Wish i could play Mayhem 1.0 again

Mayhem 2.0 is total trash imho…

they did a good job with M4 and now went completely backwards! not to mention all the BS the patch broke (and they can’t seem to get fixed if their life depended on it)

i wish M 2.0 was optional… at least playing before M2.0 was fun! now, i don’t even bother starting up the game (reading today’s patch notes and the forum actualy stopped me from even trying to play since the last patch debacle)

so GB… at least give us the option to revert to the old system and actualy enjoy the game, because i’m not playing this current cesspool anymore. Good friggin job screwing up the game!

i’m sure a lot of people will agree with me on this. Also, i’m sure there will be some that want to try the “they finaly increased difficulty” argument…

M2.0 isn’t harder then M1.0… i’ve been playing M10 since the patch launch and appart from bad weapon scaling it made the friggin game easier!


As a game developer you can’t say you added more difficulty when all you did was jack up health, add new weapons that made that jacking up of health meaningless with how powerful they are and erased the usefulness of 90% of your loot pool. The steps backwards for M2.0 are so astronomically hilarious it blows my mind. I can honestly say it added nothing positive to the game at all. It basically nuked every ounce of progress the game has made since launch in one fell swoop.

I don’t know what there is to like about this update at all. It divides players more than ever before. It’s RUINED the balance completely. It added more modifiers, when they purposefully added m4 because people HATED the modifier system. Drops are still beyond sketchy. Performance is at least for me on Xbox EASILY the worst it’s been since launch. I mean it’s impressive how much of a blatant step backwards this update was.


I prefer 2.0 as it’s easier to get an amicable set of modifiers, some of the modifiers are actually amusing, and increased damage makes me happy though more things need to scale. I didn’t enjoy Mayhem at all before, and now I do. The only thing that bothers me about it is now we have more items locked behind a difficulty wall.

M2.0 is a disaster, and more and more people are seeing this now


Modifiers were literally NEVER an issue on M4 before( I clocked in excess of 200 hours on M4 and I checked modifiers MAYBE 10 times lol) . Maybe you were toughing it out on m3 or something and didn’t get the gear to do m4 but if you did you would know that M4 was beautiful. I would actually argue that if you were playing m3 you were sorta wasting your time and effort dealing with the modifiers and MOST LIKELY would have had a better go of it on M4 because of this lack of dealing with horrible modifiers.


Modifiers aren’t the issue for me it’s the drrroooooooopppppsssssss and sccaaaaaalling :mask:

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they need to make difficulty and mayhem 2 separate things…

and with that, introduce UVHM… iirc in BL2 UVHM gave some enemies new healthbars (psycho’s with armor for example) that is allready a start…

first, remove the overinflating crap from mayhem (will go into detail how i invision mayhem as a separate mode after i explain my UVHM ideas)

  • UVHM gains the increased difficulty that old M4 had (but GB has to try and improve it for crying out loud) find a middle ground between old M4 and new M10
  • some enemies (or all?) gain new healthbars (armor, shield, double/triple health, combo of everything)
  • weaknesses should actualy feel like they matter (now you just melt shields with anything you have handy)

    yes, bring those negative numbers down a bit… (increasing difficulty without inflating anything and actualy forces you to use element to their advantage and get punished for not doing so)

don’t know if possible (but seeing it’s their damn game they can pretty much do anything) let weapons scale between modes (no matter where you got the weapon it scales down/up respectively so people won’t just farm UVHM weapons and make TVHM/normal absolete)

now for mayhem… (i hear you thinking, why would i want mayhem if it doesn’t increase my XP/drops)

well, let mayhem be the mode it was intended to be… have every modifier gain a bonus AND a debuff… (right now mayhem turned the game into a circus and said it was difficulty)

this will not make the game any more difficult as the same it won’t make it easier… right now people mostly go for the least intrusive modifiers because it’s just playing the normal game with extra steps (again NOT increased difficulty)

quick example, big head mode -> easier crits but crits do less damage (won’t affect the normal game as it makes something easier while trading in effectiveness)

do something for each modifier… so playing with mayhem modifiers is actualy fun!


M4 wasn’t beautiful before, it was way too hard. I only suffered it to get a class mod, then it was back down to 1 mainly for enemy scaling. Now I can put it on 4 and potentially enjoy myself.

and that’s why most people could 1 shot bosses :joy: because it was too hard?

i played M4 from the moment they patched it in (hated M1-3 and refused to play with that crap enabled) never had an issue with it being to difficult… and at that time i just finished leveling my vaulthunters (so pretty much subpar gear on all)

that’s what makes difficult content so great… you don’t have to play it… but don’t go asking to nerf/buff crap because some people can’t handle the heat… (and so ruining the game for other people who where enjoying it)

and this is exactly what GB is doing… listen to people saying the game is to hard and then brake the whole game trying to cater to casual newbs.

