WIsh there were ranked leaderboards

This would be a lot a fun competing for fastest runs in a new map designed for this new mode.

So many possibilities, what everyone think?

Edit: I deleted my followup post with more suggestions and put it here.

Some valid concerns brought up regarding cheating, but Gearbox could easily do this without too much work without making it an always online game.

For example,

They could give us a pre defined load-out for whatever character we select and allow up too four players, lots of options for them.

They could even have tiers of game-play, anywhere from 5, 10, 15 or 20+ minute runs. Its all possible right now, just give us any good quest to run through and make it mandatory to kill on enemies or whatever they choose. Again lots of options.

It would add a lot to the game and could make folks stay longer with the game. It wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

Edit: Meant to add that ranked leaderboards results should include best run for all characters and from single player or whatever party size.


I agree, why not?

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I like the idea BUT the cynical sarcastic angle on my shoulder whispering in my ear is saying that if this is implemented, there will be another 18 anointments added to the game as well …


i think it is completely irrelevant

Not my thing but a ranking could be a fitting addition to proving grounds

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Wouldn’t hurt… But GBX seems to dislike options :rofl:

Leaderboard means competition, competition means the already precarious balancing of BL3 gets more ridiculous.

The community already has time trials for those who want it. Codifying it into the game means GB would either start balancing around it, or Zane would just be the top choice anyway.

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I’ve got a 20 stat SoJ to trade ya.

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@boombumr is spot on here. Those time trials are on the honor system already.

They might be able to do something in Arms Race, since it drops all gear/stats upon starting (though I’m not sure that lends itself to speed runs). :thinking:

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I’m just assuming there are save editors out there? A “leaderboard” would be dominated by those using one.

On the flip side of the Zane vs the world conundrum, if there were more available statistics to show the mismatch between VH’s it might help lead to better balance in the future. If the top 50% of the leaderboard is Zane with the other 3 fighting for scraps it might help highlight which VH’s need more help.

This is assuming GBX would actually heed to this information and have appropriate reactions.

Modded gear exists so every place you can get a rank would be impossible times through ligetimate means. It is a neat idea but it would be so swayed towards modders and cheaters that it would not really be accurate…

Not really, at least you can unplug your internet and still play. I’m talking about internet require just to play, like Battlenet.

I know you may be upset about your offline mode but I’m trying to improve the state of game. Feel feel to offer your suggestions.

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Don’t need an “offline mode”. Nobody is offline anymore.
The game doesn’t stop working if you lose internet playing solo…good enough.
Use to be able to get a ton of exp doing this.

Yea … go ahead and give that a try and see how the experience is.

I’ll give you a hint, as @eloquentrave tried saying, it is completely unplayable. Many of the things that were supposed to be patched in, have not been. It essentially takes you back to the state of the game when M2.0 first launched (kinda worse actually). Not everybody has access to highspeed internet. Not everyone has the ability to be always online.

But enough with derailing this thread. I think some leaderboards would be kinda interesting. Would set a goal for people to strive towards (if there were some way of keeping modded gear out of the mix). Maybe a gear sanity check like BL2 eventually had implemented?

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Time to derail this train again…

Clearly you are not understanding what he and I said. Or you don’t play the game. If you unplug the ethernet cable or somehow lose connection while playing solo…everything is just fine. The game is just as playable as it was with a connection.
Just to take it a step further I even quit the current session and started a new session (without closing the entire game) and it still was just fine. Later I plugged in the cable and selected Go Online in the multiplayer.

If you start the game with no connection then it is crap. I do agree that the Hoxfixes Applied is SLOPPY PROGRAMMING on their part. It should all be in a downloadable patch.

You are correct. Once the hotfixes apply, you can go offline without effecting anything. I think the point that was trying to be made is that you can’t play 100% offline. You still need that initial connection to get the hotfixes.

Either way it’ll be nice when those eventually get patched in correctly. Many of them were supposed to be, but are not.