[WIP] Project Sanctuary - New release! Bloodshots!

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Build, young squire. Build.

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@Mr_GJ I notice we seem to be online at opposite times usually. I’m off work by this time and off on weekends. Let me know whats up via steam.

@Stouty22 Apparently so. I never even thought of it until HandsomeJackBoy mentioned it to me, then it seemed so obvious.

@aavincam No programming required for unreal, but having the knowledge of how some basic logic works can definitely benefit you. If you ever find yourself creating content don’t be afraid to ask for help on the forums or even message me directly.

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Downloading now! For those of us who are something short of smart, how does one load this up?

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You should be able to follow this tutorial I made here, and then after merge this download with your borderlands files.

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I’m gonna build just need to save up 1 grand to get the parts though :wink:.

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You can build a good system for less than that these days. Especially if you shop around a big holiday.

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We’ll do, I actually talk about it in my 108th LP episode on a grand scale. When that comes out I also suggest that everyone watches it for it can (if you guys want it to) involve a larger community.

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Following the opening of the Vault and the destruction of the Crimson Lance, Sanctuary was soon overrun by a group of bandits known as the Bloodshot gang. Roland later forced them out of the city and claimed Sanctuary as the primary base of operations for the Crimson Raiders, a resistance force comprising of bandits and the remaining Crimson
Lance forces. Roland sent out distress signals to the remaining civilian population persuading them to reach Sanctuary before Hyperion killed them. He also ensured the safe arrival of people such as Dr. Zed, Marcus Kincaid and Patricia Tannis. It has since become the last bastion of safety from Handsome Jack and the Hyperion corporation. After yet another attack by Jack, the city was turned airborne and teleported to the Highlands by Lilith. The outer edge of the city is left behind at the mining ship’s berth, Sanctuary Hole.

You could make an un-official mini story dlc on how Roland claimed Sanctuary.

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DOWNLOADIIIIING! Muahahaw. So excited to wander around BL1 Sanctuary. I’ll also see if I can think of enemies or little things… idk. I hope so. ^^

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If anyone is interested in creating some missions for this project this is the template I am using, this is an example from an actual mission in Borderlands. (Stumbled upon this mission thinking it was an unused mission later finding out it was actually a mission I never knew about! How about that.)

This is a brief map of the DLC so you have some kind of idea what you can work with, I may also post a download link soon for an older map that I have been revisiting (spoiler first image below) to include in this DLC just to give you a better idea and hopefully spark some thoughts for side missions and all sorts of things.

Feel free to message on steam if you prefer that over posting on the forums.

Bandit Treasure: X Marks The Spot

Dead Bandit

Go to the Dahl Headland and recover the bandit treasure.

Stash found:

The ragged map in the strongbox marks a location in the Dahl Headland.
The bandit’s dying wish was that his treasure not fall into the hands of the Crimson Lance.
You feel duty-bound to grant the man’s final request by taking it for yourself.

You’ve discovered a strongbox like the one in Old Haven.
It opens using the same three keys. Inside are various personal mementos from the brothers’
childhood, which should fetch a decent price in New Haven. There is also a kick-ass gun.

Bandit Treasure: Part Two

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So me and Sleepmaster were talking a bit today and he brought up custom vehicles, I was intrigued by the idea so I looked into it and realized that vehicles are extremely customizable. That isn’t even the best part, we can create an unlimited amount of new vehicle TYPES and not have to overwrite the old ones. Who knows maybe we will have bandit technicals?

This is a side by side runner comparison with updated graphics from Borderlands 2 and just some custom colors I slapped on the runner.

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That would be much usable for our collab! :smiley:

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That is so beautiful!!! New colors… new vehicles?! So amazing.

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@Mr_GJ First off, brilliant nickname.

@Dopefiend I don’t know if you’ve both tried this or not but the Gearbox Software site is still showing the banner saying they are looking for people to hire.

I haven’t used any of your work and have only had a quick glimpse across. (Nothing personal, I’m console so I can’t use any of this)

But I think Gearbox would definately benefit from looking into hiring you two, imagine if you had all the assets available and not just the individual ones for games. Image what you could do with the scrapped scenes that they probably have backed up somewhere in case they decide to use them sometime.

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The both of us would love to come in with GBX. But I have a feeling that we need to be more capable of things before they will consider us. The games industry requires devout and talented individuals and in the common day they also would like to see diploma’s.

About the diploma thing, me, Dope, Nola and Sleep are planning to make a 4 way super DLC collab (basically merging this project with my “The Dust Wastes” project). By doing this I have a feeling that we could shake up the entire BL community and GBX alike. Also, I myself, will use this project as an addition to a portfolio that I’m building which I want to use to start an education in the “Game Architecture and Design” course given on a university I know.

And who knows? Maybe after that education I, like s6 in the past, will be able to infiltrate GBX! :smiley:

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Pretty much.

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@m0rla I’m glad you like it! I could create a personal skin for you if you wanted, there are 8 available skins to replace and I have used three so far.

@Tokesy97 Thank you for the compliment. :slight_smile: I have wanted to work at Gearbox since the release of the first Borderlands and would jump at the opportunity if it appeared, but for now I think I will continue with my current projects and continue to create a stronger portfolio. I may also go back to playing with Unreal 4 again to become familiar with the new engine since that is going to be mandatory in game development going forwards.

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Will you be taking requests on those at a later time?

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Feel free to send me ideas and I will see what I can do. :slight_smile: