Winions are as winions do

Seems that every fight, the first one to take out the first spider (not so hard to do, Marquis snipes to death from yard, Oscar Mike bombard every time it’s up) wins the game with very little effort thereafter. I’ve been on both sides so I’m not just complaining about sucking. Once the first spider is down and the shield minions spawn (every wave) I’m either struggling just to keep the minions subdued (losing) or in strolling around the map picking up shards and taking neutral camps (which are easier than a minion wave at this point). Just seems like it snowballs downhill very quickly.

Maybe every other wave or every 3rd have shield bot.
Increase neutral monster spawn rate for losing side. Longer on winning side.
Make it harder to kite spider. IE: stronger overshield when no offensive minions are around. More cover, less direct lanes. Spider can more easily identify and pick out targets with no minions to crowd his vision.

Dunno. Just seems like on such a skill based game that it doesn’t make sense to limit the choice of bb to who can do the most damage to the spider the easiest, as apposed to who can work well with a team to get the job done.

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I feel like being able to snipe the sentry in general just kind of defeats the whole purpose of the game mode. It’s supposed to be a team effort to push the enemy team back so you can attack the objective, not find the right spot where one guy can hit it without being stopped or needing to rely on his team.

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Exactly. Need more defined lanes. Right now it’s just sit in the hallway snipe spider. Sit in the upstairs room, with a heal and launcher. Also snipe spider.

Aside from sniping the sentry, I don’t see an issue. There isn’t really a snowball effect. I’ve also played games where we lost the first sentry first then still came back and won. If your playing and the other team kills your first sentry more than likely the other team is just better so they will likely push and win.

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It’s for this reason that I think the shield minions (M3 shepard, I believe) should spawn for the losing side not the winning. Would make for a lot closer games and once the losing side takes out a sentry, both teams get M3s and its a battle of what team is better again. Much more exciting than either rolling or getting rolled by a clearly superior team.


I’d like to see an Area around the Sentry in which you can actually start to attack it, or just a smaller (but no less deadly) sentry.

Also, I would like to see a stronger minion presence for a team when their first sentry dies. At this point, they have less access to shards and Thralls, so it is expected that these will come rushing in. Every time we play, as soon as you take that first sentry, you basically set up shop next to the heal station that you can buy, and put up the thumper turret. The other team if there decent can take it back, but they need to be organized and attack together.

And I’m not saying super strong minions for the loosing team, just enough of a presence that the winning team can’t just camp the top heal area and shoot down at the sentry from a very safe position.

They just need to make it that Battleborn can not damage the Sentry at all until shields are down. This would stop the backdooring from across the map by Marquis plus would not allow people to use shield ignore items/helix choices to get past the shields.

Make it so only minions can damage the shields so an actual push has to happen.