[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!

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Here have a sneakpeak of Heaven’s Crown. Note that to you guys this might seem pretty dull. But just know that a frigton of hours went into this and an incalculable amount of crashes as well…

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That looks gorgeous to me, honestly! Did you import those assets from Borderlands 2 or are they custom made?

On a side note, I’ve got a question: since you are working on this map, does this mean that you have already in mind who/what the second raid boss is going to be?

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Everything within that picture is imported, apart from the adaptive snow on top of the rocks, I scripted that on there. Still need to iron out some kinks as you can see on the mountain-like formation in the background.

As for your question… This might be answered in here:

(This is going to be a new series on my channel, hope you like)


@an_arbitrary_firefly if you liked that picture… Well… Today I had a little to much time and inspiration on my hands. And in about 3 hours flat I stomped the greatest part of the “non accessible” part of Heaven’s Crown outta the ground. I’m actually pretty amazed and baffled myself at the result. The Heaven’s Crown will be a masterpiece if I ever saw one…

P.s.: As it currently stands, if you were to jump of the “CURRENT” highest point on HC, it’ll take you 1:22;11 minutes to hit the absolute bottom… Holy s**t. Even the elevator from the Oil Tubes can’t match that in a long shot. XD


HOLY S**T!!! New pictures of Heaven’s Crown up-top guys! Remember this picture:

It went from that, to what you see above in 1 day. Last Wednesday I had enough time for some UDK and I just went mental. I believe I clocked about 4-5 hours of work straight, then some dinner and then about 1-1½ more hours to create that what you see up there. That’s what happens when I have time for UDK and I’m DEFINITELY in the right mood for it. :smiley:

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From yesterday lesson on “How to Editor with @Mr_GJ” I learned how to make Alpha Skag grass:

A glorious lesson indeed.

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We also made a Teleporter which went by the name of “Butterdick.”

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Sorry to weirdly come out of the blue, but may I post some suggestions for possible custom enemies that you could include in the DLC?

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We can’t promise anything but don’t let that stop you from anything! :wink:

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Awesome, thanks! :smile:

Before I leave my suggestions, I’d like to clarify that my UDK knowledge is almost inexistent and I have no idea about whether implementing these ideas would be even remotely possible/worth the effort. I anyway wanted to share them because, if they’re not realizable, they could at least be inspirational. That said, here are some possible custom enemies (or, who knows, maybe friendly fauna?) for the 5th DLC:

  • Scythid Sprinter: This is a well known enemy that was cut out from the final release but still exists in the game files. Even though it is unfinished, it should already possess some animations and a very raw AI, if I’m not mistaken. Because of the way Scythids ended up looking like in the Borderlands universe, its name probably wouldn’t make much sense, so it would likely need to be renamed (maybe simply “Sprinter”?). As for the habitat, I think it would be really suggestive to see herds of these creatures roaming in a huge desert so…maybe The Dust Wastes themselves?

  • Superbad Scythid Warrior: This creature shares many similarities with the previous one: it is a well known enemy that was removed from the vanilla game, it already has (at least I think so) some animations and a basic AI, and it doesn’t look nothing like the Scythids in the actual game.

    Despite that, in one of John Shirley’s Borderlands novels (specifically the second one, “Unconquered”) Scooter mentions a Pandoran creature called “Tarantula”, but it is unclear what this animal actually is. The point is, maybe this Scythid could be renamed Tarantula. As for the zone, to me it looks like an underground creature, so…maybe the Oil Tubes?

  • Poult Rakk: If I’m correct, they are mentioned in a loading screen tip but never encountered in the game. Annoying cute tiny Rakks as big as sparrows: what’s not to love?

  • Red Tailed Wing/Northern Common Wing/Yellow Crested Wing: So, I have quite a few doubts about these creatures, specifically:

    • I don’t know if these “Wings” are already in the game files or not (although I’m quite positive that at least some of them should be).

    • I don’t know if the different colors mean different elemental damages (so the red one would deal incendiary damage, the blue one shock and the yellow one explosive) or not. In this case, they would also lack a corrosive version.

    • In the image, the “Yellow Crested Wing” is blue, so I guess that, for some reason, the texture of the Northern Common Wing and the Yellow Crested Wing got mixed up here.

    I’m also unsure about where these birds should be located: I guess that the Northern Common Wing would probably be in one of Sleepmaster’s areas, while I don’t know about the other two (maybe the Bedrock Plateau would be fitting, at least judging from the name…).

  • Skraggy: In John Shirley’s first Borderlands novel (“The Fallen”) it is mentioned that a bandit named Grunj (who dies later in the story) has raised a huge Skag (around the same size as Skagzilla) and keeps it on the coast. Skraggy (weirdly enough) is never actually faced in the book’s story.

    In my opinion, from a continuity perspective, it would be interesting if the player, at some point, received a side quest that played out something like “After Grunj’s death, his giant Skag broke free, left the coast and started roaming in the interior causing death and destruction. Put it to sleep and come back for a lavish reward”.

  • Pollinator Rakk: On Earth, birds have diversified so much that one species’ diet can be totally heterogenous from another’s. If you think about it, birds have adapted to eat almost everything that the planet has to offer (seeds, worms, pollen, meat, fish, carcasses etc.).

    So, it is plausible to assume that even Pandora’s main flying animal race may have generated many diversified and specialized organisms (so rakks that exclusively feed off of carcasses or fish).

    Furthermore, Earth’s pollen eating birds (so, basically hummingbirds) are extremely tiny, but considering how big flowers can grow on Pandora (just think of the “Green Thumb” side quest) it is safe to assume that Pandoran Pollinator Rakks could grow much bigger.

