[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!

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About there yes.


Expect update pictures from my end soon guys!

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Well I havent written here for long time, so here is update on my progress. I think Ug-Thak is about 90% finnished for now. Sadly I cannot show you guys any photos how he looks or the progress I ve made with him, but you can mark my words - it will be one of the best bosses you ve ever faced in Borderlands :stuck_out_tongue:

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Quote him on that guys.

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A random picture :smiley:

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Here is update about some baddies you will face in our DLC. And I am speaking about pretty rare badass eniemies - Slagged Badasses. Since we are just after opening the Vault in the timeline Slagged enemies just started appearing and when you encounter badass enemy there will be only 10% chance for it to be slagged enemy. But they will be also noticeably more powerfull than standard badass enemy. Here are some pictures:

Badass Slagged Skag

Badass Slagged Alpha

Badass Slagged Rakk

Badass Slagged Crabworm

Badass Slagged Scythid

Badass Slagged Spiderant

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Pretty purple Pandoran pests properly please PixelKatana. Props.

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Hey guys, I haven’t let you guys hear from me in a while. But here are some pretty nice update pictures on HC (Heaven’s Crown). I made a lot of them to compensate for my lack of “in between” progression pictures.

Anyway remember how it used to look a 'lil like this:

??? Well go check 'r out now! :grin:


Just a random something…

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Here is a small update:





I started making Total Eridian Weapons Overhaul for 5th DLC, because I really love Eridian Weapons idea in general but they are seriously underpowered (except thunderstorm).

  • First off I removed encumbrance from all Eridian Weapons. Now you can run at normal speed like with any other weapon.

  • Next thing what I tweaked is Magazine Size, all weapons have double magazine size so your weapon is not empty after 3 shots.

  • Next thing is Cooldown Rate, I incrased cooldown rate 10 times so now when you wait for recharge its similiar like reloading weapon.

  • Another thing I changed as you may see on pictures are colors of magazines wich depend on element. Now blue magazines are for shock weapons while white/purple are for Normal weapons.

  • Also as you can see on pictures I ve made sniper rifle with each element (except explosive, I will think about it later).

My idea is to make Eridian Weapons balanced like normal weapons so they will be as usefull as other weapons. I may relase them for testing before 5th DLC is out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting video 4 y’all.

Support the 5th DLC on Parteon:

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I would like to include Eridian Grenade Mods as well :stuck_out_tongue:


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Nice work Sleep!

P.S.: We really gotta do GE this weekend m8, gotta get some progress in!


Check this funny stuff out guys!

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Super glad that you buffed the Eridian weapons. This DLC will be awesome!

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Perhaps some update pictures of Heaven’s Crown soon guys! :smiley:


Check out the new pic’s on HC guys!

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Did you know that following Eridian Weapons deal 0 damage?

  • Eridian Glob Gun

  • Eridan Splatgun

  • Eridian Rolling Spattergun

  • Eridian Stampeding Splattergun

The damage you see they deal is just corrosive status effect, nothing more.

I fixed them and oh boy they are really usefull right now, especially Eridian Stampeding Splattergun - it beats Defiler in Corrosive damage! :smiley:

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Hey peeps!

For anyone who’s interested and has Discord. Me, HandsomeJackBoy and XSpider have our own Discord server. This server is setup soley for our: YouTube sub’s / Borderlands UDK supporters / Patreon backers / Tip-Jar givers / Steam m8t’s / Personal buddies / etc.
If you’ve ever wanted to chat/play with us and/or explore the rest of Borderlands Custom Content Community (both creators like Sleepmaster/etc. and other users of said Custom Content) then come join in! Link: https://discord.gg/5pzGb6w


Also took the liberty to synoptify this topic.


Lol check this out:




Just a little in-between thingy 4 y’all to chew on. Currently busy with a pretty interesting Kismet/Matinee sequence on Heaven’s Crown for the 5th DLC:


Note that hopefully the 5th DLC will have a similar installer.

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Man, this looks seriously cool. Do you have any plans to make stuff like this for Borderlands 2?

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Impossible, if this was doable for BL2 then I (we; all past Borderlands custom content creators) would’ve done so by now. But alas, GBX decided to opt-out for mod compatibility for Borderlands 2 and TPS.

Not that I really mind as I can simply import/recreate any assets I want from BL2/TPS to Borderlands. As evident with Heavens Crown.

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Really? Dang, that sucks. Maybe they’ll allow it for Borderlands 3 then.

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Highly unlikely. GBX never truly showed interest in us content creators from the start of BL UDK. And seeing as they ditched the idea for BL2 and TPS. BL3 will prob’s not have it. Developers have their reasons for not including mod support for their games and their reasoning is understandable. But it just a domper of their devout community really.


Small dev. update:
The “Red Sand Dome” map will be divided into 3 separate sections:

  • Red Sand Dome: A standard “Circle of …” arena that we all know and love.
  • The Underbelly: A connecting area to the RSD which is a PvP arena.
  • The Endless Arena: A very special ‘secret’ connecting area which is pretty much an “Egg.”


How I’m planning the map builds atm.:

  • Finish Heavens Crown scripting. (possibly do some major bug fixing)
  • Revamp The Scrapbelt.
  • Continue the Oil Tubes.
  • Create Red Sand Dome and co.
  • Create Black Gold Junction.
  • Create The Dust Wastes.
  • Create Rig D-13
  • Create Bedrock Plateau.

Note that this is just an estimate and is by no means final.