Witch class mode makes the faster Zane?

I’m trying to go with an Icey speed Zane build and I wonder which one of these two class mod would make Zane go faster Infiltrator (with Rough Rider or Seeing’ Dead

From what I have tested with VM, +25% effect bonus on Seein Dead seems to get it pretty on Par, plus you get the bonus of having a shield. Not sure if others can agree.

Also with Seein Dead, I am glad @studdugie pointed this out. It is hard to proc CCC when things die before you freeze.

Seein’ Dead works much better with Good Misfortune than with CCC.

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Have to agree. After @studdugie made me aware of that i stop using CCC, actually, stopped using the green tree altogether. I put everything into Hitman and DB, etc. With Seein Dead, i want every darn kill skill i get get my hands on, i typically have like 8 or so across the bottom of the screen and they typically stay us as long as the killing keeps going.

I still move so fast i missed head shots because of it, so i recently removed the Transformer with +15% movement on SNTL and went with a Transformer with +50% cryo dam and still move fast as hell.
Note - All my weapons are +100% Cyro - In Slaughter Shaft the other night there must have been 30 icicle enemys standing around like snowmen. That is without CCC

I’d go with an infiltrator or antifreeze with +5 violent moment, you’ll get more damage out of that.