Wish they'd tone down the effects a little

I wish there were a slider or something to tone down some of the effects. Sometimes there are so many splashes, explosions, clouds and particles flying around that I can’t seem what I’m shooting at. It’s like visual noise, and at my age, it’s just about blinding.


by a little i mean a lot a lot a lot :d just give me option to play without damn “selling point” eyestrain bs

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The fact the i am using the tag function in single player just to keep track of enemies says it all.

The rocket badasses are “op” not because of their damage / health but because when they shoot at you, you literally cant see anything anymore. And thats just 1 guy.


I have to agree, totally blinded many times in FFYL, and die only to see a mob I could have killed standing right next to me, but with all the bam!, bang!, bam! happening I just did not see it.

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You might want to reduce your overall quality to low or very low, not gonna be hassled by effects that much then.

I provide this advice with a pained expression because you “can” do this but I “have” to do it even tho my PC should be able to run this game at High easily. Yet I cant because even tho FPS shows 60-90 constantly micro-stutters whenever something is streamed in are so bad that I already had passed on booting the game up hoping for another performance patch before I play it again.

For me it doesnt really matter if I go very low, I still get micro-stutters (which makes sniping all but impossible or at least very taxing and not effective), melee character gameplay makes me want to vomit. But at least its not as bad as on medium because there are so much less effects to load/stream in.

very low the game doesnt look all that different, but you miss out on a LOT of details which enrich your experience.

The benchmark program rates my computer setup at 65-80 FPS on high and between 50 and 60 FPS on Ultra without any micro-stutters. Yet on either setting playing the game the micro-stutters are so bad that its nigh impossible to play/enjoy.

Shooting through zane barrier :slight_smile:


For me it’s just the badass enemies. They always have rocket launchers or something and spam it like crazy so if they down me I literally cannot see s**t so getting a second wind is sometimes impossible.

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I laughed way too hard at that :rofl:

This need emeregency hotfix. I got expensive eye friendly monitor and gunnars gaming glasess and eyes still hurt playing b3, specialy in multiplayer.

I managed to pinpoint which stuff cause eyestrain:
-Flakker shotgun
-When enemy hits you with rocket
-Tentacle thingie “granade or something”

Overall evryhting which simulate real life “Welding effect” or “SOS flare effect” , those stuff are eye killers. And stuff I write above are exactly those effects.

PS. if you not belive me try to find metal weelding video on youtube and watch sparks, or try to find SOS flare video on youtube and watch it burn, you will get eye -strain in within 10minutes of watching it…and sadly borderlands 3 are currently full of “welding and SOS flare effects”

Please yes, particle overdose has been a problem is basically all GB games, an effect slider would be so great. Enemy ice rockets are quite literally flashbangs at this point.

The solution to being blinded by the light is to be revved up like a deuce in the middle of the night.