Wish their was a way to bring weapon and gear levels up later on or a way to reroll the parts as well

one of the problems all the borderlands has is loot at high levels, alot of the times you save the side missions with the best loot for end game for use later. i wish thier was a currency or something to bring my weapon level to at least my current character level or a way to reroll the parts to get a potentail elements.

this way saveing loot for later could be more valuable becuase you could always upgrade it later, you could make the currency more rare so the grind is still there in the game. this would also eliminate makeing a fresh character for just 1 weapon for a quest reward.

I agree, I found it particularly annoying with mission reward items, which couldn’t even be “farmed”, except via repeatedly quitting, which is… I’d get banned for finishing that sentence.

I disagree. I think having to farm to get the perfect piece of gear for my character or load out makes me want to come back and play the game. I agree that the you should be able to replay quest to get specific quest rewards. But I am against, rerolling parts on a gun or a piece of gear.


Depending on what the mechanics are, OP’s idea could add to the farm.

Something I like about TPS, for instance, is that I can get moonstones through any kind of gameplay I choose, and then spend those moonstones at the end of dungeons to open chests with guaranteed purples. Something similar but for levelling up weapons or exchanging one part wouldn’t be the end of the world, imo.

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Well the idea I have atm on doing this has 2 parts.

  1. Make a way in game to restart completed side quests that reward a red text unique. If it is one that scales in level to you it will flag at your current level.

  2. A re-roll machine that can double as a cash sink in the game that charges money based on the level of the item and can only reroll items with red text. The re-roll will be the exact same level as the original item. So it won’t level your items up. It will just let you throw in game cash away in hopes you get better parts.

replaying quests would be pretty good as well. im not saying get rid of re farming for drops i just wanted more options to have. also it was really bad with the OP levels, every single level you needed to refarm an entier set of weapons and gear just was, added super busy work.

you also have to consider the diffrence between wanting the best gear and just filling a need for a decent peice. farming for the perfect peice is alot diffrent than just geting one you can use for that process to begin with

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yeah i really like the idea of some items, gear/weapons that just do damage based on character level and overpower level if they bring that back. they had that starter granade on borderlands 2 that just scaled with character level. i love more options.

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There definitely needs to be some way to obtain quest-reward items after the quest has been completed. I think once the quest has been completed, the items need to be added to a character’s loot pool, so that you can farm the item again in the future.

As for the different parts, I agree that some way to adjust a gun’s attributes needs to exist. What I would prefer is some level of weapon part swapping between guns of the same type and rarity. It looks like theres going to be even more weapon parts per item this time around, so I think even with the ability to swap parts it would still take a ton of grinding to build an ideal version of your gun (as long as the part swapping is limited to the same type of weapon and rarity). This keeps the focus on farming rather than just paying to reroll something.


Yes get a bonus package at lvl 3 and then be able to upgrade it as you go so you never have to get a new grenade again. Sounds exactly like what borderlands should be. You know the only main reason people still played bl1 before the remaster came out was to farm, right? So why take that away from bl3.
Quest rewards sure i agree those could have a better way to farm


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You don’t need the same gear tho, with just a little bit more effort you can make about anything work while leveling

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i just like more options, to avoid what can be seen as tedious, i love trying the get the most perfect thing like any one else and im willing to kill any boss a million times over to do it, but when your gear is under level it becomes a problem, not an enjoyable exorcise. killing the boss is hard or near impossible when the gear and weapons become so weak they cant do the job any more.

What you are describing is really only an issue in UVHM due to the horrible balancing (or more accurately, lack thereof). TPS was much improved, which showed that they clearly know they messed up the numbers a bit with BL2’s UVHM since it was kind of shoe-horned into the game rather than planned from the beginning. I can’t imagine they make that mistake again for BL3. At least, I sure hope not.

The only way in which I think leveling up a gun should be a thing is if they raise the level cap with future DLC. If I farm for hours and hours to get a perfect version of a gun at max level, I shouldn’t have to refarm that thing. I’d like the option to somehow level up a gun one single time to whatever the new max level cap turns out to be. Frankly though, I hope they just pick a level cap from the start and stick with it like D3. The best part of these looter games is the end game of reaching max level and then farming for items and creating awesome builds.

Having a way to get quest rewards again would be good.

However rerolling gun parts should never, ever be a thing in Borderlands in my opinion, it is directly counter the how the loot/reward system is designed.

Leveling up certain weapons to match the current max level isn’t as bad, but personally I’m still against it.

I wonder what a poll on the topic would reveal? I’d be very interested in the results.

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UVHM has no balancing issues. It’s perfectly balanced for a 3rd playthrough meant to be more difficult and unforgiving. You can still get through it using only found gear. There’s absolutely no need to farm for unique gear every other level in order to complete UVHM. The OP levels, however, really are unbalanced. On purpose. That’s the whole point. The OP levels are actually meant to provide a completely unbalanced and borderline unfair play experience, one that will severely limit your options and demand constant gear checks. It’s a good thing that it is also a completely optional experience.

We’ve had this discussion dozens of times before in the BL2 forums and one of my biggest pet peeves around here is seeing people lump UVHM and the OP levels together as if they were the same thing when they really aren’t.


UVHM has no balancing issues. It’s perfectly balanced for a 3rd playthrough meant to be more difficult and unforgiving. You can still get through it using only found gear. There’s absolutely no need to farm for unique gear every other level in order to complete UVHM.

Disagree. UVHM rendered a boat load of skills worthless (on some characters, entire skill trees), it absolutely has balance issues compared to any other similar type of game that I have played. Also, how often have you actually played through UVHM with only found gear? I just completed a 1-72 run on Zer0 and did not see anything better than a few crappy blue rarity weapons for a long stretch until I finally bit the bullet and started farming the loot train every few levels. I can also promise you that any average green rarity weapon hardly outpaces enemy health regen. I’m not saying you necessarily need a fresh Lyuda and Conference Call every single level, but without any farming the game does not consistently give you enough stuff to tackle the tougher areas.

As for OP levels, I agree those can be unbalanced and require super powerful gear (though I’d still argue that skills shouldn’t become useless) since they are end game content anyway.

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Twice with Axton, once with Zer0. Never had to farm for specific gear until reaching level 72 with either character.

You don’t have to “promise” anything, I’ve played the game long enough to know for myself. In every UVHM playthrough I did, health regen was only an issue on surveyors and those pesky Hyperion turrets on the way to BNK3R, and that was only because I kept insisting on using low fire rate Jakobs weaponry on them (was attempting an allegiance playthrough). On other enemies and regular trash mobs, I honestly could barely notice any health regen at all.

Not my experience, so let’s just agree to disagree. :man_shrugging:


Uhh which ones? And if you say sal’s brawn tree i have plenty of examples showing otherwise

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Fair enough.

Not even one part per weapon? For example, if you change the barrel attachment, you can never change any other part on that weapon.

People said similar things about the grinder in TPS, but I’ve yet to meet someone who’d want to remove it from the game. A good portion of the posts in “item finds of the day” (i.e. people still playing) are screenshots of weapon grinds.