With all the HD reissues going on, why NOT this one?

(Jake Armitage ) #1

With the rumor of a Borderlands HD remake out and about, is there a market for a HD version of this? While the PC upgrades (and Project JAB) look and sound great, did it change enough to warrant spending money on it again if it came to Xbone and PS4? The “story” wouldn’t change, but maybe they could fix some long lingering glitches and assorted issues? Up the alien count on screen? More players for Bughunt? A matchmaking system that lets you start a bughunt round just yourself with room for others to join in later, instead of having to depend on someone else playing AT THAT MOMENT to play co-op?

(Enemy of Thunder) #2

Honestly, there just isn’t the same demand for an HD remake of this game as there is for BL

(Jake Armitage ) #3

I would think it would be a easier sell to redux a 2yr old game than a 5yr old one. But still a valid point. one got sequels, the other got sued.

(The Magnificent) #4

Didn’t this game get a texture pack that bumped the detail up on PC? I’m not sure a remaster would even affect the game’s visual quality that much (unlike BL1, which has a different art finesse compared to BL2 and TPS).

(Jake Armitage ) #5

PC did get a gfx update. PS3/360 did not, and it REALLY could have used one.

But there are still dozens on dozens of script bugs, clipping, AI issues, that a remaster would have a chance to fix.

(Damien Azreal) #6

While I would love a version of A:CM that not only increased the visuals even further then what the two 4GB patches did… I would be thrilled to see updated AI, improved NPC navigation, clipping… story issues resolved, better writing.

But, SEGA would have to be in on this as well, not just GBX.
And after the “fun” that was A:CM’s release and post-release drama… I doubt SEGA want to drag this horse back out.

Remasters and HD re-releases only seem to happen for games that were widely praised and well received by reviewers. Games with potential that need a bit more love, but got flagged by reviewers are not at the top of the list of titles developers and publishers want to jump back into.
After playing Alien: Isolation we all know the possibility is there. And I would love to see A:CM brought up to the same level of quality as A:I… in terms of visuals, polish, story and tone.
But, chances are we’ll have to wait for a different Aliens themed game to try and go in that direction.

(AthlonDude) #7

I think if we get an HD remastered edition it will be a while from now. I wont rule it out, because I have seen many games that had terrible beginnings get updates that made them great, but there was a significant amount of time that had passed before they were remastered. Biggest things for me would be all the blocking issues, the reboot bug, and the game already running bug, basically all the picky ass bugs that add up to the big steaming pile of no fun. The rest comes down to adjustments, the raven for example is way overpowered, its nuts that you can so much as touch the raven without dying but the queen can bat you around like a ball of yarn without getting below the first health bar. Powerloader controls need a lot of work yet as well, its just no fun and amounts to worthlessness. The Soldier Xenos, and the lurker xenos need to be a little taller, they all seem to be smaller than you are now and that’s not accurate at all. ALL EGGS should be a threat no props, Xenos should be much more deadly, you should not be so willing to rush in where angels fear to tread. Bughunt should be adjusted as well. There should be an option to play BugHunt in an authentic alien experience, no mercs, no dinos, just authentic aliens and facuhuggers. They should rename the current Ultimate Badass difficulty to Bad Ass Difficulty and add an even more difficult level and name it Ultimate Bad Ass and make it more like the Survivor mod. Welding and all that should of course be added in along with some sort of boss fight with a Queen. That’s all I’m gonna put down for now, I will fine tune my ideas, organize my ideas and post a more in depth description of what I would like to see later.

(Mostly mostly) #8

i really hope they remaster this for xbox one and ps4


I actually still enjoy the graphics of Borderlands, it would be nice if they could update it for play on xbone/ps4.

