Wish List for Loot System Improvments

Just throwing out some ideas that I think would make this game awesome. As much as I loooved Borderlands 2, there were always a few things that drove me crazy about how the random loot worked and how painful farming for that “perfect” gun could be. Three things that I think would be awesome improvements are:

  1. The ability to re-roll guns and items.
    This is easily the thing I want most. Nothing worse than having to reset the game 56 different times when turning in a quest because the reward item won’t drop with the prefix or attachment that you need. Or farming a gun for 10 hours only to have it drop with a crap barrel/element/scope/etc. Being able to pay like 10 eridium (or whatever the new special currency will be) to reroll that item with different parts would make farming sooooo much less tedious and would alleviate the problem of farming quest reward items.

  2. Leveling up a lower level gun.
    This is another solution to a problem that drove me crazy in Borderlands 2. I farmed for houuurrsss when I hit level 50 to get a few guns that I needed to complete some of my builds, only to have UVHM come out and make all of my hard work irrelevant. It would be cool if you could do something like sacrificing a level 61 gun of a certain rarity to power up a level 50 gun of equal rarity to level 61. Obviously it would have to be limited to how many times the same gun can be powered up (like maybe only once or twice?), or else make it verrry expensive, because otherwise everyone would just keep leveling up the same gun over and over. But it would be cool to not have to re-farm all of your gear every time a new DLC expansion drops.

  3. If there is a UVHM/OP1-8 mode, massively increase the drop rates as a reward for playing on these levels.
    I think the Pre-sequel did this, but I am not sure as I didn’t get far into it. One of my biggest gripes with UVHM and the OP modes (aside from the ridiculous health and health regen), was that you really didn’t get any reward for playing on these crushing difficulties. It would be cool if the OP levels provided ridiculously high legendary drops rates, to make the focus less about refarming the same items and more about the challenge of creating optimized builds and testing your skills. It would also be a great incentive to play these levels, since if there was a specific gun that I could never get to drop under the normal drop rate, I would want to play the OP levels to have a much greater chance at the drop.

Anyway, these are just some ideas I would love to see personally. Creating different characters and builds is my favorite aspect of Borderlands, but the grinding for super specific versions of already specific items I think turns off a lot of players, so for me personally, any changes that can alleviate this a bit are what I hope for.


I’ll go in order of points to respond:

As for re-rolling, I think it wouldn’t be too bad if it cost more than a trivial amount like 10 Eridium. Something like 40 would make more sense, just to make it harder to get something good. After all- One of the best parts of Borderlands is getting awesome loot to drop- I wouldn’t want that to be trivialized by a rerolling system.

When it comes to leveling up weapons, I’m less inclined, but it’s more on a matter of personal opinion. If this was going to be added to the game, I think you are correct in the way it should be done- Sacrifice something of the level you want or higher, of a rarity of the gun you’re leveling or higher, and limit it to just a one-time ability per weapon. Maybe even an Eridium cost, but that could be stretching it.

Better drop rates in the OP levels! Yes, please. I don’t know about for UVHM since I think increased drop rates should only be for the peak difficulty levels. After all, it isn’t called OP for no reason.

An idea I’d throw on would be, if we’re going to have relics that allow loot to drop at a higher rate- maybe have relics that make certain types of loot drop at a higher rate instead. After all, if I’m playing a shotgun-centric build I don’t need the seven SMG’s that will inevitably drop from the boss. Perhaps a relic that would ease that issue?

What I definitely don’t want to see coming to any Borderlands game is crafting. Borderlands has a wonderful simplicity going in the fact that the weapons you use are the weapons that drop. Adding weapon building/attachment modifications would just add an annoying surplus layer to loot in my opinion. Keep the guns plentiful, and keep the source of them as looting, rather than sitting at a crafting bench wondering how to optimize it.

Thanks for the interesting topic!


in bl2 i was ok with loot ninjas because most of the time if you really wanted an item some players would exploit a glitch that will remain completely unnamed because I totally don’t want to get in big trouble because Acknowledging something that exists is apparently bad , but unless they purposely make that a feature i doubt thats gonna be a thing anymore. i hope they take the anthem loot system route , which was very good and just make it so the stuff that drops is only for you because that would save me a lot of sweat and tears.