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If I correctly recall the last time they released actual player data I think you overestimate what “most” players can do.


That’s mind blowing to me. M1 I could practically one shot anything with any gun with Zane O.o. No clue how people could have found M4 hard tbh, I don’t even have the insane gear that is min/maxed and switched depending on me using certain guns/elements like streamers and youtubers do either. Also you saying you like m4 now and not before kinda proves how little you paid attention because it’s just VERY VERY slightly easier than old mayhem 4 was previously. If you can enjoy M4 now then you could have easily handled it before with no problem because the difference your damage would need to be is almost void with those differences. 850/1k/1k really isn’t much different from 800 for all 3 when it comes to BL damage numbers. Also old m4 would have buckled you up with the same modifiers more or less too so it’s not that either O.o

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Honestly, I look back SO Fondly on the 2-3 weeks before M2.0 came out. GBX was on a ROLL especially with Moze and Iron Bear. I felt as good as I ever did playing this game: most guns got buffed and adjsuted and now felt perfect, all action skills were viable (except Fl4ks pets), you were excited to play to see what loot would drop as even Purples were useful and powerful, grenades did a ton of damage, and the game FINALLY seemed like it was coming together.

Then came the DISASTER than is Mayhem 2.0. Honestly might go down in history as the worst game update ever released. Completely broke the balance and pacing and build diversity of the game. Its been said a million times: but if you play on M10 its Yellowcake, Sandhawk, or Kaoson. A handful of others might be viable, but even then you are purposely nerfing yourself by using anything other than the Big Three.

The modifiers are buggy, messy, add a ton of visual clutter in an already visually cluttered game, slow down the FPS when too many of them proc, and generally are nothing but an annoyance at best and an outright drag at worst.

Im sorry just need to VENT because before M2.0 I could always see a light at the end of the tunnel, but M2.0 broke the balance of the game to such a degree I am simply UNABLE To even THINK Of a way out of this hole without ruining the balance of the Pre-mayhem levels. The ONLY way is to make a clone of every old legendary and lock it up at M6 and above, that way we can have a Cutsman 2.0 but for M6 and above with 10X the base damage right on the item card, etc

Night Hawkin
ALL Snipers except Sandhawk
Pretty much 99% of all the old weapons we spent the last 8 months farming, using, and enjoying, barely tickling enemies at M10 even with godly annointments.

Its just so sad. Haven’t touched the game in 10 days. Before that since release haven’t gone a single DAY without putting HOURS into the game.

What a travesty. What a MESS


I was looming foward ro the game pre mayhem 2.0.

Now i kinda hate it. I still shred m10 content like a youtube ohe om but dedicated drops arent there now. Newest new patch makes it so everyboas drios every garbage gun ever. Dedicated loot pools dor above m6 specific are. Eh… 4 hours speed killing wirh yellow cake 2 monarchs

I have to agree I really miss Mayhem 1.0, it was so much better in mine and many others opinions

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Mayhem 2.0 would probably be OKAY if the GB team did proper testing with “real” gamers outside their officers.

A slice of YT streamers and forumers would be a good start to test things.

If we’re talking about BL3, then yes, it is the worst game update thus far. Other games though? There have been worse updates. “Meat your Match” for TF2 was abysmal.

Dedicated drop rates have always been fairly low. I honestly think they have always been about the same. One issue is that more things have been added to each bosses dedicated drop pool which makes it seem like dedicated drop rates are lower. Someone said the agonozer has 6 dedicated drops? Coupled with the amount of trash annointments available it makes farming terrible. Farming bosses on console is mind numbing boring as you spend 80% of your time looking at a loading screen. Trading is by far the easiest way to get great gear - I bet many people spend more time trying to set up trades on forums and Facebook etc. than actually playing the game. This can’t be how gearbox wants their players to spend their time?

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I put in over 300 hours SINCE the release of mayhem 4. I’ve put in 41 (mostly all of them void of fun) since mayhem 2.0 and ALL of that barring 6 was the first week after just trying to farm for M10 drops. Lost all enjoyment with the drops and state of the game both balance and performance wise. Just been checking in here on the forums from time to time but I’m already 100% sure I won’t be back until the next dlc and honestly it’s not looking good beyond me just doing that dlc to get my monies worth since I was foolish enough to preemptively give Gearbox my money for the season pass…

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Identical threads merged.

You saying i cant shoot a rocket into graveearden for 20.milion crit swappping at m10?

Or killing every m10 boss with ads using ties that bind and slayer for 200 billion

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