Wishlist for future games!

I know this has been done before, but I would like to post my own personal wishlist for future borderlands games and hear what you all want! I would like this to be kept positive so reference things that you might like changed, but keep from being overly negative or derogatory to other players, the games, or the creators of the games. sooo here goes.

1: I would like for there to be some option to “hotswap” gear/ spec. I want to be able to switch from a shotgun loadout/spec to a sniping loadout/spec, for example, on the fly. I don’t care if they make this ability crazy difficult to earn, I don’t care if it still costs the respec money to change between these builds, and I do think that you should be required to have all of the items in your inventory to swap them out. Overall I think this would be incredibly convenient and make the game far more enjoyable for me. For those of you that like to get into the RP a little you can think of it like Zero, for example, sniping away and then enemies finally get close so he takes a more aggressive stance, shoulders the sniper, and takes out his sword. The point of that being that I think it would be mechanically enjoyable and not break the immersion in the game too much. Heck, it could have a cooldown for all I care.

2: I still want more bank space so I can hoard everything I like. And I want there to be some sort of “manager” mode where the guns are formed into a grid instead of a list and all you see are the gun and it’s name, but are able to move things around more conveniently. Think pokemon pc on this one. As an OCD crazy person I want at least enough room to store a single copy of every unique item without having to make another character.

3: I like cryo, and while I didn’t enjoy feeling forced to use it, I like the idea of slag. I think cryo could be somewhat nerfed (we don’t need slow/freeze CC, dot damage, melee buff, crit buff, AND explosive buff all on one element. at least not to the degree in TPS) and slag should be modified so it becomes more fun to use, but you don’t feel like you NEED to have it at higher difficulties. I think both elements should be in the next games.

4: I really love the new play styles that each new game adds and I hope gearbox keeps innovating on the character, playstyle option, and gun uniqueness fronts. These are my favorite parts of the games!

5: I love the story and I think others should be made to love it too! just not every single playthrough… perhaps allow the option to have more story dialogue displayed in text form (like BL1) on second and 3rd playthroughs so that people who have already experienced the story several times at least have the option to get back to the action faster. That being said, I also want an option to not skip any, or at least be able to revisit accidentally skipped (by moving too fast through an area, opening menu etc.) dialogue on the first playthrough.

6: I would like even more customization options as far as appearance goes. Perhaps keep heads as they are and skins as an option, but allow a “create a skin” option even if it is just a selection from an available color grid like BL1 had. I would also like some way to cosmetically customize guns slightly. Think a sticker with your gamertag or character name on the gun or some sort of logo. Perhaps, you could have the option to change out scope reticles (even if it doesn’t change zoom, outward appearance, performance, etc.). Just additional customization and personalization options would be cool to see.

so that is my wishlist, anyone is welcome to comment or add their own. more than anything I am just excited for more borderlands in the future!!!

About your “hotswap” idea: it’s really cool, and I’d like to add that on PC they can also just have more than 4 weapon slots, which would have similar results

I’d also be stoked by some sort of gun customizing option. And uniques that level with you

The mutator arena is a great direction. Having those mutators implemented somehow in the new game+ mode would be awesome, even it’s just in specific areas, but I’d make it work for the whole game if it was me.

Oh yes, and the mandatory list:

-Hoover up ALL the loot that doesn’t take up inventory space, even if it’s in boxes/lockers
-Solutions for the cliffhanger endings, ideally several planets in the story
-Instanced loot
-Action skill available from the get-go, or at the first level-up
-In-game DPS calculator/advanced dummy, or more info on the weapon cards (cyan numbers for buffed stats etc)
-Driveable flying vehicle in some areas
-Stop with the “here’s a bandit oh wait I just spawned 10 badasses out of a vent behind you”. I understand this was because of console limitations (I don’t buy that btw), hopefully with next-gen out the enemies you see will be the enmies you fight.
-No 3 playthroughs. Easy, medium and hard mode, selected from the main menu, or even in-game. Loot quality obviously tied to it. Maybe have ONE new game+ mode with skippable cutscenes and repeatable quests
-Better match browser: Displays class and level of everyone in the game, active quest, location, and difficulty. It was pretty annoying to sit through 2 loading screens only to be told you “don’t have the necessary DLC”
-Keep the low-grav areas, gameplay is awesome
-All manufacturers make all gun types. I’m talking maliwan shotguns, hyperion assault rifles etc
-Lots of melee options. I know I’m not the only one who enjoys taking a knife to a gunfight and still winning. Possibly an entire new manufacturer dedicated to melee (oriental theme anyone?)
-Several repeatable arenas
-BL1-level world drop rates, AND bosses with specific drops. Tubbies, loot midgets, moonstone chest were cool too
-Less “go here and press the button, oh wait, now it’s that button on the other side of the map”-type quests
-No more rabid stalkers, christ

  • And of course buff money shot
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Im not to sure about the melee options, unless our starting melee weapon levels with us. Or we can get a legendary version it.

Dr. Ted. Need i say more?

No more timed/protect/escort missions. I hate those things.


Melee options as in: More than Law and Rapier. Lots of unique roid shields and different bayonets. Stuff like the Excalibastard, only dozens like it

Kill off claptrap or any version of him

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Corrosive skill tree, since corrosive was the only element not to get a tree in TPS (imo it would’ve been cool if Hunter-Killer was this). Since sirens are so popular maybe it could go to a future siren or something.

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Oh yeah! leveling uniques! I had a thread a while back about “heirloom” style weapons and I think that would be a great way to implement just that. The mutator arena is definitely the best arena to date and I would be fine if the had a “silly vault hunter mode” or “custom vault hunter mode” where you could have a separate playthrough option with similar mutator arena variety. I think that UVHM sould still be unlocked, but having a choice of nvhm or tvhm difficulty levels from the beginning would be ok with me. I like the hoovering of loot, haven’t had too much of a problem with endings, and am not sure what you mean by instanced loot. I don’t think the action skill should be available right from the beginning, but I do think level 3 is much better than 5. I like the temporary struggle until you get this one-button push that makes everything easier lol. DEFINITELY need a test dummy from the get-go. as far as enemies go, I want greater draw distance whenever possible so that true sniping becomes an option! then they can bring back something like the cyclops. Better matchmaking is always a plus. I do like melee and it’s variety. I think a corrosive skill tree would be cool and perhaps even giving the other elements more personality (like cryo has) somehow. Perhaps shock dots can always have a small chance to zap the guy next to the one being shocked, or corrosive has a slow effect on armored targets or something. Idk lol. OH! or maybe corrosive dots can confer a fire weakness onto the enemy (like eating away the armor to expose the fleshy bits) but that would make more sense on armored people than bots.

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I remember that in bl1, according to in-game descriptions, acid could spread to nearby enemies. I never noticed it happen, though maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention.
Yeah the endings aren’t bad, but the story behind sirens has been teased since Lilith’s origin comic, and the idea of the galaxy being filled with various vaults has been teased at the end of bl2, AND tps. TPS also introduced the Eridian (?) character but let that hang too.
With you 100% on the draw distance, and make least Jakobs snipers hitscan (instant hit).
And yeah, test dummies. Make melee possible and have a button or a respawning balloon you can pop to activate kill skills.

Oh and while on the subject of the mutator arena, full-on mod support is always nice. And before anyone says “but the hackers” and “oh noes legendaries won’t be worth anything if i can mod me a god-gun”, Torchlight (2) is a similar game, it has steam workshop (but mods existed before that) and it has a ton of custom stuff, from effects to tweaks to maps and classes. Doesn’t do the game any harm, in fact it multiplies the “endgame” by pretty much infinity. People who want shortcuts to money/moonstones/gear etc already have the means to do so anyway. But I’m not very hopeful when it comes to borderlands, though, especially because of consoles’ draconian attitudes - that’s why I didn’t include it earlier.

Instanced loot means the same enemy drops different stuff for every player in their own session - no need to share.

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-Customizable Vault Hunters; Everything from eye-color, facial hair, accessories (hats, helmets, scarf, etc). You just pick your class, and have a huge array of items that you can use to customize it. Even if you can’t have a “Create-A-Vault-Hunter” at least let us freely customize our selected character.

-More Storage space! Gajillions of guns are hard to squeeze within a small bank and backpack.
-More unique Legendaries; go balls-to-the-wall with how flashy they can get. Something along the lines of the swordsplosion should be seen.
-Make Legendaries be easier to spot…sound effects for Legendaries and Uniques should be implemented so you know when you’ve gotten a good drop.

-More “evolving” enemies…something as intricate as Varkid evolutions would be amazing.
-More enemies which require you to implement unorthodox strategies to kill them rather than “shoot it dead”. (i.e melee-only damage, melee THEN shoot, etc.
-Less human-like enemies…I enjoy the creatures of borderlands a lot, I don’t care for all the recolored bandits/soldiers/etc with small variety in their behavior/weapons.
-More Female enemies.


