Wintertide Question

Looked around older forum posts, and did a bit of digging before posting this, but haven’t been able to find the info, and it is a bit of a pain to test.

Does anyone here know if Wintertide gets cryo buffs from Avalanche and Frostbite? Asking in regards to the splash added from wintertide specifically, so regardless of proccing on a cryo gun or not.

The way the skills read, I’d say yes.

I don’t think Wintertide provides “splash” damage. it’s “cryo” damage it buffs. So as long as your enemies are getting Frostbitten and you have stacks of Avalanche, your guns will get the cryo damage buff from both. The skill Wintertide is a Kill skill and only effect ‘guns’ iirc. unless the skill is bugged which I am unaware of. :slight_smile:

I have not tested any of this myself.

@BTK420247 What say ye, good sir?! :slight_smile:
@jhunter922 I think you play Aurelia as well. Can you add anything?
@farsight37 I believe plays Aurelia too. Might you add anything to this good sir?
@khimerakiller Paging Pandora’s Industrial Engineer! :smile:

Edit: Been digging into this a bit, as I am now curious myself. Seems like you might be on to something @maxageddon with Wintertide adding to splash damage. not sure if you’ve seen this:

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Thanks buddy!!

I thought it was treated a splash based off of overall weapon damage (for NE and non-cryo), but I wasn’t positive on this (I think the splash thing came from one of Derch’s videos). I tried to test it out with a couple Jakobs guns, but it is insane to try to see if the cryo numbers are going up with it proccing while mobbing through an area and not dying, at least for me hahaha. If avalanche and frostbite do boost wintertide (especially on non-cryo), an all jakobs loadout would be absolutely magical. I’m only round level 40 with Aurelia so far, but for every toon I’ve leveled, I try to understand as much about their skill sets and weapon combos that I can.

I have seen the splash damage guide before, but I dont think I ever saw the TPS one, just the BL2 one (I am back playing after about a year hiatus)

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I…have no idea. That is a great question, best bet would probably be to page khimera, he might know and is good with maths IIRC.

If I had to guess, I’d say yeah for Avalanche and maybe for Frostbite.


and why I didn’t think of that astounds me. I lean on Khim’s knowledge quite a bit in here. :smile:

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yah, with Wintertide being a kill skill. you kinda have to test it in the field. so yah, that can be a pain. :sweat:

Lol yup, he might be able to drop some knowledge for us.

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My understanding of the maths is that Avalance and Frostbite are both additive skills to Wintertide in the Elemental Bonus multiplier.

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I know some stuff but not this.

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Wintertide, along with some other skills that add extra elemental damage, works differently from any other damage boost, it doesn’t simply add cryo damage like an elemental Oz Kit would add elemental damage, instead it adds a seperate damage number which behaves like added splash but doesn’t have any splash radius. It’s multiplicative to any other damage buff but is not affected by critical hits and also only boosts added splash if that’s launcher splash (maybe with the exception of the Party Line). It always boosts pure splash and it can get boosted by amp damage but only if the shield is charged on impact. Grenade damage does also not boost it, my assumption is that it deals launcher splash damage.

So in conclusion: it is indeed boosted by Avalanche/Frostbite.




…sounds good to me. lol

@DemoniteBL Thank you for educating us. I must admit, I liked your long version better. You’re like an almanac of borderlands knowledge. Much obliged good sir. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, kindly!!