Wishlist for the last DLC

So, with 10 achievements added to the Steam version of BL:TPS, and with the Handsome Collection out in just a month, it does look likely that the last DLC pack will be out pretty soon. And even if that isn’t the case, it seems almost but certain to be the last DLC released for The Pre-Sequel, at least for the season pass anyway. All we know about this DLC is that we were told that it will be set within Claptrap’s mind.

So, knowing that, what do you want to see in the last DLC? Gameplay wise, or story wise? Here’s a few things I’d love.

*Size and scale comparable to Tiny Tina’s and Knoxx’s expansions in BL2 and BL1, rather than a more “standard” size
*Lot’s of new guns
*A lovely new hub town, with returning NPCs, akin to Flame Rock Refuge
*LOTS of driving, TPS only had 4 levels you could drive in, so I’d love some more please
*1 or 2 new vehicles to drive in
*BL2 vault hunters, or even other BL2 NPCs to be featured
*A nice polished raid boss
*New arena, akin to Circle of Duty or Murderlin’s Magic Circle
*Other end game content if possible

Any other ideas?

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I’d like to see:

-Some fun story bosses.
-Two new raid bosses.
-No timed/protect/escort missions.
-A nice collection of new gear (Pearls would be nice).


A Creature Slaughter Dome, but on Elpis, and repeatable (or make a repeatable Badass round if that’s your thing) would be awesome. I want to rumble with a big pile of Kraggons, Torks, Threshers… have some Shuggurath drop in with their Rathyd brood, and don’t be shy with the enemy counts.


two raid bosses, at least one of which must be an original boss.
Maya and Zer0 to do the commentary (assuming this is like dragons keep but with clappy instead of tina). Krieg and salvador in charge of raid boss explainification.


2 new raid bosses, a LOT more guns, add the extra legendary mods like bl2 got that to me were very good some I felt were better, but anyway, pearls, finally make a appearance, tons of new quests, sub bosses farmable. Add self replenishing grenades or guns like the magic missile chain lightning… And back to the legendary mod topic, please, please, bring at least one for each, ammo regen legendary mods, the ones for clap and Nisha were crap and we need good ones. Thatll do for now.


Most of it, but…

-A glimpse of the events at New Haven, and the war between Hyperion and the Crimson Raiders.
-Appearances from the other TPS Vault Hunters.
-A look at the new Helios.
-The destruction of Claptrap’s kind
-Some more stuff about Jack.
-References to the Robolution, Borderlands 1, TPS, BL2, etc.
-Stuff we didn’t get to see between TPS and BL2, or even BL1 and TPS.

  • Overpower levels - unlocked via some repeatable area contained within this DLC (like a digistruct peak)
  • 3 Raid bosses please. :smile:
  • Shooting range containing shielded, armored, unshielded, and unarmored dummies worth 0 xp
  • repeatable chest + moonstone chest farm protected behind a small army + boss
  • More Low gravity and no oxygen areas for slamming/oxygen mechanics to keep shining

The only reason I said 1 raid boss, was because I’d rather have 1 good, well designed raid boss, rather than 2 less fun, and less well designed raid bosses, like in Captain Scarlett. Master Gee was just… awful. I really hope they’ve put alot of effort into this DLC anyway.

I expect 2 well designed Raid bosses if they are correctly calling this DLC huge. The pirate DLC raid bosses and the hammerlock raid bosses were a little… odd, yeah. But Pete from Torgue and the 4 Dragons from Tina’s DLC were great. And of course, Terra. The headhunter bosses were good too. But, I have faith that Gearbox will do these raid bosses right in TPS. They are good at it. When they outsource raid bosses to third party teams they tend to not be as balanced or fun.

For the record though, the raid sentinel is fun too. And Crawmerax.

I always thought the Headhunter packs were done by the main team, rather than a 3rd party. Though honestly, I have no idea who made any of the DLC…

  1. Fix to existing non farmable bosses
  2. Fix to the backpack/SDU glitch
  3. Large content even bigger than TTAoDK
  4. Three high quality RAID Bosses
  5. Numerous interesting and refarmable sub bosses on the scale of felicity, BARex, Jackenstein with an excellent legendary or unique drop
  6. MOAR GUNS! To include an explosive sniper rifle and some kind of long range grenade “Thumper” like an M-79
  7. New shields like a unique red text Amp shield that is actually decent and a booster shield that gains explosive damage based on boosters you pick up…and other crazy ideas on shields
  8. More Legendary mods
  9. More blue and purple mods with a “Mercenary” theme like TTAoDK had like the Ranger mods for Axton
  10. New and crazy Oz kits
  11. Make the shock drop slaughter pit harder and replayable with a decent reward every time upon completion
  12. Add another slaughter dome like Finks which is replayable with a guaranteed reward upon completion
  13. Oh and upon the first-time completion of the Campaign…and this will only be given once per charecter…a Bonus Skill Point

I’d just like to see all bugs and issues cleared up and fingers crossed not have a brand new set of issues to deal with. 6 months after release I would just like the game to be as it was meant to be. Add farmable bosses and we’d have a great little game on our hands

  • Horde Mode Arena with more and more challenging mobs…eventually summoning a raid for the final fight.

