[WIP] Project Sanctuary - New release! Bloodshots!

(Dopefiend) #1

May 30, 2015 - Project Sanctuary

So I got bored one night and started importing all of the assets from Sanctuary Borderlands 2 and realized how easy (and time consuming) it would be and this is what I have come up with so far.

There are over 700 new imported assets which was a tedious task, but it should all be smooth sailing from here. Because of the large amount of assets imported the package is going to be quite a large download which currently sits at half a gigabyte not compressed.

I have a few different ideas for this map which involve the original four vault hunters coming to Sanctuary and making it their new home after “The Fall of New Haven” which I have been playing with the idea of creating. This would basically be a continuation for the story of the original vault hunters through their eyes instead of the stories they tell you in the Pre-Sequel. Perhaps starting in New Haven and evacuating everyone traveling the long road to Sanctuary maybe with some old/new/modified maps along the way. These are all just my own ideas and I would like to hear yours also.

I realize this would be a colossal project and I could not do it alone since story telling and writing is my absolute weak point. Once I am further along with this project I will definitely need somebody to write mission dialogue for me if there is anyone interested in this just contact me with any ideas or concerns you might have. I would love to hear your creative ideas, feedback and any guidance or assistance you might be able to spare.

June 14, 2015 - First Relase

Well after 15 days of working at this I am ready to make its first release to the public. Keep in mind this is an early version of this map with nothing to interact with as of yet so there might be a few quirky things such as the stairs not working smoothly or walking through objects. Please let me know if you find any of these weird and wonderfuls so i can eliminate them.

In this release I have hand placed almost every mesh as close to the original Sanctuary as I possibly could so there should not be any major differences that are noticeable. I have finished most of the terrain inside the city minus a few reflective water pools on the ground. I started working on some basic lighting around the city and I have more or less created a night and day cycle which I plan to expand upon to make it more random and colorful.

I have started working on some basic outlines for other maps as well to go with this one for the DLC I am planning out. I am also creating a mission flow which may begin in a very familiar haven which you must flee from, only to end up on the long road to Sanctuary. Who knows what you might find on that road new loot, allies, bandits, maybe even a new raid boss?

I am still looking for anyone that might be interested in helping create this project. The most crucial element that is needed right now is someone with a passion for Borderlands lore and story writing, if you are interested in this please let me know, even if you don’t feel up to the task of writing an entire DLC story and only have a couple ideas you wish to share please throw them my way and I will add them to the idea box. If anyone has any other ideas that don’t have anything to do with the story don’t hold them back, I love to hear any ideas you might have.

Credits and thank you to HandsomeJackBoy for creating this video!

January 14, 2016 - Second Release

Well it has been a few months shy of a year since I last made a release of this project (where does the time go?) and I honestly don’t even remember what release 1 looks like. I figured it was time I throw up a new download link. There probably isn’t an overwhelming amount of new content compared to the last release, but you can find a list of some new things I have recently done below.

  • Walking should now be smooth everywhere compared to before when you would get stuck trying to walk up stairs or onto sidewalks. I think there are still a few odd spots with some doorways and what not that cause clipping issues. Please let me know below if you find any.

  • Materials! I have put a lot of time into a few new fancy materials on some monitors and mostly the headquarters table map.

  • I have started working on interiors and have so far finished Zeds, Crimson Raider HQ and now I am currently working on Marcus/Moxxis.

  • Customization machine. This machine is purely cosmetic it serves no purpose and probably wont serve any other purpose than the standard Borderlands 1 character customization screen. Sorry! No custom heads.

  • New updated loot containers these are not all being used in the map, but I have created them and they are ready to be placed. These so far include lockers, washing machines, Hyperion tall yellow lockers and the standard red chests.

  • Cleaned up package files by separating them into smaller packages. This means anyone who has downloaded previous versions of this project can delete the package “Dope_Sanctuary.upk” as it will no longer be used.

  • Day / Night cycle created.

  • New vending machine skins added.

Have fun and enjoy! Let me know your thoughts.

Download - 646MB - (Old version, see below for up to date download)

June 11, 2017 - Third Release

Long time since I have made an update to this project, but here is a new version with a bit more to see and do than in the previous versions. New screenshots at the bottom of the previous ones.

  • Added a bunch of new bloodshot enemies.

  • Started working on very early stages of missions.

  • Created a secondary map that overlaps Sanctuary.

  • This adds bandits and all their junk/buildings that go with it and creates a series of zones to fight through.

  • This secondary map can be disabled by stepping into the green light near where you originally spawn.

