Wishlist of Battleborn Changes

I’ve been playing this game a lot for the past few days and I’ve been compiling a list of some stuff I thought might be easy to change. Given that I know nothing about programming though, I may be off on some of these. Here’s my list:

  1. When I change the sort of my gear in the gear menu (I prefer to sort by type), the change to the sort is saved. I’d like the same to be done with the titles in the career menu. I like to sort it by completed, but whenever I log out and back in again, the sort has reverted to a default.

  2. Speaking of titles, I’d like for there to be an easier way to keep track of the progress on them. Maybe instead of a large lock icon on locked titles, it could be a small red one in the upper right hand corner and then you could have a counter below it (like, 1/5).

  3. Also on the same topic, it could be nice to be able to sort the titles by faction, with the characters being lumped together with their faction’s challenges and all the miscellaneous ones (such as those for general kills) being in their own group.

  4. On the character stats page, I love that there is a chart that shows all the story matches the character has completed, but it would be cool to add the versus maps on there too. This came to mind because I’m playing Kleese and one of his lore challenges is to play on every map. I’ve played on them all but I’m still showing one short so it’d be nice to see which versus one isn’t showing up so I can replay it.

  5. When you’re in any of these screens, especially while matchmaking is happening, it’d be nice to be able to hold down the circle button to back out to the main matchmaking screen instead of backing up through the individual ones in between.

  6. On the gear page, when you’re in your inventory, it’d be nice if when you reached the far right end of a row, you could hit right again and go to the beginning of the next row.

  7. In the character select screen while matchmaking, it might be nice to make the scoreboard a toggle instead of having you hold down the button and scroll with the right stick. You could add support for the left if this were changed.

  8. I’d like to be able to see my friend’s career stats. I don’t know if that’s possible now, but I haven’t found it.

  9. It’d be really sweet to get increased XP on versus matches if your teams are uneven in their number of players. I played a game that ended up being me and one other person against five and we did pretty well, all things considering, but the XP earned was pretty poor, I assume because we still died a lot. This would help to ensure that when people drop out in the middle of games, the remaining team isn’t screwed over in more than one way.

  10. It’d be great if we had a change to the time given to vote on a map. Every single time I play, there’s always one or two people who make us sit through the whole thing. I was thinking that (in a game of 10) once six people voted, the counter would reduce to 15 seconds, seven people would be 10 seconds, and eight would be 5 seconds, assuming the counter hadn’t advanced too far already. Any little reduction in loadtime is always a great thing :smile:

  11. I’d like to not have to look directly at a buildable when I build it. A lot of times, I’m trying to run past towards something else and I don’t have time to stop and aim. Support for proximity building would be great. If this is already a feature, I obviously lack the skill set to use it.

  12. Lastly, I quit a match and the game refused to let me start another one until that match had finished. The only option I had was to rejoin that game. The ■■■■? I was trying to play a specific level (for Kleese’s lore) and I didn’t want to replay one I didn’t need. I get that this could be some sort of penalty for people dropping out, which I’m all for, but it’s kinda sucky to do when some of your challenges depend on specificity.

That’s all for now, totally loving that your season pass is cheap enough for me to afford and that I love the game enough to take a chance and buy it :grinning: