Wish there was drop-in to join friends on story mission in progress

I see this topic has already been discussed in the Beta forums, but since I didn’t participate in the Beta, I’ll just repeat my request here.

My wife and I would like to join our friends in playing story missions. However, we’ve got responsibilities and our free time to play in the evening starts at varying times. When we get on to play, most of our friends are already in the middle of story missions. With missions being between 40-60 minutes, that means the possibility of syncing up with our friends in the time we have to play, at best, 2 story missions is nearly impossible. It’d be nice if we could drop into a game our friends are hosting that is already in progress, or that they could join us in our game.

Of course, we work around it and are ok to drop out of our game to join friends, but it sure would be nice if that wasn’t necessary.


Yes please…

Just like how Borderlands did it - friends can join you at any time if you have your settings set to allow them to (and even if you don’t, YOU can invite them at any time from within the game if you want).

I totally agree. Though our game time isn’t as restricted, it would be nice to be able to join a friend’s game already in progress rather than have to wait for them to be done.

Would love this. I was mm on the level with the 2 sentinels and the final guardian and one guy dropped out that caused a domino effect. By the time i got to the second sentinel, I had to solo the rest of the mission with Rath…I did it (with the help of 3 continues) but it would have been a cake walk if others could have joined .

I think it isn’t allowed for scoring/loot reasons but that should be as simple as you only get what was available at the time you joined.