Wish list for christmas

Hello guys,

I’m looking for these items:

Kybs worth 160% dmg splash > ASE 100% dmg > ASE 50% dmg any element
Ogre 160% dmg splash > ASE 100% dmg
Maggie ASE 100% dmg
Brainstormer ASE 100% dmg
Cutsman ele ASE 100% dmg > 50% dmg any element *2
Cutsman coro ASE 100% dmg > 50% dmg any element *2
One pump ASE 100% dmg
Queen call/King’s Call ASE 100% dmg > 50% dmg any element
Cutsman coro 100% STNL

Cloning maddening tracker 25% throw
It piss 25% throw

Spiritual driver 53 (mine is really crap)
Stackbot +26% dmg weapon
Seeing dead +26% dmg weapon

Elemental projector Deathless 53
Elemental projector victory rush 53
Last stand otto idol 53
Ice breaker victory rush 53

Add me : mektoub35 and tell me what you’re looking for. Maybe I have on my bank :slight_smile:

I have some of the Items you’re looking for. I’ll add you when I get home from work.

I’m looking for

Kybs Worth with SNTNL Cryo
Cutsman Corrosion with SNTNL Cryo

My Epic ID is Mourning6Lory
My name may show up as R.Ustoned after the Steam update. Not sure which you’ll see.

I have;
Rad redistributor with ASE cryo
Transformer with sntnl movement
Shock Cutsman with ASE cryo
Maggie with ASE 100
Elemental projector Victory rush (incendiary chance, mag size, FFYL duration)
A couple stackbots (one is wep crit/dahl crit/jakobs damage, other is pistol damage/vladof damage/cov damage)

Epic is KittyShoes17

Hey I have a Corrosive Cutsman with sntnl Cryo. I dont play my Zane anymore, fl4k is too much fun

Oh boy … you never cease to amaze me @KittyShoes17

I’ll send it over when I get on tonight:-D

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I add you!

@tuck7216 unfortunately haven’t a kybs like that…
Another thing you’re looking for?

@KittyShoes17 What are you looking for for these ( no need your stackbot, mine is 50 really nice so I’m hunting for a holy nice 53^^)

@scarosio I’m looking for odds and ends that are gamma burst weps I dont have (sticking mostly to pistols and rifles, but I’m open to anything). Specifically been searching for an Incendiary Nemesis, and an Incendiary Kaos each with Gamma Burst anointments.

@tuck7216 I’ve been having a monster of a time getting my online to work so I’m not sure if it still let’s me send stuff. I can see people who are online when I go to send mail, but it keeps telling me my shift isn’t online.

Well I certainly appreciate your efforts and happy to wait if need be. I will keep an eye out for the Gamma Nemisis and Kaos for you.

BTW … did you get the Gamma Lead Sprinkler I sent you? If you pair it with some splash damage radius buff, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I Have:

Polyaimorous gamma burst
Lucian call fire gamma burst
Breath of the dying gamma
Face puncher gamma
Malak’s bane cryo gamma

Need something?

Sent it finally. Forgot to be checking on whether I was able to send mail and let is slip my mind oops!

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I’ve got a BotD and Lucians call already, but I could mess around with that Malak’s bane if its burning a hole in your bank.

Either way, the items i listed are all up for grabs so I’d be happy to send you them all!

Thank you @KittyShoes17

I’ll take that Shock Cutsman if you still have it :wink:

The one with ASE Cryo?


@tuck7216 what are the items you have in my list? What are looking for except kyb’s and cutsman ?



Seeing Dead
Scoville x2 w/ASE 100 % Damage

Aha really need that scoville :slight_smile:

Sent you the Scoville along with some other goodies. I hope you enjoy !!!

Yeah I have already burn some ■■■■■■■■ with him! Thanks a lot, I hope I’ll sent you too some nice stuff if I find that you need!

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