  • Boss battles with a focus on the landscape as advantageous and disadvantageous (and not just exploits).
  • Boss battles with limited but awesome cut-scenes between form changes or at a health-marker.
  • More Raid Bosses with drops which correspond to the number of players in the party (2 players, 2 Legend/unique drops, 3 will drop up to 3, etc). That way everyone is happy instead of fighting/negotiating who gets the potential 1 good drop.
  • More intricate boss battles. Something like a Boss Sniper trying to snipe you as soon as you enter a map and you having to locate and kill him/her/it.
  • More Female bosses.
  • More Hidden Bosses (Vermi was awesome to hunt for, if not very frustrating as well).


  • More Skills with special effects rather than damage buffs.
  • More skills focusing on special attributes/Action Skill rather than on weapons (i.e Maya was a good example on this…her action skill was given special properties depending on which skills she specc’d in…more of this would be awesome).
  • Less “pet-class” like action skills. Gaige and Wilhelm are awesome (personally used both as mains in their respective game) but they lead to limitations on skill design…although Wilhelm is not really that bad…gaige, axton, roland were though…)
  • More scenarios in which the characters can be portrayed the way the player wants them to…such as when you’re given a choice to kill that legion soldier that surrenders…so a bit of a more RPG-esque feel to Borderlands!

-More diverse maps. Maps with focus on certain aspects of the game. Maps more beneficial for a Sniper Class, maps more designed for an up-close-and-personal fight, or maps with multiple hazards that will spring out at any random moment keeping you on your toes. I really enjoyed Caustic Caverns as a great example of a very well made map.

S’all I got for now…


Better weapon diversity in general. The current guns feel fine, but stat differences and things like burst-fire whilst ADSing aren’t enough. What if every gun manufacturer had a unique trait beyond stat changes? Things like Torgue weapons causing grenade-like explosions when certain conditions are met, such as landing a critical hit? Vladof weapons have a randomized effect that increases, the longer you fire, such as lifesteal or chance to not consume ammo. Hyperion weapons fire unconventionally, but deal massive damage in exchange, such as sniper rifles that can be charged up for massive damage, or shotguns that fire arcing sprays.
Then when it comes to legnedaries and uniques, why not have outlandish things like a Torgue pistol that marks enemies for an orbital missile strike? Or a Dahl AR that has a chance to spawn temporary ally soldiers on kill?

  1. red dots on the mini map scale with the size of the enemy (Stuff like Eclipse showing up as a red dot the same size as a swarmer is stupid)
  2. Custom skins for guns, similar to the buttstallion gemstone idea only it costs you say 200MS/Eridium to use but one you’ve paid for that gun you can come back any time and switch around the skins.
  3. the ability to reroll specific parts on a gun, again attaching a largish eridium/moonstone price would give people something to do with those after the SDU/grinder spam has worn thin.
  5. Introduce clothing or set pieces to the game (IE: have a unique grenade mod, gun and shield that do more things the more of the set you have)

Get rid of manufacturer gimmicks.

Guncrafting with a chance to failure. Want that perfect sandhawk? Try to craft the stock/grip/sight, get a unique NPC to do this. No acessory, just parts.

Also, a slide mechanic. Double tap the circle buttom or tap it once while sprinting. Could be awesome.

Different atmospheres could be a nice addition too. A planet with an atmosphere that support Cryo element, a moon with low gravity and etc. Missions in different planets to get to different vaults across the galaxy.

I thought about a dedicated melee weapon slot too. All the additional benefits are in the shields: LT has the explosive nova, Order the healing and the HoT the spikes and nova when depleted. The guns end up being just a flat bonus and nothing more when alone.

Also, previous VH as NPCs. Or make a rework in their skills to work like in TPS. Without a doubt the best designed ones.

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This I don’t support, I guess it will alway divide the community. I’d still be playing BL1 now if guns had gimmicks to them.

Really? I suggest you edit this part…

co-op with 6 players

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If vladof with the russian accent instantly alludes to a communist regime (in the far future no less) then I think it’s OK to associate martial arts/close combat with the far east. It does have many traditions there. It’s just an idea I like anyway. Or do you just not like oriental themes?

In my mind, it’s not the Russian accent (which helps) but their weapon names and Sanctuary chatter.

I think he was talking about the word oriental, for so unknown reason this is un-PC…

Not sure why