[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!

The progress on The Scrapbelt is going real smooth. I’ve landed in the post process area (scripting and shit). The map is gaining a massive atmosphere boost atm. Its really turning into something badass!

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Will there be the need for voice actors for any of these scenes?

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We’ll need voice actors when we start building the various side/main quests into the maps which will come with various custom NPC’s and baddies.

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I’m actually pretty decent at impressions/changing my voice. I’d be glad to throw in a hand when you need it.

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Thanks, we’ll keep you in mind for when the time comes!




“He’s been like a hare on crack” xD I can’t stop laughting :laughing:


Hey what’s that? 4 new pic’s?! (I thought I’d leave you guys something for Christmas)

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Ya’ll should totally do something with the eye patched badass Dr. Ted, the Supreme Borderlands Overlord.

We’d love to. But we’ll need someone to accurately imitate Dr. Zed’s voice (voice-actor), which is probably the same voice this Dr. Ted has.

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Darn. I will confer with lord Ted, he always has the answer for me. Hopefully this time is no different.

Is Dr. Ted even to be considered cannon btw?

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Whether he is or not, all i know is that he was mentioned in BL2’s TK’s Bloody Harvest as the brother they don’t talk about.

Ah yes, I recall. Yea if we could get a voice-actor for Dr. Zed and him we could make it work as a possible provider for side-quests.


Interesting video containing valuable info about this project (part 1):

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One thing,for the Chest i have designed, what is the most eridian color scheme?? Ill i can com up with is

Color scheme 1: Various shades of green, purple, light gray


Color scheme 2: Various shades of dark green, purple, and shades of dark gray/black.

Try using the colours of the original Eridian weapons. (That’s what Sleep wanted)


Interesting video containing valuable info about this project (part 2):

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Eridian Weapons are either white grey or brown/orange, but in my opinion white or gray would do the best job for chest color scheme. The most important thing though is to make sure it looks like alien chest at first glance :wink:


Figured I owed you guys an update on the Cathedral. Now you can start to see the reason why its called “Cathedral.” The raw version of the map is really starting to take shape now!

Loving the progress so far, enjoy and look forward to awesomeness!


Got some new pictures up of the Deep Cathedral. The raw map is almost done. Just gotta finish up the entry tunnel and armoury and apply some finishing touches here and there and I’m off to map-detailing. The time of completion is drawing nearer! :smiley:


Figured it was about time for some update pictures on the Deep Cathedral, I’ve entered the detailing phase of the map. And it looks like I got my work cut out for me. This’ll take a while.

Changed the way I display new pictures of the maps. They are not fully focused on the latest looks. As an example, take a look at the new Scrapbelt pictures! I’ve recently tweaked that map and she is hella’beautiful!


Today I ve got some time so I decided to show you some pictures of some enemies for DLC5 with descriptions.

Lets start with Crabworms since they are closest to being finnished:

Crab Maggot


We all love Craw Maggots and their annoying leap attacks what send us down the cliff, so I decided to make smaller less powerfull version of Craw Maggots to be common enemy in Crabworm lairs. They are quite easy to kill, but they still can annoy with leap attacks.

Larva Crabworm


Well not really anything to change about them, so I left them be as they are. But I ve made their bodies dissolve on death so you dont need to watch wichone crabworm is dead or alive. That dissolve effect also applies to all other crabworms. They dissolve like Crawmerax turning into purple blood puddle.

Charger Crabworm


As their name suggest they like to charge at player, and they do it a lot! They are more powerfull than Larva Crabworms, and they dont spit at player unless there is no other way to reach enemy.



Unused enemy made by Gearbox (honestly I have no idea why they didnt implement them, they are awesome!). Crabworm is Adult version of Larva Crabworm, and they use all non-badass attacks - they spit, leap, charge and melee player.




All badasses have similiar attack patterns. They spit more projectiles than normal Crabworms, they have breath attacks, they can charge, and do elemental Crawmerax like radius attack wich has ofc smaller range, also they are quite tough and their eyes arent as fragile as other crabworms.

For now I leave it here, I am curious about your feedback :wink:


they look amazing, love the badasses. Keep up the amazing work Grimjow and Sleep, you guys are the best.


Badass crabworms - that’s all we need :wink: great work, looking forward to it.

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