[WIP] Hyperion Apex Facility - Jumping puzzles!

Hyperion Apex Facility

So I have been working on a new idea I had for a little while now and this is where I am so far with it.

This DLC is a new take on arenas that I have come up with where the player enters a Hyperion training facility and then has a random arena digistructed around the player with random enemies and bosses with familliar zones and some new areas to fight in and also jumping puzzles!

How it works

How these arenas work is as follows. The player enters a room where there is a button to use once used a random arena will be digistructed around the player. Once the zone is constructed enemies will then begin to digistruct. Once all enemies are defeated the zone will close down and begin to digistruct a new one repeating the same process in a new arena. Every five rounds you will be rewarded with some form of loot.

Here is an image below for a more technical break down. Every time a new arena is chosen it goes through this process where it chooses a zone which then loads a streamed level and once that level is streamed you are taken to an arena within that zone. Upon completion of the arena you are teleported to a holding area, the level is set to hidden and the process repeats itself.


  • New models and textures
  • New particle effects
  • Many arenas to fight
  • Currently 41 as of 11/1/15
  • Jumping puzzles
  • Currently 2 as of 11/1/15
  • New type of glitch weapons (Animated image below)

Future Features

  • Heap of new arenas
  • New unseen zones
  • Will feature every boss in the game including mini bosses
  • Full line of glitch weapons
  • Possible new enemies

Combat Arenas

Combat arenas are the main areas you will encounter where you will fight a round of enemies depending on the zone you happen to get. Upon killing enemies they will drop artifacts occasionally which can offer a range of temporary boosters from damage boosts whether it be critical damage, fire rate, etc to protective artifacts to protect you from the elements or maybe even just a health regeneration boost.

You will face a wide range of different enemies throughout the DLC and may even get to encounter some new enemy types thanks to our talented custom enemy creator @SleepMaster who has decided to help with the creation of some awesome new content and ideas in this DLC.

Jumping Puzzles - NEW

Jumping are something new that I am introducing to Borderlands that I have found in other games and thought why not put these into a custom map? I will be using the same method for creating these puzzles as I am my arenas which is taking already existing zones and creating a puzzle around the environment. I will also be creating my own new zones with these puzzles just as I am with the arenas.

When you are teleported into a jumping puzzle arena you will have the option to skip the puzzle if it is too difficult, but in doing so you will not receive your loot at the end of the puzzle. There will also be an option board in the lobby which will disable these puzzles completely if you dislike them that much.

Here is an example of a jumping puzzle I have created in Skag Gully without giving away too much.

This is a custom jumping puzzle I created and yes all of the platforms move around, rotate and even try to kill you.




Wait did you just import particles from Borderlands 2? :open_mouth:


Seems he did

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Nope can’t do that have to create them yourself.

Edit: But the textures they use in their particles you can import.

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Well then you did great job because they look like in Borderlands 2 :smiley:

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But where did you get the binary lines from for the glitch gun? Made that to?


I still wanna have a go at them animated skins. I haven’t had time to dive into it this week yet.

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@SleepMaster Thanks! Still have some fine tuning to do on them though.

@Mr_GJ The binary lines are just a texture export from the Pre-Sequel.

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Sweet. Gj bro

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Sweet baby jesus…

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My thoughts exactly… :heart_eyes:

I have added a short video showing off how things work. Yes there are a few odd looking things that wont be in the full release like Nine-Toes spawning twice and what not, but this is just an example.


This is all sorts of awesome.

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The sound effect needs slight tuning but I really found the barriers having flair. Also I noticed that the death-decompose doesn’t work all to smooth. They are supposed to de-materialize on death right? But in overall being, lookin’ sweet! GJ bro!

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I was wondering if you would like to collaborate and make a full story DLC for Borderlands. I have no experience with modding Borderlands but I have made mods for Skyrim and Oblivion (although those may not be similar in method). I would really like to make a storyline DLC that has a vault at the end (the story would include custom weapons and others). I really don’t know what can or cant be modded into borderlands but If you want to do this then reply to this or send me an email @ rosswesterfield@gmail.com

He is already in a DLC collab with me, Sleepmaster and NolaFTW.

@evanwolflover Hey thanks for the offer, but I just have too much on the go right now and I’m not even sure how much longer I plan to continue modding for this game. If you do decide to continue with creating anything yourself I would be glad to give you a helping hand if you need any advice on how to do things.

@Mr_GJ I’m perfectly capable of answering questions directed at me on my own and as for “our” DLC count me out. I will continue working on my own content how I see fit and if anyone wants to contribute I will gladly accept the help.

Oh that’s to bad then. (my bad for that answering thing, I just considered that you were busy with the Apex thing and the 5th DLC and that, that would be enough for you).

Please don’t get upset with each other over my question. I was putting the question toward you, Gj, and all of your friends. I understand that you want to do your own mods and that this game is getting quite old to be modding since hardly anyone plays anymore (in fact hardly anyone still plays Blands 2). If I have any questions I may send you a question at some point. Since you have made some quite good map mods why don’t you send in a resume to Gearbox? They are now hiring out of the public for Borderlands 3. Just a suggestion. Thank you for answering my question though. I will start working on my storyline mod then. Thank you. :slight_smile:

GJ I have seen your gear work on your channel and it is fantastic. I meant no harm in my question so please don’t get upset with each other over it. I just wanted to know if you or him or anyone would like to help me make a storyline DLC/mod since I have been just recently introduced to modding Borderlands (for the past 3 years I had thought there was no way to do it). Anyways thank you for replying with an answer. :smile:

What do you mean by “storyline DLC/mod?” Like a modification of the original storyline or improvement of it? Or a completely new story?