a game that is supposed to have cross play support is having the Mac version lag updates by a week consistently. If the game was being patched every 4 - 6 months then sure, that might be tolerable, but lately about 1/4 of the time me and my friends can’t play because of the way patches are being staggered. I realise the Mac will be a minority user base, but it still seems to us that the patches should be held back until all platforms that are supposed to be compatible are ready to go, especially when the games being sold as cross play compatible.

The fact it seems to be 7 days each time makes it seem to me its something the devs have baked into their dev and test cycle, its not just some one off issues they’ve hit, and again would mean they could just schedule a simultaneous release even if they needed a few more days to get all versions in line. It’s really coming off as a conscious decision to leave a portion of the user base behind and break multiplayer for them each update, which is frustrating.

I have no idea what the internal processes are on this. I do know that a lot of things have been disrupted by the coronavirus, and that this is currently hitting Texas - where GBX is primarily located - pretty hard. Last I heard, all GBX staff were still working from home, so coordination may be harder than when everyone is on site.

So a few days later (I know it’s the weekend now) and the clients still on 1.0.10. Have verified the game cache and confirmed the Epic storefront is set to auto apply updates and nothing has come through. Also turned off anything at my network that is liable to block the traffic.

Don’t suppose anyone else on Mac can confirm they have got 1.0.11 yet?

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Same here. Its still 1.0.10 for Mac. Very disgusting since crossplay between the different platforms was a main reason for me and many others to buy BL3.

A delay may happen, but why get the user no information about that?


This is so frustrating. I bought Borderlands 3 and convinced some friends to also get it (and then the season pass) so we could keep in touch during covid lockdowns. It’s a great game but the fact that the Windows and the Mac versions are now out of sync just stops all of us all from being able to play it. Add to this that this is the third patch in the row to do this and then this one has been delayed without any communication and we’re all very unhappy.

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I just bought this game today to play it with my girlfriend who is on windows, while I’m on Mac, and this is so frustrating that an $80 game that advertises “PC Cross Play” doesn’t work. This was never an issue on Borderlands 2, and I don’t understand how we are now taking steps backwards almost a year later. I REALLY hope that either Windows players are given an option to downgrade so we can play together, or that the Mac update comes quickly. At least a date for when we can play together would be great.

We’ve both been saving up for this game since we can’t see each other nearly at all due to the lockdowns, and this was devestating having spent a join $70 just to be left in limbo.

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