Winter Update hidden buffs


Just wanted to make a thread to draw some attention to a few hidden buffs/nerfs, I’ve picked up so far and by sharing them maybe learn of any others out there.

For starters, was it common knowledge that Pendle’s injection slow went from 2 seconds to 4? and his Level 4 Mutation Potent Venom went from 1-2. Bringing his total slow to 6 if taken?

Also minor things, like a QoL (to some) touch up on Attikus’ pounce.

Or the immediate buff/nerfs to Time Killer and Hidden Charger?

Are there any other interesting touches like that out there, primarily at the Pendle’s level? I’d love to hear about them!



Attikus has been mentioned, please don’t mention Mellka :slight_smile:

Kid Ultra’s lvl 9 stun got ninja nerfed from 2 seconds to 1. At least I think it was a ninja, went back over the patch notes and didn’t see anything listed about it. I didn’t find out until I tried to use it.

Mentioned in the Patch notes? Did it have a dedicated post? I’m aware people know about it, this post was made to conglomerate this info.

Like @HobbitWarrior with his mention of the stun duration decrease. Information like that is important to know!

Melka’s treatment was documented in the Hotfix attached to the Winter Update. Was there more done to her since?

Otherwise, I don’t care to mention her off topic, so no worries there.

Add to the Conversation next time, I’m sure you know something you don’t want to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dragons health got nerfed… again… 1078 to 980.

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I’m pretty sure there’s already a recent thread discussion towards such topic. Let me see if I can find it.

I feel like pillar storms range was dropped. It feel like a shorter range when using the skill.

Didn’t they just buff that? They changed their mind?

They just don’t like me stomping with him I guess… :sweat:

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You’re throwing off their meta data, since you are the only one playing him. You need to start intentionally doing bad with him and he will then become properly balanced.


The difference between you stomping and balance play was 98 health!

Gods man, what were you managing to accomplish in those 2 extra shots worth of HP?

Don’t look at me I didn’t choose how they nerfed him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow Didn’t see a nerf to El Dragon coming again, that’s good to know!

A shorter Pillarstorm length probably requires a bit more testing to confirm, but is also interesting to note.

Another thing i picked up that I’m not sure was always around, but KU now has a bat symbol style emblem while in Copter mode. Was that always there?

You ever find it? I lurk the forum pretty heavily so I would have preferred to add to an original post over making my own.

No couldn’t find it sorry. I did see one. Maybe it was removed.

That’s the one!

Oh, they didn’t even bother to hide that one.

At this point I genuinely believe the balance team makes decisions via a magic 8 ball.


Actually, to be honest, Mellka in one sense did get a hidden nerf - there’s a typo in the hotfix where it says her venom was reduced by 56%. It was meant to say 66%.

Hell I would be more appreciative of that if they told us that’s how balance went lol

Some things worth mentioning: if KU stun dropped it certainly doesn’t look like it from what I have seen. Seems 2 seconds to me. Montys stun says 1 second from the update priori but I am like 100 percent sure it’s still 2 seconds

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