[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #1


Hey, hey, HEY! It’s your local goon Mr G-to-da-J here! What’s good my fellow vault hunters?

Within this forum post you’ll be able to keep track of our work on the (unofficial) 5th DLC that me and my buddy @Sleepmaster are developing. Please leave anything 5th DLC related on this topic so me and Sleep can review and answer it properly, thanks!


5th DLC Features:

  1. A new storyline.
  2. New custom weapons/items.
  3. New side-quests.
  4. New enemies.
  5. New bosses and mini-bosses.
  6. 2 new raid-bosses.
  7. A wholly new environment to explore (with the appropriate abundance of new maps).
  8. New friendlies to meet.

5th DLC Maps:

  1. Scrapbelt - Current version: 2.2
  2. Black Gold Junction - Concepting
  3. Rig D-13 - Concepting
  4. Oil Tubes - North Bank - Whitebox stage done
    4.5 Oil Tubes - South Bank - Blockout stage started
  5. Deep Cathedral - Current version: 2.0
  6. The Dust Wastes - Concepting
  7. Red Sand Dome - Whitebox stage done
    7.5 The Narthex - Blockout version 0.1 done (prepping for public playtest)

Bonus Map(s):

  1. Heaven’s Crown - Current version: 1.5

Video’s about the 5th DLC:



















Deep Cathedral

Deep Cathedral:

Oil Tubes

Oil Tubes:

Heaven's Crown

Heaven’s Crown:

Red Sand Dome

Red Sand Dome:

The Narthex

The Narthex:

We hope we sparked great interest in you all with this, and we hope we can deliver! See you around! – Mr GJ and Sleepmaster

Contact details:

YouTube channel = Tha Campin’ Dutchman
Steam ID = Tha Campin’ Dutchman
E-mail = mrgrimmjowjaegerjaquez@gmail.com

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(Dopefiend) #2

I look forward to seeing this develop. The desert/arid themed maps are my favorite, it is a shame there has only been The Dust since the original game.

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(Ryoushinteki) #3

Oh man. So existed. Can’t wait Grimjow. You and Dopefiend are on the spotlight!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #4

Thanks bro!

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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #5

I will do my friend. And I agree with the “Arid” thing as well. I love that part about BL.

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(haha - nailed it!) #6

just replying so i get to keep up with this :smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #7

Time that I step in and show some of my work on this project (this is one of my “TDW” maps).

Take note that this is map is in a extremely RAW stage a.t.m. as this was just done in 1 day… Yes I’ve just began working on this map today, but I’ve drawn a sketch for my self in what kind of way I want it. If you get a “Skag Gully” feeling from it then you’d be correct as that is my major source of inspiration for this map. But as its name implies “Scrap…” it will be like a cross in between Skag Gully and junk.

The Scrapbelt

(haha - nailed it!) #8

looking good :slight_smile:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #9


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(Joltzdude139) #10

Looks pretty sick so far. Keep up the good work :wink:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #11

Thanks, look forward to our “5th DLC” Collab. Which will tell the story of the Fall of New Haven and the liberation of Sanctuary. (all cannon)

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(Dopefiend) #12

Why does this have the same title as my thread?

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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #13

Notice the distinct The Dust Wastes between dem brackets. And I also explain that the TDW is part of our DLC which is the “Fall of New Haven,” so it should make sense.


New pictures! Check out that progress baby! XD

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(Some say sic sense) #14

Hey, you think you could use some side quest ideas? I’ve had something on my mind recently. If you’d like, I could PM or e-mail you the whole thing. In case you’re still not convinced, one of the mission arcs has treasure hunting, time travel and Young Mr. Torgue “High-five” Flexington. Best of luck with the DLC!

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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #15


Treasure hunting = approved.
Time travel = declined.
Mr. Torgue = declined.

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(Some say sic sense) #16

Well, shoot. Gonna have to change it up then. I’ll give a shout later.

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(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #17

Do note that we are far off from actually implementing side-quests. Its one of the last things we’ll add.

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((GIT)r-man) #18

Loving what you’ve done so far… Great premise for a DLC :acmaffirmative:

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #19

Thanks man, I’m currently in the detailing stage which will be followed up by post-sfx scripting and hostile scripting and I’d say it would be a wrap for The Scrapbelt. After which I’ll move on to the Deep Cathedral.


I’d figure I’d leave all of you the pictures of my current progression before I have to send my laptop to ASUS for repairs. The new pic’s show the current status of The Scrapbelt! (some pictures are unlit as the lightning is still placeholder)

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(MeetBrotherGood) #20

good man :smiley: