Winter sale ** bank storage full updated 09.10

Update after every grinding session

No trading needed, I’m happy if I can help you out. I recently got a few things for free from other people - so I want to give something back.

PSN: Sinsinatti

Arctic Star Helix [A] (cryo) Phaseslam (mele dmg 250%)
Venomous Sleeping Giant [A] (cor) next 2 mags 20% dmg
Searing Vanquisher [A] next 2 mags 50% dmg
Deep Face-puncher [A] end of action skill 50% dmg
Binary Stark Devoted [A] (shock) end of action skill 20% dmg
Pestilent Faisor [A] (cor) Rakk attack 50% dmg
The Flood
Undermining Bitch (rad)
Popular Bitch
Double-Penetrating Borning Gun (cor)
Shrinking Scourge (cryo)
Nuclear Jericho (rad)

Kickstarter Nova Berner
Resonate Back Ham

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i can send you anything you need

i’d take the relics

Okay hit me up with a friend request Sinsinatti

I’m online in problably half an hour!

already sent

alright im on! just join me

look at your mail

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I’ve got an extra Rad Crossroad if ya still need. Love those Dahl AR’s eh. Might try out the Butcher
PSN : PIKE2564

I’m good, my man OP_Haunter hooked me up! =)

Aight then.

Can I get my hands on that cryo Star Helix?

-same name on psn

It’s yours! I’ll send it this evening

Can i get the face puncher? I’ve been grinding for it without succes
Name is AHairyPeasant

Hey… Save one of those nice elemental Helix’s for me Bkt.

Lol. I’ll make sure you’re covered too.

Just messin with ya. But ya… Love the Helix
I’ll send you a FR. Might as well eh. Still lookin for the Otto? I farmed that darn Fuego. Only got Fuegos…lol.

I finally got the Snowdrift Otto, thanks to Tonestar and all of y’all looking out for me. I’m always open to building a collection of different stats though. Lol

Dragon is only for that fuego relic, right? I was farming the dragon mother for random relics, but she’s only dropped Rocket Boots so far. :frowning:

Cool… Ya got the Otto. The idol from Fuego is fire fire fire. 100% slam,slide and melee.
Did ya check out the Zane class mod I sent ya. Kinda cool.

Just saw after your msg. I guess I’m gonna lvl another Zane to try a grenada spam build. Lol

I don’t think I’ve seen a mod with symbiotic rolls like that. :o

Could I scoop that corrosive sleeping giant from you if it’s still available also might you have one in fire?

Psn Darknugget6588