Wishlist Megathread: Post things you'd like to see added into the game/fixed here

1: Not sure how hard it would be but I’d love a trail to appear on the minimap leading me to the quest objectives or waypoint.

2: Lock the main map in place (WHY does it move by default?!)

3: Ability to cycle through quests while looking at the map instead of needing to flip to the quests section to highlight a quest then go BACK to the map to see its waypoints (HORRIBLE!)

4: Create constant waypoints on the map for quests that are not your current tracked quest but have them be different colors and clickable to select that quest as you current tracked quest.

5: If a quest leads you on to a different map and the waypoint is on an exit, be able to click that waypoint to have it teleport you to the closest fast travel spot on the map where that quest objective is located if you have visited that map earlier and have it unlocked.

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