(Jake Armitage ) #10

This thread is more about Aliens, and if IT should get a remake…but okay


Ha… oh geez I’m still not used to the new forum didn’t realize what category this was… :flushed:

(AthlonDude) #12

Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ultimate Badass Edition
These are my suggestions for an Ultimate Badass Edition for Aliens: Colonial Marines

  1. Fix the game already running bug
  2. Fix the Reboot Bug
  3. Fix all Blocking and Non-Blocking issues
  4. Fix Lurker Pounce Bug (yeah its still there)
  5. Improved Support for Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR Nvidia)
  6. Rename the current Ultimate Badass setting to BadAss
  7. Create a new Ultimate Badass mode like the Survivor Mod Difficulty
  8. Add Campaign Characters to the Multiplayer Roster (Winters, Cruz, Bella, Oneal)
  9. Add all DLC, and Season Pass Content.
  10. Add 3 all new BugHunt maps Atmosphere Processor, Fury 161, and Nostromo
  11. Add all Bughunt Maps to the TDM roster with a 10 minute time limit instead of 5
  12. Add the ability to Weld doors to Bug Hunt
  13. Add a boss Battle to wave 30 of Bughunt (Queen or Raven)
  14. Add an option to play BugHunt without Mercs.
  15. Add an option to play BugHunt using original Aliens (Lurker, Soldier, Facehuggers, no dinos)
  16. Improve Alien AI to be sneakier
  17. Make Lurkers and Soldier Aliens taller (6" to 1’)
  18. Make all Eggs active, if they are closed there should be a threat of opening
  19. Adjust power loader controls to be more responsive and easier to use
  20. Make the Queen deadlier, final boss fight needs something more.
  21. Adjust warping or do away with it altogether. Bottom line make it less annoying
  22. Add Aliens into the mix on Battle for Sulaco and Sulaco Falls, reduce WY Mercs
  23. General fine tuning, touch up graphics as needed
  24. 99 Round Pulse Rifle that has auto fire not just burst fire
  25. Adjust dialogue to remove “oorah to ashes” and “Sulaco Actual”, or “Actual Out”
  26. Adjust Xeno animations so that it varies from Crawl to Gallop.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #13

Play the game with the survival mod v.2

With this mod you got:

  • 95 PR (Autofire)
  • Better balance between Aliens and yourself (The Aliens aren´t bulletproof anymore)
  • The game is way harder than the UB difficulty it is. You die very much if the Aliens comes to close to you, one hit and you´re gone. (How it schould be). And this is really hard, you running out of ammo, fast…
  • No autoheal
  • The healthpack dosen´t rebuild your full health
  • The armor can´t take much of the acid.
  • Reduced ammo supply

And don´t forget BH Mods…

  • Wellding options
  • No mercs
  • No $ System (You got no $ sound by killing, and you buy items for killing points)
  • Harder waves, with boss battles


BTW…DSR works fine with my GTX 590 on ACM!

And the reboot bug is a steam client bug. It got nothing to do with the “game”. Just set the the acm.exe to admin, and the problem should be solved.

(AthlonDude) #14

I play with the survival mod and yeah its cool but there is no way to switch back and forth in game, and it also affects TDM which I also play a lot of and people don’t like the survival mod in TDM. The purpose of it being made official in the game is to give people that option which is why I listed it. Also So far the Survival mod doesn’t weedd out the dino aliens which I hate and that needs to be optional as well.

DSR works fin for me too with one acception. I can set it for DSR run it in 3840 x 2160 with no issues, but when I close out of the game the next time I play it I have to set the resolution again, it doesn’t retain the setting, it always reverts to 1920 x 1080. Steam Client bug or not the reboot bug should be fixed by someone and apparently its tied to ACM somehow otherwise all my games would have that issue. I know all about setting it to admin and I have done that, but still that is not a fix, rather it is a work around.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #15

I thought you play without mods? Your shots looks like the stocked version (1.40). Nevermind…

This 4k thing…supports your LCD 4k, native? If not the games always choose the highest, native resolution from the LCD or TV. It´s mostly 1920x1080…

This reboot bug is strangggeee!!! Sometimes it works with the " set to admin". But it won´t work for all.

Try those tweaks in the link…it´s for 4k from the start up and I fixed the reboot bug (for Win 8.1). For the most of the people it is working. But some repoterd me that it not worked on Win 7 or 8. And I don´t know why.

