[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - "unofficial" 5th DLC!

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I want to help with ideas

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I’m fairly sure that the guys are past the ideas stage and would appreciate help with the actual making, if that’s what they need.

I’m also fairly sure that whilst suggestions are welcome, it would be far better to structure your suggestions better and perhaps in more depth.

Please remember that they are under no obligation whatsoever to use such suggestions, or accept whatever help you hope to offer.

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Alright bro

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You are right.
I didn’t want to offend anybody, just wanted to make clear (If Grimmjow’s reply wasn’t clear enought) if he has ideas and an own dlc, share with us or show us (or at least to Gj), because they will got stuck in a “I have ideas and stuff - then show me (repeat this infinite times)” circle :smiley: .

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@jonbellamy14, check your pms, please.

Back on topic, now folks, thanks.

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Much obliged @Psychichazard. It’s my bad I didn’t call you earlier. I was contemplating, but I had too much going on at this time to really bother all too much.

But yes, we’re pretty far into the DLC and got things figured out of what to do for the DLC to make it good as heck. Its not like we’re not taking in suggestions, but we’re fairly critical on it. And pretty much all of the ideas don’t get past our reasoning-check and scope-check.

We are very serious on the grounds of actual help with the DLC as an extra man/woman on board the dev. team, hence us taking people who come out and offer such help very seriously. This DLC is hard and tedious work for just 2 guys and all the actual help is appreciated.

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Do you think it would be a good idea to add badass cryo enemies rolee

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Well if the dlc will contain cyro element (weapons, enemies, etc.) then yes!
But as I saw on the pictures, slagged enemies will exist, and this has the same role as ice, bit why not both? We’ll see.

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In case you didn’t get the memo earlier.

We fully understand your excitement. But both me and Sleep would love it if everyone (including you) to STOP giving suggestions.

We’re NOT taking them into account and they will NOT BE added to the DLC.

Thank you.

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Its okay. Just pointing it out. :wink:

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Is that the custom 5th dlc or is it a different 1

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Considering the title of the thread is

[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - “Unofficial” 5th DLC!

I’m pretty sure everything in this thread posted by Sleepmaster or Mr_GJ (unless otherwise stated by them, and them alone) is related to the custom 5th DLC.

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Remember that if you wish to get in-between progress updates on the 5th, then join our Discord. Me and Sleep post sneakpeaks there at regular basis, so you can see it progress better then the images here which are only shot when something is completed. https://discord.gg/5pzGb6w


Won’t be long now until I post some real cool progression pic’s on some maps and hostiles Sleepmaster has been working on. Remember that only “finished” items are posted here, as stated above we feature WiP images on our Discord often. So if you wanna follow foot, join the Discord server and say hi!


New images of The Scrapbelt are up folks. Do note that the images are taken from inside the UDK and the map does look different in-game due to post-processing, keep this in mind when you look at the images. That and lighting in UDK is strangely off. Anyway, I’ll see if I’ll upload some images of the Oil Tubes in progress soon as well.

Note that this is v2.0 for TSB and will be its final form, there will be tweaks of course, but its not gonna differ too much. Hopefully Sleep will get off his lazy ass and provide me image material on the things he’s been doing, which is crazy much btw.


Wew lads, even more update images. Sleepmaster provided me with some image material on hostiles he’s feels confident in parting with. Note that all NPC’s are very hefty subjects to change and may differ in the final product.


Updated the image gallery a bit.


Updated the image gallery with new progression images. Sorry that it’s been a while. But in between me making several games and publishing them, Sleep getting a new job and working hard. We’ve had little time to work on the 5th. As for the Oil Tubes, its a massive map so there is a lot to do, currently about 35% done with the Whitebox stage of the map. So no details, just the raw shape of it. Hence the images being slightly disorientating as there is no real point of reference to use. Just take it from me its a MASSIVE map, with lots of twisting, winding, branching paths that circle each other, etc.

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Noticed I forgot to add some images from the interior of the Relay Station.

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Have u guys been working on any enemies or bosses recently?

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Sleepmaster took some time off from his NPC work to focus on some loot overhauls the DLC will contain.

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Ok I can’t wait for the dl
c to come out

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Uploaded new progression images on the Oil Tubes and Red Sand Dome. I should’ve done this earlier but I was too lazy. Anyway the North Bank of the OT is now fully whiteboxed. Took the liberty of starting a bit of the detailing just to set the tone for the rest of the map. I realise its hard to look at the images as there is no real point of reference to truly see depth in the clusterbomb of rocky formations the map is in its current state.

Anyway with the whitebox of that map being done I’ve moved to the Red Sand Dome and started that maps’ blockout. Seeing as I’ll need to use a lot of Brushing it’s imperative that I start of using simple meshes to sort of showcase the actual shape of the structures before I start with the geometry, as geometry has the nasty tendency of being quite the nasty pucker to clean up in UE3 if you make mistakes, etc.

The map itself is wholly devised out of human structures (Its an Oil Refinery complex) and thus will feature lots of geometric shapes. Once the blockout/whitebox of said map is on a sufficient level I’ll move to the Underbelly which is the PvP arena underneath this map.


I know it’s been a slight while, but I finally got around to making some progression images of RSD. Progress is kinda meh considering I’m working on a game for the Nintendo Switch atm (Can’t say more than that cuz NDA) and my time outside of working on that game is kinda meh as well. So working on RSD is kinda minimal. But regardless I still am doing my best out there!


Progress is slow but steady. Me and Sleepmaster are working hard irl and don’t have a lot of time to spend on the 5th DLC. However with this Christmas break going on we found a lot of time to work on the 5th and boy did we make progress. Won’t be long until the Whitebox of RSD is ready and I can move to a new map. Check out the new images. :smiley:


Another new batch of progression images for you guys to digest. The Whitebox for RSD is now done and I’m moving to the next map. I did some testing with Sleepmaster and got some preliminary playtest data that I will implement once I get to further developing this map.


Some new progress was posted on one of the maps. Enjoy. She’ll go into a public test soon as it’s a PvP map, and I need playtest data for that. Stay tuned!

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knock knock knock
Is this thing on? ok.

Has been a while, hows the progress of the DLC so far? Just curious :slight_smile: