Winter's Veil question?

So, a quick question about Winter’s Veil. Is this a skill you need 5 points in to make it good, or will 1 point do the trick? I’m only really interested in an extra chance to freeze enemies that get to close, and not too concerned with the actual damage it does.

1 point then is all you need. Not that it has good damage anyway, even at 11/5 and 100 stacks of Avalanche it does basically no damage.

Which is kind of strange since BR can kill enemies at 6/5.

Yeah BR is awesome as it has like a base 99% freeze chance and it has damage close to what a Fragmented Rain dart has.

So, for 2 skill points, I get homing Ice Darts, and a Cryo Nova Shield. And IIRC, Celestial Baroness also adds Cryo Spikes while Cool as Ice is active. I never thought I would see the day when I would actually like Tediore shields.

Thanks you kindly. That was about the answer I’d hoped for. Good to know I can treat WV like a one point wonder skill and spend the others elsewhere.

Aurelia is the best Tediore Shield user when it comes to offense and the second best when it’s about defense (first is Claptrap thanks to Safety First).

I actually spec 5/5 Bitter Riposte, and it kills trash mobs even at level 70. And if it doesn’t the cryo DOT usually does. And if that doesn’t, then my constant slamming does them in. Combine with Frigid Touch and it’s really, really hard to die as Aurelia if you pay any attention. Half the time you get up without even doing anything!

I actually already have 5/5 in BR, 1 skill point invested, 4 from my COM. It’ll be 6/5 when I get her up to 50 and can get a 50 Celestial Baroness. So probably not going to invest any more points. While I do consider it an awesome skill, there’s just too many others in need of points.