Winter Update Hidden Changes, Where are they?

Well? Anybody found any changes, any at all, that wasn’t listed on the patch notes?

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Skill cooldowns reduced by 50% in Story missions. Might just be normal difficulty, haven’t checked advanced yet.

Also they introduced new gear graphics for some of the new legendary gear introduced, as well as old ones that shared graphics with several other legendaries.

Ghalt’s Papa Shotgun is now The Engineer.
Even if you were using that title it will change.

New damage system
It shows accumulated damage on a target from one source
It’s awesome for DPS tests


Yeah, I knew there would be stuff!

Anybody figured out which characters got new skins/taunts?


@Master_Oddjob what do you mean by Gear Graphics?

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The images for each gear, like what a jennerit skill gear looks like, a rogue skill gear, etc.

They updated the Culling Spike, Finiscian Wrench, and Philotic Pylon from what I saw, there are likely more.

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I don’t remember reading it in the patch notes but they fixed Face Off games improperly showing in over all stats for games played/won.


Fullscreen mode now seems to work with custom screen modes or at least use the one set on desktop, which allows to set custom refresh rate. Previously I had to play in Borderless Windowed to have 100Hz or higher refresh rate.

It may be just me playing Paladins in recent month instead of the game, but does the game seems any slower, bigger, more floaty? Like a change in viewpoint, walking speed or physics?

But well, most importantly it seems like Echelon is playable, not that it was hidden, but not specified directly either.

Default color changed for your team and opponents. Hated it so I changed it back to the previous style.


I really wonder why they did this. Normal was, well, very normal, but now it´d be a cakewalks little sister…

Did they mention that there were new call outs from the original 25 to the DLC characters? I noticed that.


Opening loot packs now plays a new 3D animation.

Hailstorm no longer gains 20% damage reduction when another source of DR is active.

Big Payback now has a timer that fills your screen as Montana.

The credit cost for buying more loadouts and bank pages has been increased. (technically, this happened just before the update)

Challenges in the post-game report are now sorted by completion.

I saw the same thing in solo advanced.

This was in the patch notes, you can change it back in the options.

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The title screen now gives you a portrait of a random Battleborn. That’s pretty nice. Tho I’ve only seen the ladies so far.


Are you serious about the montana one cause that’s a huge nerf.

Legit? Is that why my beatrix was killing it in friendship raid? I was able to keep a constant bombardment of shots without the need to reaload because I took the instant reload on skill helix.

you can change that in the options which is what I did, I want to see each tic of damage

I’ve noticed that bedhead happens sometimes.


Advanced geometrical shaping for locks-lacking Hemsworths now available for only 9600 shards!


If you mean the hailstorm change, it’s not that big. You still get the DR at level 4, and the helix that replaced is now part of base hailstorm. Losing DR at level 9 does nerf his late game, but the other options at that level are still fairly strong.