[WIP] Project Sanctuary - New release! Bloodshots!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #121

I’ll just go a head and say that we’d like you to design just 1 for now. 1 which will be a subclass of a regular red chest. Me and Sleep will discuss in which direction we’ll push this concept.

(Dopefiend) #122

Been doing work on some interiors.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #123

Small nitpicky thing, but I’m fairly sure there’s another Dr. Zed vendor in his building, not an ammo dump. Unless that was just a decision you made and decided to go with.

(Dopefiend) #124

Yeah there is another one across from it which got cut out in the picture and when all is done they will be health machines as well.

(Sleep Master) #125

Funny it feels like playing Borderlands 2 while being in Borderlands :smiley:

(Dopefiend) #126

Finished the headquarters and now moving onto Moxxis.

Lots of lighting…


(Mwdathos) #127

Stellar work!

(barnes3) #128

yep really like the vault door ,may use it on my map (if that’s ok)

(Legendary Punzerker) #129

This is looking awesome! Passing on an update to the team!

(Dopefiend) #130

Awesome, thank you! Let me know what they think. :smiley:

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I have added a new download link to the original post.

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DF, not downloaded yet but those shots look great

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #133

You prob’s already know about some of these but I’ll just point them out either way:

Clipping issues (BRICK):

Needs solidifying:

(The boxes)
(The control spire in general)
(The roads, newbies tend to off themselves here…)
(The doorway)

Texture distancing:

(Is this one supposed to be flipped?)


(Mayhap tone it down just a tat)

Walking issues:

Wish I could do some press-ups here:

(JK bro… ;))

Despite the insane first load time I gotta say it looks very neat. I’d have to compare it to the BL2 version to see if it really matches up but in any case, so far, its a job well done!

(Dopefiend) #134

Thanks for pointing those spots out I’ll get those fixed up right away. As for the flipped sign I believe that is how it actually is in the original map. Man lighting is a pain in the ass with these ripped models sometimes, some of them really don’t accept lighting properly without silly workarounds.

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New download link and screenshots have been added.

(Stay frosty.....) #136

Just came across this randomly and had to say WOW!
It bows me away when I see people create things like this.
Awesome stuff man.

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #137

Haha, sweet. I’ll play through this and see if I can provide you with some good feedback. GG bruv.

As for the setting, if you want ease of dev. time and keep things in scope perhaps. I’d go with Ice/snow.
If you want to go crazy and make “what ifs.” Go with Arid.


Okay, just went through the place. Now excuse the long list of feedback, note that I am fully aware that all this is under heavy development and you will have things planned so don’t feel offended, etc. when I start pointing out flaws/improvement points. I tried toning my feedback down as much as possible or else we’d still be here tomorrow. So what follows are things I think need addressing asap or are some pointers/suggestions. You can NEVER start playtesting and receiving feedback early enough in game development so here I am. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So for the feedback, first things first. Collisions, I know all too well having imported meshes from BL2 can be a bugger when it comes to that *cough* Still haven't addressed that issue with Heaven's Crown. *cough* But here are some nasties I ran into which need some smooth-barring or something to fix it:

Gate next to the Travel Station. All around that part you see there, mostly floor, is pretty easy to get stuck on something invisible, pretty annoying as it breaks flow.

Inside the Travel Station were these piles, I could also get stuck on them. Tbf I got stuck on a load of these trash-piles, might wanna look into that.

The above stated applies to picture no. 3 as well.

Moving on swiftly to level design and things that will bug players:

In the main area these benches dotter the centre, Ai would get stuck on them and they were a general pain in the rear to have to navigate around while in a full on gunfight, to make the play experience better in this area (and smoother) I suggest removing these. None is gonna miss a bench or 2. :wink:

I have no idea what purpose this shack serves, all it seems to do is be inaccessible and cut out a chuck of the Travel Station, pretty weird imo. Then again you might have plans with this, if so, just ignore this part.

This spawn point next to the exit from Moxxies place is kind of a bitch. While I was fighting the bandits in the streets I continuously found myself being back stabbed from psycho’s who spawned about 3 feet away from me. This is player punishment for no reason and is a bad thing to have happen in your levels. I suggest removing this so the player doesn’t get back stabbed and can focus on the fight in front, which is deadly enough on its own.

A note on the central area where the baddies spawn. Behind the Sanctuary pillar there is this gate (previously mentioned as a collision issue). Due to the segregation it causes and the massive hostile force in the main area I as a player never truly felt going into the middle part and getting stuck in. Kind of a waste of battle area as I just stuck behind this fence. Perhaps balancing the enemy force here a bit or spreading them around a little would allow players to make full use of the area. Clever placement of cover, etc. will also work.

Now to player guidance. I can clearly see you’d like to introduce height differences in the map, this is evident with the little blockade in front of Moxxi and the part where you have to go over the roofs to get to Rolands and the gangs’ crib. However I suggest marking the points of climb.

What I mean with this is that the points where the player has to scale things you’d do best by subtly, but clearly marking the places where players should start this climb. Take note from how Assassins Creed used subtly placed White Cloth to mark points of interest where players could blast off into an amazing parkour experience. Or how Mirrors Edge used different colours to mark obstacles or ledges, etc. Due to the fact the main colour palette in your Sanctuary is Beige-ish and sorta bland looking its hard to deduce where I have to go or what I have to do to proceed.

Another great example in Borderlands itself and how GBX tackled things by simply placing “This-a-way” jiggies, etc. to blatantly show the player where to go, but because of the theme and setting of Borderlands this never felt out of place and players wouldn’t get the incentive that they are being taken around by the hand. For the more veteran players like myself finding their way around places like your Sanctuary isn’t that much of a big deal. But you’d be surprised by the amount of stupid players that just don’t get it. Best be safe then sorry.

Considering the fact that you are taking it a step higher I really wish that you’d expand on the playable area Sanctuary has to offer:

You prob’s already planned this, but I might as well point it out again as its a huge opportunity to show things and do things with Sanctuary to really make it feel different from what GBX did.

As for other things I noticed that enemies spawn through the wall next to this door, instead of using the door. XD

On another note, check out what I found!

Overall I’d have to say that you did a great job here, and should you require more extensive playtesting/feedback you’ll know where to find me! :smiley:

(robbob1866) #138

Sorry for being stupid, but I’m new to this forum; where is the download and are there instructions for it? Joltzdude139 sent me, Thanks!

(Dopefiend) #139

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be look into these. I don’t know why I didn’t think of removing all the benches I may go ahead with that idea. That one shack in the back alley is for a turret to sit on top of; I’m going to block off the doorway to it to avoid confusion or getting stuck in.

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No need to be sorry! Here is the download link to the demo.

Download - 745MB - (Current version)

And here is a link to getting started with custom content. Feel free to reach out of you need any further assistance.