Wish Shrediffier had better accuracy :(

Its my favorite AR. I got gifted an AWESOME level 53 with consecutive hits annointment but unfortunately it has the shotgun under barrel rather than the bipod. I miss the bipod because using thah to increase long range accuracy was so awesome, but good luck finding one AND consecutive hits annointment.

With all the recent Vladof AR buffs hope Shrediffier gets accuracy boost too but I doubt it…

Lol yeah was going say bipod lyyyyfe but yeah so hard to get with the right anoints I run an infinite mechanised moze and the bipod tends to be the only one I’ll bother with no bipod trashing it

It won’t get one because there is a bi pod option.


Yeah but not holding my breath for one with consecutive hits annointment

Oh yeah no I get that completly it’s basicly almost impossible to get the perfect shrediffier with the right anoints my moze just uses normal bypod ones I gave up ages ago on that

I have an unhealthy love for that attachment, even if I’ve never had a Shredifier.

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