  • The red light also near where you spawn will re-enable the bandit portion of the map if they are disabled.

  • Planning to add all back streets and roof tops so Sanctuary is 100% explorable. (No invisible walls)

  • Started some environment work outside the city and I am undecided whether I should go with the snow and ice style or the dry arid theme before the flash freeze. What do you guys think? Let me know below.

Download - 745MB - (Current version)

(Shining Moonlight Nova) #2

Ooooooh, this is very nice. I am looking forward to what you can do with this

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #3

How!?! (Or does it involve “taboo” methods and you prefer to go with “no comment”)

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #4

Dude… nice work!

("I PUNCH HIM!") #5

You should make it so we have to fight dahls mercs to get the city for our own. (They could be re-skined atlas goons)

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #6

Story writing? Collab? Do I hear a Dopefiend calling out to a certain Mr_GJ here? I’m currently writing the missions story board for my TDW maps. I’ll be glad to extend a helping hand.

(Dopefiend) #7

@Stouty22 Oh man, that’s a sweet idea. I might even be able to use the Dahl mercs from the Pre-Sequel if I do enough digging around. Perhaps Hyperion attempts to work with Dahl to take out the four vault hunters once they escape New Haven and that is what brings on fighting for the city?

Edit: I’ve been doing a little reading and it looks like Bloodshots took over Sanctuary and Roland later kicked them out so it’s almost the same difference, I can import Bloodshot bandits and fight them to take the city instead. Just to keep the story in line with the original lore.

@Mr_GJ Awesome, any help will be appreciated. I plan to make a time line of missions and side missions of some sort where everything can be laid out and easily viewed and added to. I’ll keep you posted.

(Matrixneo42) #8

Well. A lot of people wanted to see the fall of new haven.

So you could start with that. Then you’d have the journey to sanctuary. And Sancutary was filled with bandits (the same ones who occupied the dam). So there’s another scene. Then you could have a series of hit & run missions on Jack’s stuff as he starts to build up and take over.

(Alucard) #9

I am not a skilled programmer, but I love testing stuff out so if a tester is needed, I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!

(Dopefiend) #10

I will be putting up a download for everyone once the main elements of the map are complete which should be fairly soon.

Here is a top down progress screenshot. Looks to be about half way done, maybe a little less considering the interiors of buildings are incomplete.

(Alucard) #11


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #12

Very cool! It’s great to see someone still doing this. I missed the heydey of the BL1 modding, so it’s cool to watch something progress rather than just looking through a bunch of dead projects.

(Dopefiend) #13

Currently plucking away at Moxxi’s bar.

(Jan S.) #14

This is badass! Also, have you ever thought about working for GBX? :smiley:

(Dopefiend) #15

It is my #1 dream job.

(Jan S.) #16

Have you contacted Randy? I’m sure you could do great stuff! :smiley:
On the other hand, more work in GBX, less work here…so…can you split yourself? :smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #17

Mine to. They could use people like us. I mean s6 managed so why shouldn’t we?

(Jan S.) #18

I believe both of you would be great help for borderlands 1 remaster, if theyre/will be working on it. I also wanted to try something with editor few years back, but I just don’t have a time for it.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #19

Don’t count on it though, I’ve been around since UDK was made available but GBX never so much as winked at me. (apart form s6 though but he’s a different story) Altough I do have my suspicions of them ripping my weapons/item ideas and stuffing them into BL2. I mean my Railgun functions a awful lot like the ones from BL2 and my Steelwood bears some remarkable similarities with the Rough Rider. Note that both of the items which I stated just now have been around long before BL2 saw the light of day. It would be a great start if me or Dope would get some attention from GBX by featuring us on their Facebook or Twitter, it would be a nice change of pace from the same fan art and cosplay 24/365. Not to discredit the makers of the fan art and cosplay, they do an amazing job. But its always the same stuff… Me and Dope offer new things and most importantly INTERACTIVE things for the entire BL community! Because we can only look at the cosplay and feel jealous, but our custom content is accessible for every BL player (granted that they play on the PC that is).

I can only hope that we could get some attention someday, seeing as me and Dope are probably the only “active and known” BL UDK-ers still doing things… Ahhh well…


Seems NolaFTW is still active as well, sorry that I didn’t mention you bro! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Dopefiend) #20

Thank you for the huge compliment. I truly do hope to get a job in game design sometime in life whether it be at Gearbox or somewhere else. I guess I will just keep up what I’m doing and see where things take me. I may eventually reach out to Randy, but for now I will continue with what I have planned for my current projects.