Wishing assists counted towards going alone challenge

I really wish gearbox would take it under consideration because it’s hard finding OM and when I do I do about 80-90% damage just to get it jacked. Or I go in with a team and the minion or sentry kills him but yet rewards it to someone else.

  1. Hard to find OM’s
  2. Kill gets stolen
  3. Match ends early

I’ve been at this challenge for about a week spending 3-5 hrs yet I’ve found very few OM’s and only have 13/25. But if assists counted I’d be around 20/25…

Yeah. These challenges were a lot easier when the game first rolled out and things were chaotic.

Now, if I take Whiskey, and there is an opposing Mike, I’m usually too busy handling the strategy lest I get chewed out by the team for chasing down OM.

Capture maps this would be less of an issue, but Whiskey Foxtrot is a serious advanced challenge on Capture.

The moment a Whiskey Foxtrot shows up in there, it seems people gang up on him for easy XPs.