Only improvement I want is INFINITE storage space for all my loot. Banks gotta be more elaborate and expansive so I can keep that level 12 legendary that I got during my 1st ever playthrough of the game and that holds sentimental value.


yea i remember that being a problem, sometimes i would create characters with the sole purpose just to store the weapons and shields i farmed.

They already said that Borderlands 3 will have instanced loot (from what you’re saying, that sounds like what Anthem uses.)

Same system that Diablo III had. I think I heard somewhere that it was optional? But I’m not sure on that part.

Loot system improvements?

Hmm. Taking damage when you kill a boss and it vomits a mountain of hardware on your head? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

Aside from that maybe fixing it so its much less likely for loot to clip through terrain preventing pickup.

  1. Make parts matter again. I consider BL1’s weapon generation system far superior to BL2 because of this. In BL2, only 2 parts really crucially affected the stats of a weapon: the barrel, accessory and grip. And because legendaries gain their rarity by the barrel anyway, that really leaves 2 parts, which was why the prospect of the ‘farming’ in BL2 was less appealing. In BL1, you could get tons of hellfires, but getting one that was perfect was the true challenge. BL1’s part system was also far more sophisticated and elegant, which kinda boggles me why they changed it so much in BL2.

  2. Don’t tie legendaries as boss drops. It was kinda the lazy solution implemented in BL2, but that was another factor that made looting less appealing in BL1. You were just farming the same bosses over and over again, knowing what you will get. Something like the Armory, Craw or even just the loot midgets in Wildlife strikes me as much more appealing.

  3. Make sidequests redoable so farming quest rewards (at different levels) is possible.

  4. Make Pearls better! I do think the vitriol towards the BL2 pearls is abit much, there are definitely some excellent guns among that bunch. But there were some meme weapons, and a few that while competent, didn’t strike me as unique or powerful (the Stalker and Unforgiven comes to mind).

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I agree with making the parts more important, but dude no like bro bosses having unique drops and a loot specific loot pool is what makes them unique, otherwise every boss could just drop anything, you should have to face a specific boss to get a specific weapon, it just makes logical sense


Seconded. I think that bosses should drop specific legendaries; however, it would be nice if this world-drop legendary pool was expanded, and didn’t overlap with any of the legendaries that dropped from bosses.


I double second that

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I mean yeah bosses should have unique drops - but they should be uniques ie. the boss is the only drop source for that weapon - something like the Norfleet, Hive, Bone Shredder etc. World drops should literally be world drops and not have a specific drop source with a much higher drop rate (like how Savage Lee has a higher chance to drop the Harold). It made looting in BL2 less fun and toybox like than BL1.

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Like The Pre-Sequel? Most BL2 players hates that idea.

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This idea obviously wasn’t feasible in BL2 because the world drop rates were obscenely low. Like getting a legendary from a chest or as a world drop from an enemy was really low. This problem was exacerbated in the Pre-Sequel, because chests seem to be even worse there (without OP levels to buff droprates of purples and legendaries). So making so many legendaries world drops was endlessly annoying because the chance of getting one was incredibly slim.

Contrast this to BL1 where world drop rates were fairly high, red chests give legendaries with fair regularity, and there are certain maps like the hyperion gift shop and knoxx armory (which has like 50 chests). Not to mention Crawmerax has a crazy lootsplosion far surpassing the likes of anything you will see in the next 2 games. This made getting legendaries not a rare experience, and made this kind of toybox farming much more enjoyable. There’s a reason why people find farming in BL2 a total chore while it is farming that keeps the BL1 subforum alive till this day. BL2 is superior to BL1 in almost every respect, but BL1 has a better weapon generation and loot system.

I mean making bosses have higher drop rates of certain legendaries would kill the fun of loot midgets, boss lootsplosions, chest rooms etc, because the most efficient way to obtain the legendary would be just to farm the boss that drops it. Which was why farming in BL2 got really dry for me after a while. There was no sense of adventure or uncertainty, just “i wonder if this Harold drop will have a matching grip”.

Bosses should instead have a unique lootpool, dropping items which are unique to them (where they are the only drop source), like the norfleet, bone shredder and seraphs were in BL2.


??? no dude like bl2

This is similar to the Gunsmith re-rolling certain weapons perks in Destiny 1 and infusion of gear, also in D1.