  • A matrix reference.

I wish to see this Claptrap DLC be set during the present time, and this is how I would like to see the story go.

After the Eridian Guardian showed up at the end of the game Lilith sends fellow Vault Hunters to find new ones. During the Halodome intro Axton and Gaige mention Lilith sending them to find Vault Hunters and Aurelia being the one they bring back. If Athena was there giving Axton and Gaige a brief of her time on Elpis, surely she’ll notice Aurelia. They talk about what they did and how it effected them. Then they notice Claptrap. I’m assuming Claptrap had is memory wiped of the events during The Pre-Sequel. Athena, Aurelia and others try to uncover the wiped memories from Claptrap because inside they believe hides some very helpful information.
Now you might ask, well Wilhelm, Nisha, and (Maybe?) the Doppelganger are dead, how could they be playable? Well going inside Claptrap they find his memories of being a Vault Hunter with them, therefore they could be playable.
With the Tiny Tina dlc already changing up how gameplay and plot works together I think this could very well be possible. After all, the BL2 VHs were able to use the Tiny Tina dlc weapons even though they were never physically inside the world.

My wishlist story is complete lol. Obviously my wish story is far from possible but I still would like to see it during present times. Perhaps even tying to Tales from the Borderlands.
As far as weapons and content goes definitely some Raid Bosses and Pearlescents. Also make a ton of new farmable bosses, each of which being able to drop any of the legendary weapons that do not have a dedicated enemy drop. Seriously it sucks having to either grind or hope to find one in a vendor.

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I think they are too. I don’t know for sure though. Tiny Tina was definitely made by gearbox. Head hunters probably too. The first 3 story dlcs for bl2 were third party dlcs.

This seems really plausible. But also, the Doppleganger is not confirmed dead or alive. The one we killed in opportunity was using a holographic technique. I think one of the reasons to search his mind is for the whereabouts of the doppleganger.

But either way, it would make a lot of sense to look for intel that Jack may have stored away about the other vaults or other vault hunters that he scouted out.

Or maybe it will simply be Claptrap telling someone a story and finding his memories. Or him dreaming.

The Doppleganger is alive, as far as I’m concerned. With Wilhelm and Nisha both dead, I think it’d be pretty idiotic to have the Doppleganger be killed off, especially off screen. Personally, I would love it if the DLC would help bridge the gap between TPS/BL2 and the eventual BL3, but I doubt it, especially with Tales going on at the moment which mind cause continuity issues. Hell, if a preview shot of episode 2 is anything to go by, Tales looks like it’s taking place after Athena’s narration.

I am curious as to what exactly the Claptrap DLC will be about. Personally, as good as Tina’s DLC was, I always found it shame, that in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t really affect the Borderlands verse. Like, I love the DLCs which add lore to the universe, which a fictional D&D session can’t really do, outside of a bit of character development.

Personally, be it this DLC, or BL3, I’d love it if we got a scene with the 4 surviving hunters reuniting with each other. Like, they’re just standing awkwardly around, they say “oh it’s been so long”, there’s that hint of how they all know they are partly responsible for their actions, but they kinda get over it, maybe even finally accept Claptrap as part of the team.

OK, here’s mine.

A test dummy
All the missing legendaries
A LOT of new gear
Pearl weapons
Seraph crystals, items and guardians
At least 2 raid bosses… No gimmicks like Gee
A new town hub
Maps with good mob density like bloodshot stronghold or SS&P
New enemies that rant like psychos
At least one new common armored enemy
3-4 new non-raid bosses
Has to be even bigger than TTAODK
A place like Pete’s bar with infinite enemies.
A few cameos from BL2 VHs
A LOT of missions
An interesting “treasure room” of some sort.
Fast travel stations on all maps
Mission listed by where they are taken, not by where they happen.

…that’s it for now.

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Honestly, I can’t see Seraph weapons coming back. It worked in BL2, since there were so many new raid bosses being added, and lots of Seraph weapons being added in the 4 major DLCs. Not sure how worth while it would be if there was only 1 or 2 raid bosses to grind seraph crystals of, and only 1 vendor to buy them from. I think we’ll see Pearl weapons return though, although hopefully not just have the DLC enemies drop them, but rather have everyone have a chance of dropping them.