Wish Class Mod Title Was Displayed Near Health Bar

One of the things I liked in Borderlands 2 was how the cool title of your class mod was displayed near your health bar.

“CRUNCHY Psycho”, for example.

In BL3 I am a “Primeval Blended Stormbringer” but all I see near my health bar is “Siren”.

That makes me sad.


more important things first then :slight_smile:

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Your current class mod is the perfect example why it was likely removed, the title would be longer than the health bar and then people would ask why there’s more emphasis on class mods than information they need on the ui in a firefight…

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Fair, but BL2 had long ones?

If I remember didn’t bl2 have health bars across the bottom of the screen with plenty of space for the mod titles? Or was that bl1?

The ui now puts it in the corner and makes it much smaller than I remember either way =S

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Sorry to dig this thread up, but this is one feature I definitely miss. This was the only thing I wanted to post on the forums. I think it would go great by the Level number under the experience bar like they have done with all BL games. I would love this simple feature to be added. It is just so badass to see the different “class” of your character, because they are usually cool names. I just found one with Moze that said something along the lines of “Tank Girl”. LVL 60 Tank Girl sounds bad ass. I wish the dev’s would add it, and it could be a feature that could be enabled/ disabled. Help me, Oprah Winfrey.

Yeah, another unnecessary change.


What do you mean? On there part, or my suggestion (OP’s suggestion)?