Wires Don't Talk 2015 [Answered]

I’ve read a few posts saying that this skill is bugged. Has that ever been resolved? Thinking about taking this skill up to 10/5 with a Legendary Catalyst mod for a DoT build. Worth it or nah?

The Electrocute Damage is still bugged. However, it’s still worth taking if you’re using a Storm for your DoT build, because the Storm’s DoT damage is based off of the damage the initial shot does. If you’re not using a Storm, then I don’t know…

Even without a Storm it has its use, it synergizes with Anarchy if I remember correctly.

@ACNAero @0takuMetalhead Thanks!

DoT damage is bugged, the gun damage is OK. Its good when using Anarchy and Shock guns like the Twister, Fibber and works great with the Storm if you use the Legendary Catalyst because of how the Storm DoT works.
If you want more raw damage with your shock guns, take it. If you want it for the DoT, you can skip it at all or put 1 point because of the Storm. For DoT focused builds, EB and EE are the stars of the show.