Wish there was easy way to see % to Prestige

I know it takes 578 points to Prestige and reset your BA challenges. And I know i can count up how many points I have by going through the list one item at a time to count how many I have.

But it would be really, really nice if Gearbox had included in the UI a little tip or mouse-over that showed how many totally points you currently had, or what percent so you’d know at a glance how close you were to being able to reset.

For people that have prestiged a lot - is there any handy tips to tell at a glance how many points you have?

From what I’ve read, you need 578 points - out of a total possible 675 (with DLC installed). That’s 85%.

That sounds like maybe an easier way to count your points would be not how many you have but how many you’re missing? The above leaves 97 points you can skip, or almost 20-categories since you get at max 5 points per.

I’ve seen people make spreadsheets but that sounds even more time labor to read your list and enter your current numbers than manually count unless there’s some export function I’m missing.

Anyway, not a big thing by any means, but sure wish there was a handy UI tip that showed current percent or points rather than manually counting.

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I totally agree. Get on it Gearbox!