Wish matchmaking was better

Seems that the only way to really play competitive is with an organized team.

Now that people are investing time and gaining experience with gameplay, the teams are getting more and more tilted with poor match-making.

Time and time again, at only level 16, I’ve found myself to be the highest level on my team (and I’m ‘meh’ as a player). Meanwhile, we frequently get stacked against a team of 25+ (with MAYBE one low level).

The average levels between teams has a staggeringly high different I’ve noticed, making it less playable with random teams it seems.

There doesn’t really seem to be any matchmaking. It looks like the game just takes the first bunch of people it finds and shoves them together. My g/f and I just had a match that ended 0-100 for the enemy team because they had some high level players using some of the more unbalanced characters that we haven’t even unlocked yet.

I have to think that the devs will be improving the matchmaking as one of there next steps. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Good sentiment, but there are tons of threads on this already. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.