Winged Storms replay

I defeated the winged storm solo with Psycho and turned in.
I returned to winged storm and have been slaughtered every time.
Does the difficulty change after first completion like Pyro Pete ?

Don’t think so, unless you’ve unlocked some OP levels. Have you adjusted your gear or build since the first fight?

Everything is set the same.
I’m playing the Game of the year collection. Level 61.

Seems odd, but maybe you’ve just been unlucky with timing, landings, etc.? It is supposed to be a tough fight to solo, after all.

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Yes , perhaps I was just very lucky on the first attempt.
I went down trice but recovered.
Repeated attempts have ended without a single dragon kill and the shock dragon toasting me.

Sounds like all of my solo attempts :slight_smile:


This is a phenomenon that I run into a lot : beginner’s luck. I complete the raid first crack and go back and get tromped every single time.

The raid boss versions ( as opposed to the storyline versions, like Pete ) are indeed all the same , quest or not.

The Dragons are simply extremely difficult until you figure out a strategy ; at which point they’re just very difficult.


Difficult X 4. :slight_smile: