[WIP] Project Sanctuary - New release! Bloodshots!

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #61

In that case I'd like a Lancer/Monster inspired vehicle.
Details as follows:

  • 4 seats, driver, shotgun (passenger), left gunner, right gunner
  • Right gunner fire a semi small shrapnel cannon (lots of low damage pellets mostly, not very accurate) that can rotate on the right side so it can look forward or backward but cannot aim left
  • Left gunner fires missile launcher, missile don't home in, burst like a burst fire spread rocket launcher (clusters of 3 and a spread firing pattern)
  • Passenger uses their own weapons (but free ammo?)
  • Driver's weapon is the same as on a Monster

(Dopefiend) #62

Whoa, I haven't gotten that far yet, but I will definitely be looking into different weapon types eventually. I thought you meant skins haha.


Cough Cough Dr. Zed theme skin Cough

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #64

If we do that, we also need a skin with Lilith in a bikini on the hood like the one Bandit Technical skin in BL2.

(Dopefiend) #65

Well today I spent the entire afternoon attempting to load custom Scaleform GFx so we could create custom interfaces for new vendor shops or new methods of fast travel interfaces, but it looks like GFx movies are somewhat hard coded. When you go to make an instance of the imported GFx it gives you a list of premade selections RegistrationStationGFxMovie, VendingMachineGFxMovie, etc... If anyone has any input or has meddled in this type of thing before and cares to share their thoughts please do.

On a positive note I realized vending machines can be customized with what they sell, time to fill them up with custom loot. Now if we could create a custom currency as to how eridium/moonstone works we could open many different doors of opportunity, this is also something I have attempted before with no positive outcome.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me hear em.

(First-Sword of the Moderators) #66

Find the scripting that identifies money, find where it is defined and create a new one by copying and renaming, perhaps just money 1 for the time being.

From that it's then just rename it right? If it was something simple like VB.Net it would just be.

Dim Money as Integer (The standard one already implemented)
Dim Money2 as Integer (Your new one)

When you load the character from scratch it would be

Sub New_Character (the new character sub)
Money = 0
Money2 = 0
Health = x (whatever it is)

But I know Unreal Engine is a lot different, I haven't got a machine that can run it or I'd see what I could figure from trial and error. Maybe see if you can scavenge any code from Borderlands 2 or TPS to see how they got the Eridium/Moonstones in?

(Dopefiend) #67

Find the scripting that identifies money, find where it is defined and
create a new one by copying and renaming, perhaps just money 1 for the
time being.

You just described my exact process of how I work when I'm trying to replicate something as my own.

It was a few months since I have attempted creating a new currency and I do believe I took the same steps as noted above, but maybe I just have to take a second harder look at their system. I also want to think it had something to do with the game not wanting to keep unrecognized variables in the character save files, but that may be compeltely wrong.

As for Borderlands 2/TPS those games have been stripped of their editor abilities so we will not be seeing any engine mechanics from them unfortunately.

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #68

Blame the asshats that made save file wiping grenades with the SDK...

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #69

@ACNAero Blamed

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #70

I did so in the past as well, but I never really got it down. Up to a certain point I did but then the game always rejected most of it. In the worst case scenario we can always build a side-quest around it much like you did with the tickets.

(First-Sword of the Moderators) #71

Wouldn't you be able to decompile a copy of Borderlands 2 or TPS and load it up in Unreal Engine 3 (it's free now so if you don't have it you might as well get it) then see what the coding is behind all of the visual based stuff.
Alternatively the Unreal engine forums might be able to enlighten you on how to create a brand nw currency and you might be able to progress from there.

(Dopefiend) #72

Almost completely custom vending machines, note all the ammo in the weapon machine which means we can throw our own custom items into any vending machine. The only thing missing is custom backgrounds of the interface which is not and will not be possible for the foreseeable future, sad times for my Moxxi vending machine.

(Dopefiend) #73

Well after banging my head against the keyboard for two days and about seventy or more game crashes later I have finally figured it out. I have created a completely new vehicle type with the model of a bandit technical and it even drives! Things are still a bit wonky from what you can see in the picture, but the hard part is over and I can start the awesome stuff now.

(Jan S.) #74

Now I completely understand why is someone saying that GBX haven't released SDK for BL2 because they we're worried that somebody could make better content for free.
Also...wait...you haven't started with the awesome stuff yet? smiley

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #75

Just out of curiosity why don't you use Steam for storing pics?


(Dopefiend) #76

@JohnS_CZ Haha, maybe! What I meant by awesome stuff is that I can now focus on creating weapons/skins and abilities for the vehicle.

@P_Anarchist I upload all my in game screen captures to steam, but when I have to take images in the editor I find it easier to throw it up on imgur so I got in the habit of that.

(Sleep Master) #77

I really love them, awesome work Dopefiend smile

(The Authoritarian Animator) #78

Wow last time I checked this post you were just making the template for Sanctuary smiley. I am amazed on how far this has advanced and can't wait for the final project!

(Dopefiend) #79

Just to let everyone know I am still alive here is an extremely early snap shot of Terminal 14.

(Angry Crux Azure Unit) #80

Planning on more custom vehicles or are those on pause for now?