Winter update broke the game... HELP ME!

Since having installed the WInter update, I’m INCAPABLE of even LOADING the game up! It crashes around the title card, and BSOD’s my computer. (ALthough, thanks to WIndows 10, anything that crashes generally makes that happen).

I’ve tried almost EVERYTHING. I’ve even tried optimizing it with the nvidia control panel!

PLEASE BB crew, help me get back into the game!

The BSOD continously states it’s a Driver State Power Failure, in case that helps.

If nothing helps, I’ll try reinstalling the game, but TBH, 22+GBs is QUITE a lot.

This only happens with BB, or other games too?

Because a Driver State Power failure is usually caused by outdated or corrupted drivers, or alternatively can be caused by the computer (or parts of it) not responding to wake up protocols and thus defaulting to a crash. Without further information, I would suspect the system first before looking at a game update.

I should have put that I’ve since been able to actually get back ONTO the game, however, I’m unsure of whether or not it’s perma fixed, or if I was just lucky. Everything ran as should be, etc.

Yeah, I’ve had this problem a while, just had no idea on how to fix. I’ve always just blamed the computer.

Thanks., BTW.

You’ve got a bad driver or power option that’s causing your crash then. The most likely culprit is the graphics driver, I’d recommend doing a clean install of a newer driver and seeing if that helps. Make sure to completely delete the old one so it doesn’t conflict with the new one.

If you need more help with the issue, feel free to PM me or look up driver state power failure windows 10, lots of good info on that available.