[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!


Hey, hey, HEY! It’s your local goon TCD here! What’s good my fellow vault hunters?

Within this forum post you’ll be able to keep track of our work on the (unofficial) 5th DLC that me and my friends @Sleepmaster, @ugyuu and @RedxYeti are developing. Please leave anything 5th DLC related on this topic so me and Sleep can review and answer it properly, thanks!

The Narthex, Playtest (version 0.1)

The Narthex, public pre-alpha playtest is live, and your help is needed!

Want to give the development a hand? Want to try out a cool PvP map to beat your buddies on? Then look no further cuz we have something for you!

You’d do me and Sleepmaster a great solid if you’d help test a map for us and leave feedback on a playtest feedback sheet I’ve setup. This will allow me to make various revisions on the map to iron out the kinks and make the whole experience better and better. The newer versions will be updated for you to download and playtest as well. All the way up to a point where I feel confident I can take the map to the polishing state.

The Narthex download & installation instructions: Narthex Playtest v0.1.rar - Google Drive

The Narthex feedback form: https://forms.gle/iEeZMkKbdec29K9P6

Please make sure to fill in the form as best you can so I can get to work on improving the map based off your feedback. Also feel free to leave any thoughts you may have on this thread or on the special channel we have for the map on our Discord: Borderlands: Community Hangout

Thanks for the help!


5th DLC Features:

  1. Main & side quests.
  2. New custom weapons/items
  3. New enemies
  4. New bosses and mini-bosses
  5. New raid-boss
  6. A wholly new environment to explore (with the appropriate abundance of new maps)
  7. New friendlies to meet

5th DLC Maps:

  1. Scrapbelt - Current Version: 2.2
  2. Black Gold Junction - Entered Polish Stage
  3. Rig D-13 - Pre-Production
  4. Oil Tubes - North Bank - Entered Polish Stage
    4.5 Oil Tubes - South Bank - Entered Polish Stage
  5. Deep Cathedral - Current Version: 2.0
  6. The Dust Wastes - Concepting
  7. Red Sand Dome - Whitebox Version Ready
    7.5 The Narthex - Whitebox Version Ready - Public Playtest v0.1
  8. Bedrock Plateau - Concepting

Bonus Map(s):

  1. Heaven’s Crown - Current version: 1.5

Video’s about the 5th DLC:


The Dust Wastes Custom DLC Coming To Borderlands PC! (New Raid Bosses, NPCs, Maps, Gear, Enemies) - YouTube
Borderlands | "The Deep Cathedral" Custom 5th DLC Map Showcase | "The Dust Wastes" DLC - YouTube
Borderlands: *The Deep Cathedral* Custom Map Showcase! Unofficial 5th DLC Sneak Preview! - YouTube

















Deep Cathedral

Deep Cathedral:

Oil Tubes North Bank

Oil Tubes North Bank:

Heaven's Crown

Heaven’s Crown:

Red Sand Dome

Red Sand Dome:

The Narthex

The Narthex:

Oil Tubes South Bank

Oil Tubes South Bank:

Black Gold Junction

Black Gold Junction:

We hope we sparked great interest in you all with this, and we hope we can deliver! See you around! – Tha Campin’ Dutchman (Mr_GJ) and Sleepmaster

Contact details:

YouTube channel = Tha Campin’ Dutchman
Steam ID = Tha Campin’ Dutchman
E-mail = mrgrimmjowjaegerjaquez@gmail.com


I look forward to seeing this develop. The desert/arid themed maps are my favorite, it is a shame there has only been The Dust since the original game.

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Oh man. So existed. Can’t wait Grimjow. You and Dopefiend are on the spotlight!


Thanks bro!

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I will do my friend. And I agree with the “Arid” thing as well. I love that part about BL.

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just replying so i get to keep up with this :smile:

Time that I step in and show some of my work on this project (this is one of my “TDW” maps).

Take note that this is map is in a extremely RAW stage a.t.m. as this was just done in 1 day… Yes I’ve just began working on this map today, but I’ve drawn a sketch for my self in what kind of way I want it. If you get a “Skag Gully” feeling from it then you’d be correct as that is my major source of inspiration for this map. But as its name implies “Scrap…” it will be like a cross in between Skag Gully and junk.

The Scrapbelt


looking good :slight_smile:


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Looks pretty sick so far. Keep up the good work :wink:


Thanks, look forward to our “5th DLC” Collab. Which will tell the story of the Fall of New Haven and the liberation of Sanctuary. (all cannon)

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Why does this have the same title as my thread?

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Notice the distinct The Dust Wastes between dem brackets. And I also explain that the TDW is part of our DLC which is the “Fall of New Haven,” so it should make sense.


New pictures! Check out that progress baby! XD

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Hey, you think you could use some side quest ideas? I’ve had something on my mind recently. If you’d like, I could PM or e-mail you the whole thing. In case you’re still not convinced, one of the mission arcs has treasure hunting, time travel and Young Mr. Torgue “High-five” Flexington. Best of luck with the DLC!

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Treasure hunting = approved.
Time travel = declined.
Mr. Torgue = declined.

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Well, shoot. Gonna have to change it up then. I’ll give a shout later.

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Do note that we are far off from actually implementing side-quests. Its one of the last things we’ll add.

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Loving what you’ve done so far… Great premise for a DLC :acmaffirmative:


Thanks man, I’m currently in the detailing stage which will be followed up by post-sfx scripting and hostile scripting and I’d say it would be a wrap for The Scrapbelt. After which I’ll move on to the Deep Cathedral.


I’d figure I’d leave all of you the pictures of my current progression before I have to send my laptop to ASUS for repairs. The new pic’s show the current status of The Scrapbelt! (some pictures are unlit as the lightning is still placeholder)

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good man :smiley: