[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!

Sleepmaster took some time off from his NPC work to focus on some loot overhauls the DLC will contain.

Ok I can’t wait for the dl
c to come out

Uploaded new progression images on the Oil Tubes and Red Sand Dome. I should’ve done this earlier but I was too lazy. Anyway the North Bank of the OT is now fully whiteboxed. Took the liberty of starting a bit of the detailing just to set the tone for the rest of the map. I realise its hard to look at the images as there is no real point of reference to truly see depth in the clusterbomb of rocky formations the map is in its current state.

Anyway with the whitebox of that map being done I’ve moved to the Red Sand Dome and started that maps’ blockout. Seeing as I’ll need to use a lot of Brushing it’s imperative that I start of using simple meshes to sort of showcase the actual shape of the structures before I start with the geometry, as geometry has the nasty tendency of being quite the nasty pucker to clean up in UE3 if you make mistakes, etc.

The map itself is wholly devised out of human structures (Its an Oil Refinery complex) and thus will feature lots of geometric shapes. Once the blockout/whitebox of said map is on a sufficient level I’ll move to the Underbelly which is the PvP arena underneath this map.


I know it’s been a slight while, but I finally got around to making some progression images of RSD. Progress is kinda meh considering I’m working on a game for the Nintendo Switch atm (Can’t say more than that cuz NDA) and my time outside of working on that game is kinda meh as well. So working on RSD is kinda minimal. But regardless I still am doing my best out there!


Progress is slow but steady. Me and Sleepmaster are working hard irl and don’t have a lot of time to spend on the 5th DLC. However with this Christmas break going on we found a lot of time to work on the 5th and boy did we make progress. Won’t be long until the Whitebox of RSD is ready and I can move to a new map. Check out the new images. :smiley:


Another new batch of progression images for you guys to digest. The Whitebox for RSD is now done and I’m moving to the next map. I did some testing with Sleepmaster and got some preliminary playtest data that I will implement once I get to further developing this map.


Some new progress was posted on one of the maps. Enjoy. She’ll go into a public test soon as it’s a PvP map, and I need playtest data for that. Stay tuned!


knock knock knock
Is this thing on? ok.

Has been a while, hows the progress of the DLC so far? Just curious :slight_smile:

I mean the title of the post says it all. New stuff posted so go check it.

Overall not as fast as we’d hoped. A lot of irl stuff keeps getting in the way. Sleep got his job as a programmer and I got my job as a games designer.


Uploaded even newer images of the Narthex. We’re on the cusp of the public playtest. All that’s left is for me and @SleepMaster to have a quick behind-the-scenes playtest to see if she works and then we’re pretty much gucchi. Stay tuned!

I’d love it if my overseas GBX level designer colleagues, etc. would also take some time too look at this and give me their thoughts if she’s out… Èh, one can hope…


For the lulz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70dG7IDzRFY&feature=youtu.be

Also the Narthex will be up soon. Kinda delayed it a bit cuz I’ve been too busy with life and stuff. Should be later this week.


Shameless bump

Note that, The Narthex public playtest, is now open!

Go get you that good stuff and help ya boi’s out by providing some playtest feedback!

The Narthex download & installation instructions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FG2QDphaD9YKBalqwmIdgGH7uoEWueuU

The Narthex feedback form: https://forms.gle/iEeZMkKbdec29K9P6


Note that the public version will go through multiple versions as I get feedback to improve upon. I’ll make sure to communicate these changes here so you can get your fix of a newer version of both the map and Feedback Form.

Also note that this is a PvP map. You’ll NEED at least 2 people to make it work and play it properly.

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Hey guys! Was dead for a few years and just returned, is this now open beta? What should I know about before trying it? Also, if I recall correctly, there used to be a Dust Wastes download with weapon and gear .upk and I could farm for those mod items while having a mod shield equipped? (Not talking about Sleepmasters bandit shield and weapons) What state is that in? The only save I currently have left on my laptop has some of those items in his inventory so I guess I need the .upk to load the save at the very least?

Just the one map is in open alpha. But as you can see it’s a PvP map, so you’ll have to bring friends along. And if you do play it with friends, be so kind as to fill in your thoughts in the included feedback form. Allows me to iterate on the map going forward using the gathered feedback.

As for the Arsenal, as always: The Arsenal - Latest Revision: 04/05/2019

So that Dust Wastes gear and the shield which I saw was present in my save which also successfully loaded, is now the Arsenal?
As far as I remember there was no Arsenal back when I was playing BL1 last time

The Arsenal has always been “The Arsenal.” I think you’re mistaken and confusing it with another alias it goes by “TDW - The Dust Wastes.” Which is more of a project name rather than a public name.

As for “the shield,” considering you’ve not been around much I think you’re referring to the GJ Shield? Yeah, that’s long, long, looooooooooong gone. For years now it has been replaced by a much more efficient vial system, you have some updating to do :blush:. Please refer to the link I posted above for more information.

Yeah my mistake, and thanks. I gave the vials a try, the GJ vial seems to do nothing when clicked on, then if I try to use it again it says I cant use it at this time, if I exit and re enter inventory I can re"use", still no indication that it worked neither does the vial go away, also apparently I cant use your vial and then the LegX Ordnance vial together but thats not a biggie. Thanks again for the link! PS does your vial make enemies explode into fireworks and cheering sounds or is that the NOLAftw set based loot starter item grenade mod?
Edit: I just found an Omega Centauri shield at level 8, your vial is working. Thanks again!

Just clicking a vial once is good enough to make it work. Clicking it multiple times will prompt it to say that you can’t. It’s to prevent people from spamclicking as basically you don’t have 1 vial, but rather about a 100 “stacked” ontop of each other. Making it appear nothing happened when you click it. You can check this quantity setting in WillowTree and adjust it yourself if you so wish. Although I recommend not going above the 100 mark due to loadtimes.

As for clashing with LegX, that shouldn’t be an issue as both mods operate wholly individually. But as his vial is a repurposed copy of the vial system I created, it has the same “multi-click” prevention in it. It basically needs 2 in-game seconds to pass to be used again. But seeing as in singleplayer, when you go into your inventory game-time stops. The multi-click prevention stays active.

And no when you are using my vial system, enemies don’t explode in confetti and cheer.

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Strangely unable to edit the main post of the topic anymore. Guess the whole forum update screwed with things… Great… :unamused:

Regardless. Here are some update images of the blockout map I’m working on atm, Oil Tubes South Bank:

Map is about the size of the Trashcoast. Once cleaned up and put through the iterative whitebox cycle it should be maybe slightly smaller, we’ll see.


Me Likee :+1:

You’re the second person I’ve heard this from. I’ll look into it for you. Meanwhile, if you need any specific updates/changes made, send them to me in a PM.

do you have any plans to make any new special weapons only attainable in your DLC like shops/boss drops separated from the arsenal, if you do that will be so cool

Sleepmaster is working on those, my focus is on the maps and map systems.


Okay I know it is a bit overdue. But I was hit with some documentational work that took about 2 weeks. But since halfway last week I got back to working on the greybox of OTSB, and I went flying. Like, serious work got put in. And I guess the map is now in it’s first greybox version and ready for detailing? Wew, Imo the map equals Heavens Crown in beauty and is by far the most elaborate map I’ve made to date. Very proud of the way she turned out.

I’ll have images from her up later because I’ll still be tweaking things here and there, cuz I’m a perfectionist like that. As for what’s next from me for the 5th DLC. I’ll be working on Black Gold Junction (BGJ), the hub-town of the DLC. I’ll have to do some serious prototyping and research if I wish to make a decent hub-town. So it’ll be a while before I actually get down and dirty with development of it. I estimate research/concepting/sketching will take about 2 weeks-ish, before I can start making blockouts of it.

Also hopefully later this week I’ll have a cool video up on my YT channel (yes Ik. TCD? Video? Who dis?). Just gotta grab me some background footage first. And hopefully HJB will aid me with that like what he promised.


I know it’s a bit late with the whole images uploading of OTSB. But they are up. I’ve been too busy with working on Black Gold Junction. So I kinda forgot about uploading the images. My bad.

I do apologise for the images and lack of orientation. I understand that it can be pretty hard to read these images and knowing what’s going on. But that’s just what happens in Greyboxed underground levels like this. Nothing I can do about that. For those worried about possible performance issues. Not to worry. I don’t design these levels all whillynilly. There is proper level design going into these. As I make ample use of ‘Line of Sight’ breaking. Allowing me to “compartmentalise” the map in sectors. Which in turn allows me to work with a system I made that basically only renders parts of the map players can actually 100% see & interact with, and hides all the rest.


Got the images of the blockout of Black Gold Junction up. BGJ is the HUB town of the DLC, meaning you’ll spend a lot of time here. I’ve moved to the white/greybox effort on said map. The town itself is somewhere around the size of Tartarus Station but will have a more New Haven-esque aesthetic in it’s final version.


And there you go. The HUB town of the DLC, Black Gold Junction, fully white/greyboxed. T’was a doozie to make. Some might recognise the big monolith. That’s the monolith that separates The Scrapbelt from Black Gold Junction. So now you know their position in the worldspace. Speaking of TSB… I’ll have to give her another cosmetical makeover to have her be more in line with the stylisation I’ve got going for BGJ, seeing as they are both located on the same geographical fault in the worldspace of the DLC. However I’ll do that once I get to the polish phase of all the maps.

Anyway, you’ll spend a great amount of time in this map of the DLC and it’s also the landing map for when you first enter the DLC.

The map is now in it’s playtesting phase. Seeing if everything has turned out good and all my design decisions are solid.



Due to a shift in priorities. My current priority is the polishing of the map of Black Gold Junction, instead of moving on to the next map (Rig D-13) and blocking out > white/greyboxing it.

I hope to have it done, at least for the most part, in the next 5 weeks. As the DLC has now become part of my grad project, I got the advice of my supervisor to go off the beaten path (pre-production > blockout > white/greybox > repeat until all maps are white/greyboxed) to give BGJ a proper polish phase instead. Showcasing my vision for the project and my prowess as a level designer/environmental artist to end this 4th year with. Which can go onto my portfolio (and hopefully get a me ticket into GBX themselves).

So yeah, that explains my sudden diversion from the regular where I stop at the white/greybox stage and move onto the next map before polishing stuff. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE IS HEAVILY SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS I DO MY POLISHPHASE IN PASSES.

You might get a Fyrestone vibe from those town outskirts section.

This is consciously done. Per my designs & concepting, I really liked the idea of a lot of towns on Pandora being connected through this bus network that spans the planet. Plus, that red building you see in Fyrestone is literally designated as “Bus stop” in the gamefiles. So going with that, I used 2 major visual components that made the Fyrestone entry section; being said busstation and the edge defining stuck-in-ground tires. Of course, as you can see I did put my own twist on them, heavily so in fact. So it has the takes from them, but are their own thing in the end.

So far I’ve “finished” the polishing of the town outskirts section, leading all the way down the elevator you can see in the images. I’ve started working on the detailing of the town. For now, mostly consisting of me placing various meshes and all that in ways to “plant” ideas for myself to extrapolate on later. Creating interesting compositions and colour combinations. The images of course don’t display me experimenting with colour compositions and the like, but trust me that I’ve already done a lot in the town already that isn’t apparent from the images posted.

Oh yeah, I know I’m using the “T-Bone” sign. But that’s just placeholder to what I eventually hope to be a sign, custom created for our DLC saying “Black Gold Junction” at some point. Gotta find someone that can make such a thing for us.

Anyway, welcome to the sh*thole that is mine and @SleepMaster’s DLC.


Wonderful, I love both how the map is looking and the story context you gave it!

It’s quite realistic actually: spaceports probably lie next to hopper/bus deposits, which then sort newcomers based on their destination. At least that’s likely how it was meant to work, before Dahl left.

I’ve done a lot of worldbuilding narrative behind the maps I’ve made. I’ll elaborate on that at a later stage during development.

But pretty much everything you see in the maps I’ve made has a reason it is there or looks the way it does. From the rock formations to the trashdumps, to the pipelines, to the caverns, to the settlers, location on Pandora, relevance to the history/infrastructure of Pandora before it’s complete collapse, etc.

There is more to it than meets the eye. It’s map development 101 in making believable designs and having it facilitate believable environmental art.

“Believable” of course, in the context of the gameworld.


Uploaded more images!

To capture the fact it’s a desert-town. I really went all out with the tarps and airvents. As you can see, I do make a big deal of having full accessibility of the town. So all the rooftops will be easily accessible and fully scalable, with rewards for those who explore. The town has various districts that will have unique looks allotted to them, so you always know where you are in the town.

And yes, that’s a shooting range in the back of Marcus’ shop.

I’ve unfortunately had to cut back on my time in the engine. As I’m in the process of finalising my portfolio & CV in the hopes of soon finding a job in the games industry puppy eyes at pappa GBX. Progress is being made however, just not as quick as in the past year. Developing and finalising a HUB town isn’t an easy job in your spare time… I can relate to GBX having to go through so many iterations with Sanctuary III in BL3 (at least that’s what I’ve heard) as I’m experiencing the same right now with this map.


Random announcement. But I’m happy to say that I’m starting a General Designer position at 34BigThings (Makers of Redout) on December the 1st. I’m not sure what this will do for my schedule or how it will impact me working on the 5th DLC. I will, ofc, start working remotely (damn you coof). But yeah, we’ll see how it goes. I do think I’ll have enough time still for the 5th.

Speaking of the 5th. For those who are in our Discord, check out what Sleepmaster has been working on in #5th_dlc_chat. As for me, I’m chugging along with creating the building-internals of Black Gold Junction still.