[Windows7] Black Screen of Death

Started playing Pre-Sequel again with 1 friend - i was party leader. After a long time of playing Day1 my main screen went black - 2nd screen still funtioning and i think the game didnt even crash i prolly could’ve continued playing but blind (during the quest where you have to find the signal source after the locked gate with the small ones standing on the other side of it).

Day2 we couldn’t play very much until the black screen … it happened when i tried to enter a gun shop in Concordia. i preemptively opened task manager on my 2nd screen and closed presequel when the blackscreen happened but nothing changed - the main screen with bl remained black.

opened nvidia settings and tried to play around to reset the screen or smth but my whole setup started lagging and my cursor looked low resolution on my high resolution 2nd screen from time to time. lol

also i had cpu spikes during those laggs. had to hard restart my pc both times.

i7-2600k; gtx980 (driver 388.71); w7 64bit; 16gb ddr3 ram; dont have problems playing other games;

pre-sequel settings: windowed fullscreen; vsync off; 60fps limit; 1920x1080; ambient off; DepthofField off; Anisotropic 4x; Bullet Decals high; Foliage far; Texture high; GameDetail high; View Distance high; Physx Low; FXAA On. I increased my FoV ingame to 100 or smth.

UPDATE: Reinstalled BLTPS, configured settings in the launcher, started it, rechecked settings ingame, pressed quit game and my game crashed upon clicking quit game “stopped working” - retried this 5-6 times. Used steam to Verify integrity of game files, launched BLTPS again and this time it didn’t crash upon clicking quit. Didn’t try playing the game yet though.

UPDATE2: Didn’t have the issue yet after reinstalling the game …
UPDATE3: It happened again :slight_smile: This time I didn’t even move around or anything. We had a 10min break but stayed ingame. Just as I came back and sat down the blackscreen greeted me.

Hey, I just started the game a couple of weeks ago, I have a very similar issue, but my black screen usually last for a couple of second. I also have multiple hang with looping sound.

I have not found a fix yet, but just dropping here that I have a very similar Pc build.
i7-2600k 970gtx (lastest driver 392.xx) window 7 64bit.

My guest is its related to the video card, it seem my driver crashed somehow, but I have not found log of any kind. The clues are because of two things, my cooling program show no stats after the black screen, and the nvidia window gives a stop working window all the time.

There have been multiple video-related issues for both BL2 and TPS (and some other games as well), all of which seem to have been since a relatively recent nVidia driver update. You might want to troll through the BL1 and BL2 PC Tech Support forums - I believe using an older version might get things working again?