[WIP] Project Sanctuary - New release! Bloodshots!

Sucks, we all know what’s in Vaults and it ain’t weapons and quality loot.

For reals though kinda cool reusing an asset such as the Vault.

Time that I step in and show some of my work on this project (this is one of my “TDW” maps).

Take note that this is map is in a extremely RAW stage a.t.m. as this was just done in 1 day… Yes I’ve just began working on this map today, but I’ve drawn a sketch for my self in what kind of way I want it. If you get a “Skag Gully” feeling from it then you’d be correct as that is my major source of inspiration for this map. But as its name implies “Scrap…” it will be like a cross in between Skag Gully and junk.

The Scrapbelt


Ooh! Pretty :smile_cat:

so…is this dead?

I don’t think so. It takes a while to get from an idea to anything tangible that people will be interested in.

Plus with all the Holidays around now people will probably have most projects on Hiatus while they see distant family.

On the other side of that though, I have a computer that can now play Borderlands rather than being only on console so I’d like to see this finished.

@Mr_GJ @Dopefiend @SleepMaster do you use Unreal Engine for this?
If so do you have any tutorials or any hints and tips for someone whose just playing around with it?
Also what do you use to make your own assets?
And is there any tutorials?

I asked because both of them are working on something else now:

Didn’t know they’d moved onto something else, thought it was just about the wait. They’ll probably be back. Seems the Dust Wastes is going to feature the Scrapbelt though which bodes well for this, it may just become something for a larger project.

@tokesy97 If you need hooked up with 3d stuff if you get into game making with Unreal, im your man.

They probably are just taking a break. Sometimes its easier to work on two things at once.

To op and the people working on this, youre doing awesome. If i can make a suggestion, you should do even the littlest thing for The Badass guy with an eye patch Master of Mutations Supreme Overlord of the Borderlands Dr. Ted

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To clarify for all of you.

Some time ago me, Dopefiend, Sleepmaster and NolaFTW decided to start a 4-way collab. We were going to create the “unofficial” 5th DLC for this game. “Project Sanctuary / The Fall of New Haven” and “Project The Dust Wastes” were once the premises of this DLC. However due to communicational problems and such NolaFTW and Dopefiend left this collab and went their separate ways. Meaning that “Project Sanctuary / The Fall of New Haven” (Dope’s’ original DLC) was split from my original “Project The Dust Wastes” DLC.

What Dopefiend has planned when it comes to this project of his is unclear to me. All I know is that he’s busy with his Hyperion Apex Facility, jumping puzzles DLC.

However me and Sleepmaster decided to continue the “unofficial” 5th DLC joint venture. The 5th DLC will now contain my “The Dust Wastes” project and in the future custom maps built by Sleepmaster himself. Starting next week I’ll continue with uploading video’s for my YT channel (I’ve got a special LP series going on: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCIUJFHE-NAX3et0l_YLNlHGNevQnr5yQ) With the next few episodes containing a very serious discussion about me and Sleep’s’ 5th DLC program.


Okay, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d appreciate that. Been playing around and got a little bit done but would like to learn how to use it better.

Built my first tree in Blender but that took a few hours to get done so I’m hoping for a faster way.

If your interested in some of the models im making and what i can do for you, then here is a link to the thread. The thread is unlisted so i can work on it in silence, and show people it when im done.

I think there is an Add-on in blender that allows you to do that. I know this isnt the thread for it, but i think the add-on in somewhere under user preferences>addons and in the search bar search Sappling. It should be the one called Add Curve: Sappling.

Yeah that’s what I used since I can’t mold things very well myself on it.

I’m gradually getting better but I’m a long way off being able to build anything myself without just using addons or such to walk me through it.

?! What are you guys on about ?! XD

Oh, i was just telling i can make somewhat good 3d stuff if he needs it for stuff in unreal that he wants to do. Trying to help him in blender with a few tips.

Also if you need models for your borderlands mods, i can try to help you out. I’m not saying i’m that good, but i’m maybe a 7/10 with model makin’.

Dude, I was looking for someone like you! :smiley:

Here is list of things I would like your help on:

  • Eridian Weapons parts - some new parts for legendary eridian weapons. I ve made some models by using game models, but I would love to see something made from scratch, here are photos of my 3 Legendary Eridian Weapons:




  • Eridian Gear parts - That mean custom parts for shields, grenademods etc. You can see shield parts few posts above.

  • Eridian Chest - I would love to have model of Eridian Chest to drop Eridian Weapons.

  • Guardian Armor parts - I would like some armor parts to make Guardians look more badass.

Tell me if you would be able to do that :smile:

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Ill try. I may have a couple drawings for the eridian chest in an hour or two, and the model complete anywhere in between today and 3 days from now. Then i will work on the guardian armor once i finish the chest(s).

Thats great! :smiley: Btw may I ask how are you handling animations?

I am probably in between good and bad, i usually just do models, but i can learn it fairly quickly and get better at it.

Do you think you could Mirror animation? I need left hand slash attack animation to be right hand and I sadly cannot do it on 3ds max 2012.