Wishlist / My List (A Lot to Offer) *DONE*

Looking for:
-Burning Devil’s Foursum (Rarest pistol in the game!!)
-Anointed Fire, Cryo, or Radiated Lasersploder (Next Two Mags preferred)
-Corrosive Quickie (x2 multiplier)
-Anointed Ogre (Next two mags preferred, but not needed)
-Anything annointed that does splash damage

This is what I can offer:
-Really good Bloodletters and Blastmasters (w/ Weapon & Splash Damage)
-Rowan’s Call (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
-Butcher (All elements) (Normal Butcher anointed w/ fire damage on next 2 mags)
-Lyuda (All elements)
-Kings and Queens call (All Elements except Corrosive)
-Fire, Radiated & Normal Flakker
-Hex: Shock (Recurring), Cryo(Recurring) Radiated(Recurring)
-Rain Firestorm
-Crossroads (all elements) & Nighthawkins (Some crossroads r anointed)
-ANointed Cryo Lucian’s call (bonus fire damage on next 2 mags)
-Anointed Cutsman (Fire & Corrosive)
-Radiated Hive and Jericho
-Deathless (Elemental projector, Snowdrift & Ice Breaker)
-Anointed gear for Zane players…too much to list, but I’ll post pics on request
-Too many other guns to list…just ask

Thanks for reading

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I know it’s not fire but would you be interested?

No thanks…I don’t use Corrosive weapons anymore

I have an annointed fire sploder and an annointed ogre but im not sure if it does the mag or not.

I’m not that picky…what are the anointments?

I have a radiation recurring hex, do you have any good maggies?

I have a Maggie w/ bonus fire damage on next two mags.

add chudwardoo on epic

Annointed fire sploder Action skill end deal 125% more dmg to badass,named,boss

Annointed ogre, Action skill end weapon damage increased by 100%

if youre still interested my tag is Yeondawn

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Bumpity Bump in the trunk

Are you playing Moze?
I just got this

Just picked up a couple of Terror Ogres;

I should mention, the only reason I’m not using the Phasegrab myself is b/c it didn’t roll with +Accuracy. Even on a spray & pray, 15% is questionable, but it’s yours if you want it.

Looks good…but im not intesrested in that specific one…sorry

I’m good on those…I think I’m good on Ogres because of David ^ (unless you find next two mags of fire damage on Ogre)…but I’ll trade for anything anointed that’s good on Moze and does splash damage.

Interested in anything here?

I’ll trade for Cryo Sploder…what’s ur id?

PM Sent