For me works the admin setting fine (Win 8.1)…


(And set the ini. files to “read only”. :wink: )

(AthlonDude) #16

For the purpose of those shots I was using the stock version (I prefer the look of the stock pulse rifle over Hudson’s). We just streamed BugHunt last night with the Survival Mod and No merc welding mod installed, was soo much fun.

The 4K in DSR thing, no max Rez for my monitor is 1920 x 1080. Strange that it wont retain the 4K rez and Borderlands does, among other games. Not too worried about it though, its not a fun killer just wish they would work it out.

(Corbent) #17

I wouldn’t really care about a better graphics remake but I would be totally interested in gameplay fixes. Right now with the steam sale, two friends bought it and I decided I could join them and do a replay. But that dreaded teleport while being a few steps behind is annoying as hell and it even sometimes make you land on a very bad spot. It interrupts the control often and it ruins the mood. That’s a “minor feature” that causes a major annoyance when playing coop.

(Damien Azreal) #18

I personally don’t think the game needs an “HD remaster”.
Maybe on consoles, I could see it, but on PC with the 4 and 5gb patches… the game looks fine. Yes, it still has some rough spots, but visually it’s in a solid place.
I think the only thing I’d like to see… in cutscenes as the game goes on the characters get dirtier, tore up… bloodied and beaten.
But, once the cutscene is over and you’re back in game… they look clean and brand new. having the in game character reflect the dirt and filth like the cutscene model would be great.

The game does need some actual fixes.
AI on the xenos is still rough and weak in places. It’s been drastically improved from the original release, but it’s still sad to see them run straight at you (even if they are crawling instead of walking). Having them try to circle behind you, crawl in the walls and such to get around you would add a lot.
The NPC animations are still really weak in places, clipping through objects, other characters… level geometry.

And, the characters animations need improvement during in game scripted scenes. Their interactions with each other is stiff and looks pretty bad.

Ultimately this will (probably about 95% sure of it) never happen. SEGA has already swept A:CM under the rug. Specially with the success of Alien: Isolation. They aren’t going to want to drag this one back out after all the negativity that surrounded it.
They are going to move forward, most likely acting as if this never happened.

It’s one of those times I wish a developer was given more freedom to continue support past release. Which a lot of games like this, post-release support is dictated by the publisher.
Flying Wild Hog are releasing a patch for Shadow Warrior this coming week, one that will update the game to 64bit and DX11. Hugely improving performance and adding a new boss fight with Zilla.
While adding other new features and bug fixes. Almost two years after it was released.

(Corbent) #19

Well, it’s sad they swept it under the rug. Bug Hunt almost saved the game.

What this game needed to get a second wind was:
-Fixing the Coop Campaign (Player teleporting and such) to make it actually bearable.
-Additional Bug Hunt maps. (For me bug hunt is this game’s strong point).
-Expanding character/weapon customization a bit.
-Some AI tweaks.

I think they focused too much on the graphical complaints and they ignored the actual gameplay issues.

I was completely unsatisfied with the state the game had on release but I thought it was a temporal issue and that Gearbox was going to rescue it (Having Borderlands a working Coop experience, they could have made ACM work). But it didn’t happen.

(Jake Armitage ) #20

Why do you even give it 5% chance of happening? know something we don’t?

I agree, there will be no patch. But I disagree that giving gearbox the freedom to continue support would have changed anything major. They were allowed a couple patches, and after the PC only gfx update, they wasted them on things like sub machine gun rate of fire. I looked all over the old boards, cannot find one single post complaining about the sub machine gun rate of fire. Find tons about requests for true drop in and drop co-op for bug hunt without needing a 2nd player to start the game in the first place. They couldn’t implement the very system they used in borderlands. Or the Texture loading that can take up to 20 seconds at the beginning of some levels so everything looks like a melted nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Why wasn’t that ever looked at? So, while SEGA did put the kibosh on more patches, its clear gearbox never understood what the majors issues were.