Witch ones are the best battleborns?

As the topic reads. Witch ones are the best battleborns to use if you wanna reach high levels. I was playing for about a week and just reached lvl 168. I’ve seen people on the leaderboard reached lvl 300 and higher. And I wonder witch battleborns they used. Witch ones do you use? Witch ones do you consider the beast?

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I don’t have a whole list available right now, but try to look for BB with a Group DPS-based Ultimate (like S&A).
Those will make the whole process a lot easier.

(Personally, I also like Shard gain on Hit)

Galilea, Rath, Shayne, Miko, and maybe Orendi for burst and great AA

The whole LLC gang was a pretty good choice too I think. Feels like it’s going much better with those guys.

I got to 120+ with this team, Shayne And Aurox, Kleese, Rath, Montana and Reyna.

Shayne and Aurox - 20% upgrade, -20% - Crit damage/Ability Power (crit better, but quite rare to get)
Kleese -20% upgrade -20% upgrade -5%ability cooldown - Ability power rest of the time
Rath -20% upgrade -20% upgrade, -Crit damage rest of the time
Montana -20% upgrade Cost -20% upgrade cost, Crit Chance for the rest.
Reyna -20%upgrade cost, -20% upgrade Cost, Crit Chance for the rest.

The -upgrade cost only works if you have the Fragment of Valor at max level, the ability cooldown on Kleese makes it so Reynas and Kleeses ultimates have the same cooldown

Celerity Capsule artifact helps as well.

These are done with many of my characters only at blue and purple gear so far but i get to 120+ fairly quick.

Caldarius is also quite good if you go full crit damage on him.

I’d say that Orendi is the best witch Battleborn.

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