  • Skag Mutt: This skag is part of Nolaftw’s PokeBall grenade mod, but (in my opinion) it would be cool if you could collaborate and agree to also have it as an uncommon enemy (or a miniboss, or part of an easter egg…) in this DLC :wink:

  • More albino creatures: In Borderlands 2, we got to see albino skags; usually, though, on Earth every vertebrate can be an albino. In Borderlands 1’s case (aside from skags) the other (probably) vertebrated creatures are Rakks, the aforementioned “Wings” and Rakk Hives (cough Albino Rakk Hive as a boss in a snowy area plz cough).

    What I was thinking is that Albino Rakks and Wings could be this DLC’s equivalent to Borderlands 2’s chubbies: very rare enemies with more health that also deal more damage but possess a greater and better lootpool.

  • Sleepmaster’s original ideas: On the old forums, Sleepmaster posted quite a few ideas about implementing revamped vanilla/custom skags, but, from what I know, these custom enemies have never been featured in a DLC. From my perspective, it would be cool to see them here.

    If you want, you can check out Sleepmaster’s aforementioned work here, and here’s also an image that I maneged to download from the old forums before they got shut down.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope it will come in handy to you :slight_smile:

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I won’t speak for GJ but the “wing” enemies I believe already have files avatar and animations, in the descent level you see a bunch of trash feeders (blood wings) fly up and I believe there is a challenge for killing them, also you fight a bunch of undead variants of them in zombie island dlc

([Smartun]) #70

True, especially regarding the blue one (which is just a reskin of the Corpse Eaters in the first DLC), but I’m not 100% sure that Trash Feeders’ animations could apply even to the other two, considering that they have slightly different body proportions…

Then again, I’m a complete UDK noob, so I might really well be wrong about it…

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To anwer a little (me and Sleep talked about this today):

*Scythid Sprinter: Heck no. It looks like a Hermit Crab took a dump and placed his leftover shell on top of it, then the dump aged, gained Mold and the Mold started to live and grew legs… Aka: it looks like s**t and we can see why GBX cut it, it would not find a place to settle in our DLC.

*Superbad Scythid Warrior: Hell no. That thing looks like Crawmerax’ 4th Ex’ nightmare baby. Same thing applies to this one.

*Any and all Rakk ideas: Probably not yours specifically because were already going to have a multitude of new and interesting Rakks that are gonna be shipped with this DLC.

*Any and all Bloodwing ideas: Seeing as we already have the Rakk as our avions we decided not to incorporate these critters.

*Any and all Skag ideas: Have no fear, like the Rakk, the Skags will be well represented within our DLC. With whole new variants, mini bosses, bosses, Raid Boss (Ug), sizes, etc. going for them.

*Albino: We like the idea, but we already are working on something similar. Our DLC will house these very rare variants of any Creature which the player can encounter and get a reward for killing. (I’m not saying what they are as it would spoil stuff) but they will be VERY rare to encounter.

*Sleepmaster’s’ idea’s: Well seeing as he’s the boss of the hostiles atm there is little I can do to stop him from adding his previous WIP creations. Lol, nah I pretty much like all his WIP critters and you can expect to see them in the DLC.

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First of all, thanks for replying!

I can’t say this makes me happy, but I can see the reason behind your decision :sweat_smile:[quote=“Mr_GJ, post:71, topic:10058”]
Probably not yours specifically because were already going to have a multitude of new and interesting Rakks that are gonna be shipped with this DLC.
Seems fair :+1: Looking forward to the new Rakk variants!


I’m really happy that this concept is being embraced in the DLC, looking forward to it!

Wonderful, it will be awesome to see his creations in-game!

By the way, the new Heaven’s Crown pictures are quite breath taking, it’s looking wonderful so far!

Continuing the “random and off-topic” series, did this guy finally send you the files?

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Dawg, me and Sleep were in Ts3 the moment that guy presented himself. We instantly knew he was a troll. ■■■■ that guy. We laughed so hard cuz his comments made zero sense and were truly halfheartedly build-up. XD

Also thanks for the HC comment, I think so to. I believe it will be the prettiest map to don our DLC.

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That’s unfortunate, but, as you said, sadly predictable…

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #75

Well it wouldn’t have been much in the first place tbh. If he was any good at mapping he would’ve shown his work AGES ago and we’d actually know him for it. But this guy was just plain random and outta nowhere. So pretty much a scumbag. XD (A heavy failed scumbag to be precise)

(Ensign Rook) #76

Just watched a video on YouTube that sent me here, I’m very interested in your work and am looking forward to seeing more content as you make it. Keep up the great work!

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #77

Hey guys allow me to take your to the perilous heights of Heaven’s Crown, one of Pandora’s highest places and its most divine. Check out those new pictures and bask in its divinity! :smiley: :wink:

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This looks amazing. Literally nerd-gasming just looking at it. Any news on the release date?

(The Gun Smith himself! :D) #79

Me and Sleepmaster never set a release date as we aren’t a Game Developer Company. We just do this for fun and have our own lives to live on the side. This means that it’ll take a while before its finished. We estimate at least another year of development depending on how much we will be busy with our own lives on the side and if people would like to help out. The more people that help us, the faster it’ll go. However don’t quote me on that “at least another year” part as it might be 2 years or ½ a year, we just don’t know, less do we care as we just go along with it as we please.


Good news guys. I gotta do 2 more things to round off HC’s “raw build.” That is Vista building and Terrain detailing. After which I’ll skid into map detailing, which I believe won’t take to long considering HC’s size. The end for this map is in sight! :smiley:

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i know i shouldnt be asking for spoilers but, exactly how big is this DLC compared to say, knoxx’s DLC interms of play length and map size.