Winners and Losers Glitch

Have rescued Freddie’s bot, mission says “Return to Freddie” with no waypoint. Return to Freddie and can only talk to him. Mission is completely stalled. Have seen one other person with this issue. There is no way to progress further…

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Hi, any progression or fix on this issue? I have a friend also having the same thing!

Not that I know of. It doesn’t seem to be a huge glitch in terms of it affecting lots of players so I guess Gearbox is content to ignore it. Sucks. I just haven’t touched that toon since it happened.

Lets hope a Gearbox dev notices this post and addresses it in an upcoming hotfix.
There have been a few Reddit posts on the same topic, PC version I believe.
Only fix is to start TVHM, rush through to Sanctuary and start the DLC again i believe!

Seriously. They definitely to fix it. The current “fix” as you outlined it is not acceptable. I have spoken.